Kitchen Table With Leaf Insert | Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table Review

Comfort and beauty of a kitchen are ever homeowner’s dream, and they can come from your kitchen decor or theme that you create. It is true, nowadays, the kitchen is not just a place for us to work, but also a room to enhance the beauty of your property.

Decorating the kitchen can be easy if we can take advantage of the creativity from within ourselves. So, let’s try something new to get the brand new atmosphere from your another kitchen side.

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The presence of a kitchen table is the main thing for the decor. Starting from eating together with family or close friends, enjoying a cup of coffee, tea party, or just to chat while enjoying a little snack.

Lately, a lot of variants of the kitchen table are available for you, they are very interesting and multifunctional. When we think about whether the table is right and suitable for our kitchen, we will definitely find a solution soon.

If you have a kitchen room that small or narrow enough, kitchen table with leaf insert is the best answer from the problem you are facing at this time. Kitchen table with leaf insert is the right choice for you who want a table that can give more function for your daily life. With this, you can save space and also do not need to buy two tables with different sizes.

Maximizing the look of the kitchen can be difficult or easy, depending on your creativity in decorating and placing stuff, it looks like a small kitchen is not a problem anymore. You can actually make a small kitchen that has a very nice and maximal look.

Here, we share you a review of one kitchen table with leaf insert, this is the Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table. Let’s see what will you get from this table

Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table Review

Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table
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The design is always the main reason for you to buy something. A design is the first aspect in an art, and this table is simply adorable. This Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table has a style and design that is fascinating and makes you will fall in love when storing it in your kitchen.

It is perfect for your smaller kitchen and can be a good addition too for a large kitchen. You can get the little extra from its classic and unique look. Here are the measures of this Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table:

  • The length of this kitchen table: 34 5/8 inch
  • The length (max): 46 1/8 inch
  • The length (min): 23 1/4 inch
  • The width of the table: 30 3/4 inch
  • The height of the table: 28 3/4 inch

There are three styles that you may try with this classic kitchen table. You can try without no leaves used with this Ingatorp Drop-leaf table. You may also like to use only one leaf to make a medium size from this Ingatorp drop-leaf table, and the last, you can open all these leaves to bigger the size of this gorgeous kitchen table.

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The construction of this Ingatorp Drop-leaf table never makes you disappointed. Besides the beauty, a sturdy and good construction is another key to the quality of a kitchen table product.

This Ingatorp Drop-leaf table made of great materials that ensure its construction’s quality. Here are the materials that used in this Ingatorp drop-leaf table:

  • Drawer front, drop-leaf, and the table top are stain, solid pine, and clear acrylic lacquer.
  • Leg, bottom rail, supporting rail (front side) and side rail are solid pine, clear lacquer, and stain.
  • Supporting rail materials are the clear lacquer, stain, and solid birch.
  • Drawer’s back and side materials are the stain and solid pine.
  • Drawer’s bottom part material is printed fiberboard.
  • Rail materials are the galvanized and steel

Construction that is formed from this kitchen table, will make the age of this table is long and very comfortable for everyday use. It is still okay when you take it to the heavy use condition.

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Yes, and the next is the durability of this Ingatorp drop-leaf table. The resilience of a table product can not be ruled out, it is very important to know.

The material state formed for this table is very strong and durable, so it is safe to use for a long time. It is quite durable for your daily busy kitchen activities.


In the caring and cleaning process of this Ingatorp Drop-leaf table is not too hard. You will not spend your time too much just for caring and cleaning this up after use it.

You can only use a mild soap or the dry cloth to sweep its surface to make it clear as well. It really helps your busy work, especially in the kitchen.


Now, we go to the most important part. The price is always the number one reason for you to decide “Should I buy this or maybe next time”? That is such an essential question from the bottom of your heart.

Therefore, you may bring it home only in $129. We think the rich features of this Ingatorp Drop-leaf table is totally worth to buy. This is one of the great kitchen table with leaf insert that suitable for your dream kitchen.

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 Color Brown (natural color)
 Style  Classic and traditional
 Materials Solid pine, wood, fiberboard, stain, solid birch

So overall, the IKEA’s product is quite worth to buy considering its classic design and sturdy construction. The table will suit your traditional kitchen very well and also very convenient to use. Things to consider is that this table is not really easy to assemble, you’ll need some hands to put it together. Also, the size is particularly more suitable for a small kitchen.

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