30+ Most Unique Small Inground Pools Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Inground pools are always the best thing that you should have for a backyard improvement. The pool can definitely enhance the look and value of your home.

inground pools

For sure, installing theA�inground pools is undeniable a huge investment for your house. Therefore, you need to consider such as the size, type, shape, and site selection.

Determining about the size of the inground pools that you should choose, it relates closely to the budget that you have and the available area in your outdoor living space. Averagely, the smallest inground pools size starts from 12′ x 24′ with 3.5′ depth and the largest one is 30′ x 50′ with 5.5′ depth.

Then, the material, commonly the inground pools are made of three kinds of material which are vinyl, gunite, and concrete. Each of them has its own plus and minus points that will determine the one that you have to choose based on your needs.

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So, how much do inground pools cost? Below, we share you a brief information on how much money that you should spend to build an inground pool in your house.

Inground Pools Cost

inground pools 0-min

  1. Vinyl Inground Pools

    This type of inground pools keeps gaining its popularity, mainly due to its cheap initial cost compared to the other materials.

    Moreover, if you are a hardcore DIYers, you can purchase the vinyl liner kits which are offered at very affordable price tags (about under $20,000). The average basic cost that most pool builders offer starts from $25,000 to $35,00o.

  2. Concrete Inground Pools

    Sometimes, the concrete pool is called gunite pool by some pool builders which makes no difference at all. Here, you will have the pool shell that we made of concrete, and kinda hard to build it on your own.

    The turn-key concrete pool budget commonly starts from $50,000 to $100,000. Its durability, without a doubt, is reliable and you can choose various inground pools design when you go with concrete.

  3. Fiberglass Inground Pools

    Fiberglass offers the similar durability as the concrete yet sold at a more affordable price. There are numerous fiberglass inground pools shells the look so gorgeous to meet your needs.

    Moreover, it’s also a more practical choice since you can just purchase a fiberglass pool shell, have it delivered to your house and install the pool by yourself.

    Then, the budget that you have to prepare when you choose to build your own fiberglass inground pools are somewhere between $9,000 and $24,000. The price is determined by the size of the shell and delivery cost.

    Furthermore, if you think that you can’t handle the plumbing, pump, filter, or other crucial steps in building an inground pool by yourself, you definitely need a help from the pool builder. You may have to pay about $13,000 to $32,000.

The information of the cost of building an inground pool may also vary due to the location of your house. You also have to keep in mind about the maintenance cost that you should spend overtimes.

For your inspiration, here we have some stunning inground pools ideas that you can copy. Let’s just keep scrolling then!

Inground Pools Design Ideas

Below we have divided the ideas into three types of inground pools to make you easier to find out what you want.

Vinyl Inground Pools Design

Small Chic Vinyl Inground Pools

A cute small vinyl inground pool with a super chic design that will fit a narrow backyard. Here, the pool is surrounded by the concrete that is used for a patio.

Then, the 4 outdoor chairs with the small round table and built-in umbrella are enough to enhance the entertaining nuance of this backyard. The natural white and light brown gravels on the side of the pool makes it look way more stylish.

Rectangular Inground Pools with Pergola

The inground pools with rectangular design maybe the most common one but when it’s combined with other stunning decors, it will look so mesmerizing.

inground pools 2

As you can see, this pool is absolutely beautiful with its earthy brown tiles. Then, the most catchy thing is the huge decor which is inspired by the design of the pergola which brings the pool area into a whole new style. The pergola is used for the lighting posts, make it look way more wonderful in the night.

Small Curvy Inground Pools

Another unique and adorable small inground pools which has the chic curvy style. To make it look more decorative, the patio around the pool is accented with the rocks in random colors and sizes.

inground pools 2

Here, the 4-piece dining set in natural wooden design completes the look beautifully with its dazzling white umbrella.

Small Inground Pools with Attraction

Installing some additional attractions around the pool area is always a great idea to make it look and feel more exhilarating. The slide is enough to make this pool so inviting to try.

inground pools 4-min

The seating spot is made so simple with only two plastic classic chairs that face directly to the floor.

Farmhouse Style Inground Pools

For you who are looking for a more fashionable inground pool, this one can be your great option. The decor is inspired by the farmhouse look with the small shower room in a classic design.

inground pools 5-min

The flowers with the vibrant color are simple yet make the pool area look so gorgeous.

Long Narrow Inground Pools

The beautiful long narrow inground pools with a contemporary design that will be a distinctive oasis for your backyard. Here, the pool area is made as natural as possible to create a super cozy atmosphere.

inground pools 6-min

The waterfall is designed to a proper size which enhances the look and value of this long narrow inground pool.

Unique Small Inground Pools

This one is a beautiful choice for you who are looking for the unique inground pools. The earthy rocky accent is the smart decor that makes the pool anciently gorgeous.

inground pools 7-min

As you may have noticed, the slide is also made in a unique design that lets the pool have its own statement. To complete the look, the two all-white cantilever umbrellas surprisingly add a new style to this pool.

Classic Inground Pools with Hidden Fountains

The fountain is always a great addition to make your swimming pool look and feels more fun. Here, the fountain is hidden on the side of the pool.

inground pools 8-min

Then, the area around the pool is covered with the grey blocks, letting the pool become the catchy focal point in this outdoor living space. As the bonus, the mini bar is built close to the pool.

L-Shaped Inground Swimming Pool

One of the most popular inground pool design is the L-Shaped liner like this one. It’s a small L-shaped with the surrounding light gray patio and the gorgeous white vinyl fence.

inground pools 9-min

The pool area is made contrasting with the surrounding grass field which makes it a stunning focal point for this backyard. Notice those basketball ring and slide which simply add more fun to this pool.

Fiery Inground Swimming Pool

The superb inground pool design with a glamorous nuance. It’s actually just a small classic pool which is surrounded by the brown decorative tiles.

inground pools 10-min

Then, the fire bowls in a rustic design which perfectly enhances the overall look of this inground pool area.

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Concrete Inground Pools Design

Next, it is the concrete inground pools that may limit your dream swimming pool design, but we have collected some unique ideas that will totally inspire you.

Vintage Concrete Inground Pools

The regular rectangular pool which is decorated with the classic decor which makes it look so stunning. One thing to make a rectangular pool look unique is indeed by adding the extraordinary decoration.

inground pools 11-min

The pool’s surrounding is made as catchy as possible with the grande decor which includes 3 waterfalls, wide plantation area, a small pool with fountain, and a covered patio with firepit.

Rectangular Inground Pools with Grey Patio

Building an inground pool which is surrounded by the neutral-colored patio is always a great idea to make it as the focal point of your backyard. The blue color that comes out from the pool will match perfectly with any dark neutral schemes.

inground pools 12-min

Here, the regular rectangular inground pools is completely surrounded by the dark grey tiles which work as a patio. Notice that there are some spots on the patio which are completed with different kinds of enjoyable outdoor furniture.

The above-ground patio with pergola becomes the next catchy thing about this inground pools design.

Double Inground Pools with Pergola

Building a double pond will obviously add a more exhilarating nuance. In this design, the small shallow pond is built side by side with long L-shaped pool.

inground pools 13-min

Furthermore, the earthy beige tile covered the area around the patio, creating a gorgeous contrasting look. Then, the pergola is installed which shades half area of the pool and the floating patio. Surely, it’s a clever inground pools design.

Small Inground Pools with Deck

A small inground pool with the built-in deck which is so simple yet absolutely stunning. The deck is enough to provide the adequate space to place a bistro set and a lounger.

inground pools 14-min

This is definitely a concrete inground swimming pool which can be included in your DIY backyard improvement project.

Concrete Inground Pool with Shining Gray Patio

One of the most adored inground pool designs today is the pool with surrounding Patio. It’s so understandable since it’s not that hard to build and provide great comfort for the homeowners.

inground pools 15-min

Here, the shining dark grey tiles in random size and formation is used for the patio. Then, the grass field around matches beautifully with the pool area. Such design totally creates a stunningly elegant look.

Concrete Inground Pools with Grey Deck

This one is surely a tempting concrete inground pools design that you can copy. The washed gey deck gorgeously installed around the pool, creating a beautiful bright look.

inground pools 16-min

The pool itself is covered with the plain white liner which sparks the natural light blue shade. Then, the frameless glass pool fence adds a modern touch which enhances its beauty.

Double Concrete Inground Pools

Another double inground pool design with a natural concrete look. The small pool is built with the higher construction which creates an upground appearance.

inground pools 17-min

The unique thing about this inground pools design is its bamboo fence in the natural brown finish that which makes the pool so cozy.

Rocky Concrete Inground Pool

The superbly chic concrete inground pools with the unique rocky look which reminds us of the Jurassic era. The ‘rocks’ is finished in natural light gray that flows gorgeously with the white pool and grass field.

inground pools 18-min

The small patio with matching stylish outdoor furniture completes the design simply and perfectly.

Brown Concrete Inground Pool

This one is a dark blue concrete inground pool with the earthy dark brown patio in a beautiful shape. The design itself really matches the backyard surrounding perfectly.

inground pools 19-min

The choice of the outdoor furniture is also very smart, including the lounger and small 2-piece conversation set.

Oasis Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

The most catchy thing about this inground pool design is obviously its shape. You can notice how simply mesmerizing the shape which looks so modern.

inground pools 20-min

The surrounding of the pool creates a cozy tropical nuance which surprisingly copes with the minimalist design of the pool.

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Fiberglass Inground Pools Design

If you ask what is the most adored kind of inground pool nowadays, the fiberglass one is the answer. Its durability and versatility are the main factors that make it as a top choice over the other materials.

Natural Small Fiberglass Inground Pool

Choosing a small inground pool is never a bad idea, it’s the right choice for you wh have limited area and budget. This one is the beautiful example for you who want to build such pool with beautiful decoration.

inground pools 21-min

The dark gray rocky border is made as the first border and the brown gravels as the second one. Then, the greeneries ad flamingo statues add a more catchy touch to this pool area.

Oval Fiberglass Inground Pool

One thing that you should consider in building a small fiberglass pool is the light. It will make the pool look so stunning in the night.

inground pools 22-min

Here, the small fiberglass inground pool in custom oval shape looks so elegant with the dark gay modern tile as its borer. A single light is enough to lighten up the pool and make it more stunning.

Round Fiberglass Inground Pool

Round swimming pool is always adorable, especially for a small to the medium backyard. This one is a round inground pool with a simple decoration.

inground pools 23-min

Then, the gravel, grass, and rocky steps are enough to create a cozy atmosphere for the pool area.

Unique Fiberglass Inground Pool

The stunning inground pool in a quite unique design which is so inspiring to try. This pool is simple bordered by the white line yet in a gorgeous curvy style.

inground pools 24-min

Then, the wood plank in natural finish is installed on the two sides of the pool which is so clever. The gravel and rock fountain completes the design smart;y to create a more comforting nuance.

Earthy Fiberglass Inground Pool

This is definitely a stunning fiberglass inground pool design with the earthy style. The pool is surrounded by the natural brown tile which creates a wonderful contrasting look.

inground pools 25-min

Furthermore, the huge rocky waterfall totally enhances the greatness of this pool design. Then, the water slideA�is also installed to add a more exhilarating feel to the pool.

White Fiberglass Pool On Deck

The superb fiberglass pool design which is a great combination of minimalist and natural look. Here, the white fiberglass pool liner is installed on the dark naturally finished deck.

inground pools 26-min

The pool shape is totally wonderful in Southport design. The small round pools then built around the main pool. Such a clever fiberglass inground pool design ideas.

Tropical Fiberglass Inground Pool

Choosing a tropical nuance with the trees for your inground pool decoration is always a good thought. It will create a comfortable look and feel which can be enjoyed during the summer.

inground pools 27-min

In this inground pool design, the white fiberglass liner is surrounded by the natural brick border which also functions as the patio. Then, the trees around the pool create a very comforting feeling when you enjoy the pool.

Rectangle Fiberglass Inground Pool

If you are more into a simple style inground pool, the rectangle one will fit your need. This may look so casual, but if you pair it with other catchy decoration, the result will be so admirable.

inground pools 28-min

Here, the gorgeous rectangle fiberglass inground pool is designed in a sleek minimalist style. Using two neutral shades which are white and grey, the pool looks simply elegant.

Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Pool

Yup, the tanning ledge is surely the most popular addition to a fiberglass inground pol today. It will add a maximum enjoyment of your pool beautifully and perfectly.

inground pools 30-min
image source

This one can be a good inspiration to try. A small fiberglass pool in coral sea style with the tanning ledge that looks so beautiful with the earthy tile border and grey patio. Moreover, the two loungers with the umbrella are so enough to make it super cozy.

Contemporary Fiberglass Pool with Tanning Ledge

This one is a contemporary fiberglass inground pool which will provide a maximum exhilarating atmosphere. The pool is cluttered with lots of loungers, so it will be a nice spot to enjoy the summer breeze.

inground pools 29-min

Then, the decoration around the pool is also very adorable and makes the pool look gorgeously decorative.

Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Pool with Raised Spot

Completing the fiberglass inground pool with a raised pool is one of the trends that you can try. Here, the eye-shaped small pool is built on the side of the medium oval fiberglass pool.

inground pools 31a-min

The surrounding is covered with the paving block and secured by the classic aluminum fence.

ingorund pools ideas

Eventually, those are some unique inground pools that you can copy to enhance the look and the value of outdoor living space. Then, some of them are designed with a simpler look that is very easy and cheap to try, and others are completed with some bells and whistles.

In addition, the design is not only to make the pool looks so catchy, but also to provide a maximum comfort for you to enjoy. Find the one that suits your needs and of course the budgets.

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