Low Profile Bathroom Sink | Iron Plains Sink by Kohler Review

Talking about the bathroom, there are surely unlimited points to describe it. The bathroom is one the important parts in your house that you should keep it feel and look adorable. Actually, this is the major room in the whole house where we can do our daily activities. So, decorating the bathroom as impressive as possible is totally a must for you.

In fact, thousands of homeowners prefer to upgrade their bathroom by purchasing some stylish and sophisticated stuff. Sure, it is very comprehensible because the bathroom stuff should have two requirements both of the function and design. All the stuff should enhance the look of bathroom style while offering the great function at the same time.

iron plains sink
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Today, we can find hundreds of bathroom stuff products from greatest brands, especially the low profile bathroom sink. They are offered in various styles and design. Of course, you should purchase the one which suits your needs and entirely fit with your bathroom decor.

Now, we are going to create your bathroom more inviting with this Iron Plains Sink by KOHLER. This is one of the famous low profile sink products which comes with a distinctive style that delivers the vintage soul of KOHLER. The product is absolutely valuable to enhance your bathroom’s look.

Certainly, before you decide to purchase one, it is always a great way to read the review regarding the product. Well, we give you a review of Iron Plains Sink below.

Iron Plains Sink Review

iron plains sink
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This sink comes with organic shape with the gentle curve that delivers the modern sophisticated. The sink also has the underside painting that makes it look way more attractive.

This dimensions of this sink measure 20.75″ L x 6″ H x 14.25″ W that practically fit for your small bathroom. The vessel sink type delivers the transitional and contemporary style that can’t let you down at all. This modernly low profile sink will definitely enhance your bathroom’s face.

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Without any doubt, the construction of this stylish sink uses the sophisticated technology. This sink is designed with oval basin with the counter-mount faucet. This Iron Plains Sink combines particular style with the strength and durability.

The product is made from KOHLER enameled cast iron that totally gives the sturdy look to the sink. Furthermore, the overflow drain features prevent the clog to happen.


Talking about the durability for this sink, there’s actually no doubt about it. Coming from KOHLER collection, the product all-over delivers the great durability and strength for longer performance. The construction of this sink will run well for over the years without worrying too much.


The sink allows you to get a handy and simple bathroom assembly. Certainly, you just have to prepare a spot that you will install the sink. Follow the instructions on the manual book to get the right installation. For the best result, you can ask the installer or services if you experience some difficulties.

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The Iron Plains Sink is offered at $380 on Kohler.com. It sounds a bit expensive, but you will get a truly satisfying low profile bathroom sink.

As the final words, this Iron Plains Sink is a great choice of a reliable and durable sink. That price tag is not a problem at all if you consider the quality at first.

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