Is It True That Mosquito Problems Are On The Rise?

Is It True That Mosquito Problems Are On The Rise?

If you speak to Princeton pest control or any reputable establishment you’ll realize that the number of mosquito issues being dealt with on an annual basis is consistently rising. Humans have been battling with mosquitoes for thousands of years. It is estimated that mosquitoes have killed more humans than any other animal, including humans!

The Problem With Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are small and not exceptionally good fliers. They have short life cycles but can reproduce rapidly. A female mosquito lives for approximately 100 days and lays as many as 300 eggs during that period. They lay their eggs in still water and, for the eggs to be healthy, the female needs plenty of protein and iron, both of which are present in human blood.

That’s why female mosquitoes ‘bite’ you and male mosquitoes don’t. It may be interesting to note they don’t actually bit; they have a needle-like attachment that goes into your skin and sucks your blood.

The problem is that mosquitoes can carry a huge array of diseases, some of which are deadly. They transmit them to you in their saliva while sucking your blood. You can’t tell when you are bitten whether they have passed on a disease or not.

There are two main reasons why mosquito problems are on the increase

Greater Awareness

The most obvious reason for mosquito problems to be on the rise is simply a greater awareness of them and the diseases they carry. Thanks to the news and the internet there has been an abundance of coverage of yellow fever outbreaks, dengue plague, and other mosquito-related issues.

As people are more aware of the threat mosquitoes represent, they are quicker to take action when they see them around their homes. That’s why companies such as this pest control in Dallas are seeing a big increase in mosquito-related calls.

Wetter Weather

Of course, the fact that there appears to be an increasing number of mosquitoes in the country is also fueling the increased mosquito problems.

There is no doubt the climate is changing and there have been a variety of extreme weather systems in recent years. Part of this is increased rain and flooding, thanks to hotter temperatures increasing the amount of water in the atmosphere.

Higher levels of rain mean there are more puddles left behind which are perfect for mosquitoes to lay eggs in. The better the conditions for mosquitoes the more eggs they will lay. As you can imagine, if one mosquito can lay 300 eggs in 100 days, imagine how many mosquitoes can be produced in six months from all the baby mosquitoes!

Dealing With the Issue

Pest control can help you to eliminate mosquitoes in your area and make your home less attractive to these deadly pests. However, the best results are being found in the lab. In particular, mosquitoes are being genetically altered to prevent them from being able to reproduce.

These are released into the wild and are helping to bring down the mosquito population. But there is a long way to go in this battle.

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