Touchless Kitchen Trash Can | iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can Review

In this increasingly modern era, we must be highly preoccupied with various activities that can make us tired. When at home, we certainly want to get all the convenience to make us more comfortable.

Like in the kitchen, we often feel uncomfortable and bored when we have to work hard in the kitchen. There are many ways that look so simple but very useful for us to do actually.

Working in the kitchen is always more fun to do if we have s9me reliable features that can help us. In addition, to make us feel more enthusiasm to work in the kitchen, we have to try a tool that has more function.

In the midst of business that hit your head, surely an effective and effective kitchen feature will help you like the touchless kitchen trash can. In fact, there are many different touchless kitchen trash cans that can you can find on the market. It certainly makes you easier in determining which one is best for you.

This time we will give a review about one of the best touchless kitchen trash can with reasonable price. Maybe this could be the right choice for your modern kitchen with a busy and full activity. This is the iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can. Let’s check this out!

iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can Review

iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Trash Can
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The first thing in this product that you should know is about the design. This modern trash can has an automatic sensor that will open the lid automatically when the hand is detected.

This iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is powered by the 4 D size batteries and an optional AC Adapter (it is sold separately). The dominating shiny silver color on this trash can make it look so modern and sophisticated. The black color on the top and bottom of the trash can finishes the look nicely. 

One thing to consider is that the opening of the iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is not really convenient. It’ too narrow, so you will find a bit difficult to use it daily. Also, the container deosn’t for the 13 gallon trash bag really well. 

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The materials that used in this iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is stainless steel. The use of stainless steel material in this modern trash can will make you easier to clean this up. Moreover, it has a beautiful and glossy appearance on the surface that makes it look adorable. 


The durability of this iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is actually at a good level. It is quite strong and durable if you take care of it properly. The product is proven to give log performance for years without any tricky maintenance. 

The 4D size battery in this iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can last up to one year. 


In the maintenance way, you do not have to worry about to clean it up and care to this iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can. Just do a common cleaning step to keep the surface dazzling. 


The plus side, it has an effective air vent in the trash can base, so you can easily remove the trash bag if it gets full. iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can also anti-microbial that absolutely really good for your health and environment around you. This one also has a fingerprint-proof which makes it look shining for a longer time.

The downsides are actually in its main feature, the sensor is not really that responsive, you will have to wait for about 2 to 3 seconds before the lid can be opened. It can be quite a big problem when you use the trash can while doing some tricky cooking jobs.

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The price of this gorgeous and modern iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is $53.96. It can be said as a good price for purchasing the touchless kitchen trash can, yet with those cons, you may think twice to spend your money for this product.


 Dimensions  11.75″ diagonal (extra wide opening)
 Color   Silver and black
 Materials   Stainless steel
 Features   Antimicrobial, easy to care and clean, finger print proof, fits 49 liters/ 13 gallon capacity of trash 

Well then, the iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can is such a tempting product when you look at it at the first time. Its nice design and dazzling finish will make you want to have it for your kitchen. It sure is, the look of the trash is not disappointing.

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However, the reliable features are the primary goals too that you want to achieve when you purchase the product. It should be your considerations, whether this product is worth to buy or not.

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