5+ Reasons Why You Must Choose Jerith Aluminum Fence

Fence becomes a main home property that the existence is really important for people. In fact, many people are looking for the best fence products that are absolutely great for their home. Besides, the function of the fence in protecting and keeping the home and homeowners inside, the fence also deliver the beauty and aesthetic value from your home.

Of course, the people will not choose the fence products carelessly, but they are going to research to get the best fence products from several companies. If you are searching the best fence too, actually, you have to compare and survey for several companies that expand the fence products. Well, for telling the reason, we share you about the company with the best aluminum fence products, that is the Jerith company.

Why should you choose the Jerith fence company?

For answer the questions, you have to read the article below. It contains the company overview, the fence products, especially aluminum fence, and the reason why you must choose this company. Ok, let’s get started!

The Jerith Company Overview

jerith aluminum fence
Credit: Jerith

Coming with the best quality and premium products, the Jerith has influenced the property trading as the largest and oldest company. Jerith is the third generation that is developed as the family business. The company is from North America established since 1961 becoming the fencing industry leader. The Jerith company is well-known with the decorative fence that is constructed from the imported selected aluminum. The Jerith always provide the best service and best quality products for their customers. Besides giving the best products, the company goal is making the customers satisfied. Indeed, the customers want the great value in fencing with durable stainless steel material.

The Jerith aluminum fence is leading the fence in best quality, service and long experience. The Jerith has expanded the products with each specification. They are gates, patriot wire fence, commercial-covered picket, commercial-exposed pickets, pool fence, residential-covered pickets and residential-exposed pickets and pet fence.


The Jerith Aluminum Fence Products

The Jerith aluminum fence explores the fence products to have a great appearance in exposed picket design, covered picket design and specialty design which each has certain models. The aluminum fence comes with a variety of the models, the sizes and the colors that are available in Jerith fence. For you who are looking for the fence products, certainly, the Jerith fence product is absolutely good for you for completing the home property.

1.Exposed Picket Design

jerith aluminum fence
Credit: Jerith

This design does not have the top rail with a wrought classic iron design for over 100 years. There are some models of this one, they are aligned picket, staggered picket, aligned pickets with finials, aligned pickets with flush bottom rails, close and open pickets, and aligned pickets with finials and flush bottom rails.


2. Covered Pickets Design

jerith aluminum fence
Credit: Jerith
The Jerith aluminum fence becomes most popular design because of this. Coming with smooth top rail, makes the fence perfect looks around your home or pool. Certainly, this fence construction appears the pool enclosure ideally that can absolutely prevent the rust or rot coming. The models that you choose including aligned picket, staggered picket, staggered picket with finials, aligned picket with flush bottom rails, staggered pickets with flush bottom rails and two rail design.


3. Specialty Design

jerith aluminum fence
Credit: Jerith
This kind of fence is really suitable for protecting the pets. Constructed with narrow space, enables the pet not to go outside from around the house. It also avoids the children for a foothold on the fence. The models included this design are aligned picket with top rail, staggered picket with top rail, aligned picket and picket with top rails and combination picket spacing.

The Reason Why You Must Choose the Jerith Company

1.HS-35 Alloy

Doing this method for the fence, it will give the maximum strength for all components of the fence. For that goal, it can install the fence panels which hold a minimum of 250 lbs of force without bending permanently. Moreover, the Industrial fence can absolutely support over 1,000 lbs. per section. That is why you have to choose the Jerith company for getting the fence.


2. FencCoat Finishing

This is one of a reason that you have to choose the Jerith aluminum fence company. Having about 5 years of exposure method in Florida versus 1,000 hours and Withstand 3,000 hours for salt spray testing and also 1 year for others. The method purposes to give hardness and thickness of wet painting that will be environmentally friendly.

3. Company Performance

As we explain about the Jerith above in company overview above, it is well-known as the largest and the oldest aluminum fence company. So, when you know about it, you suppose that the company has begun the industry for over the years. The Jerith company has 50 years experience in producing the fence and gates. It is an as third generation of a family business that begins in USA.

4. Warranty

Of course, many customers like the company that offers the lifetime warranty. The other reason for you to choose the Jerith aluminum fence is the lifetime warranty that is provided by the company. Well, if you want the aluminum fence product with the lifetime warranty, actually, it is the answer.

5. Alloy Castings

Constructed with the best quality of all aluminum castings including wall mounts, finials and caps make the products withstand to the bad weather and the corrosion. Therefore, the fence will look adorable for a long time without maintaining and staining way.

6. Screwless

Installed by the hidden stainless steel is not doubt for strength and durability. It is used for residential and regency fence with the patented screwless design. Commonly, most of the screwless use hidden screw or plastic connector to install the fence. For adding the security, the Aero and Industrial fence use the square drive screw for better. Furthermore, the American and Liberty fence take the stainless steel screw in keeping them tight.


Well, after you know about the Jerith aluminum fence company, of course, you have the enlightenment to choose the best aluminum fence that may be good for you.

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