9 Tips to Create a Fun and Colorful Kids Room Ideas on a Budget

Sometimes remodel your kids’ bedroom is very challenging. You have to create a colorful and fun room for your beloved one to cheer up the overall look of their world. Moreover, creating that colorful and fun room is quite expensive, especially if you have to create a specially themed bedroom.

On the other hand, not all people luckily has quite enough budget to do that. Don’t worry moms, all you have to do is just expanding your creativity to the next level. If you need some hints, here are some tips that you can adopt to create fun and colorful kids room ideas on a budget.

Kids Room Ideas on a Budget

Spend Your Money on Long-term Furniture

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: IKEA

Kids grow up faster than you can imagine. Don’t spend your money on expensive child bed because you will have to change it as your kids grow. Buying a full sized furniture for your kids is not a sin, as you can use it as your kids grow up.

Moreover, kids always need more storage option to store their stuff. Choose the minimalist and stylish design that will fit with any range of age. You just have to repaint it with cheerful color matching with the overall look of the kids room ideas on a budget.

DIY for Wall Decor

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: Shelterness

Rather than spending your money to buy expensive wall decor, you can use your creativity to cheer up your kids room ideas on a budget. You can make some cutouts from colorful paper and stick it to the wall.

On the other hand, you can make it with your children so they can decide what is good for them. Sometimes, their “pieces of artwork” is worthy enough to decorate their own bedroom. It will be a sweet and innocent art that will make them proud and also, save your money.

Specially Themed Bedroom is Nice but Very Expensive

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: Walmart

Kids always like cartoons. Maybe they want to add a specially themed decoration based on their favorite character. But as we know, a premium themed bedroom can cost you a lot. You can outsmart it by using the color combination that becomes the characteristic of the cartoon.

In addition, rather than buying a full set themed bedroom furniture, you can use wall decals that represent your kids’ favorite cartoon character.

Always Browse the Best and Cheapest Option for Kids Furniture

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: Wayfair

In this internet era, it is very easy to choose the best and cheapest option for your kid’s bedroom furniture. There are many provider and merchant that offer their product with fascinating sale and discount. In this case, always research and compare to choose the best product that suits your needs and pocket.

If you want to save more money, you can choose a bundle or a package that is offered. It is a lot cheaper than if you buy one by one. This applies as well as for specially themed furniture too. For example, you can get a bundle of Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed complete with table and chair set and multi-bin toy organizer with less than $100 in Walmart.

Optimize Every Corner of the Room

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: Wayfair

As kids who have a lot more and more stuff as they grow up, you will need more storage option. In this case, you have to be clever to optimize every corner of the room. As an example, you can choose a wooden or plastic under bed storage that will give extra storage option.

Also, the bookcase headboard can be a storage alternative that will save the bedroom from a mess. In addition, you can use wall space for storage with a wall hanging storage to store shoes, cap, etc. Choose colorful wall hanging storage with unique and cute shape, so it can be nice wall decors too.

Use Wall Sticker to Give Colorful Decor

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: TinyMe

Rather than using expensive wall decoration for your kids’ bedroom, you can use wall sticker to give nearly same fun and colorful decor. If you want to do a DIY with the wall sticker, you can make creations from a colorful paper sticker.

Cut the paper sticker according to the shape you desire, and then stick it on the wall. Butterflies, polka-dots, your kid’s name, etc can be some patterns that will cheer up wall decorations on your kid’s bedroom.

Private Territory for Kids Shared Room

Kids Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Credit: IKEA

If you have twins or children who are nearly in the same age, generally you will place them in the same room. Even if they have to share their room, you have to make a private territory for each kid. In this case, you have to personalize each area based on each personality.

Sometimes it will consume your money and energy, but if you can outsmart it, the solution is very simple. Just use their own artwork that will prettify their own territory. It will be fun for them to make artworks together that will mark off their own private territory.

Colorful Decoration on the Neutral Wall

Neutral paint for the wall is always right. Don’t impose to apply flagrant and cheerful color for the bedroom. Once the color fade as the time goes by, you’ll have to repaint it again and another cost has to be paid. Apply neutral color on the wall that will last longer and fits perfectly with the bedroom furniture.

Then, to cheer up the bedroom look, apply colorful decoration. In this case, you can easily change the decoration whenever they want to redecorate their own space. It is a lot easier and cheaper rather than have to repaint all over the wall.

Easy Cleaning Wall Paint

Kids room Ideas on A Budget

Credit: Formica

As a kid who is very active and full of curiosity, sometimes you will find out some messy graffiti made by their naughty and innocent hand. It is very cute if it just a little, but it is messy instead if it is excessive. So that, always use easy-to-clean and non-toxical wall paint. With this, you can erase dirt and messy graffiti from bedroom wall easily.

The price may be more expensive than regular paint, but it is worthy as you will have a long lasting and clean wall for kids bedroom.

Those are some tips and guides to kids room ideas on a budget that you can consider for your kids’ room project. Now you don’t have to worry about spending lots of cash to create an adorable room for your kids.


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