13+ Clever Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination You Have To Try

It is always an important thing to keep your kitchen feels and looks inviting. The style of the kitchen should make all the family members and the coming guests love to spend a long time around. The homeowners should always choose the perfect color and design to every furniture and appliance in the kitchens.

The cabinet holds a huge role in influencing the way your kitchen looks. It is the biggest investment and also the key element of the kitchen which will be installed in the room for years. So it is very understandable that you might spend hours and hours doing some research on choosing the right cabinet for your kitchen.

When you have determined the size, material, and other hardware for your cabinet, picking the right color combination is the next tricky step. The cabinet’s color should match beautifully with the style of the kitchen and the house itself. Some may go with white, which is the most popular one, but others prefer a dazzling vibrant color.

If you are about to build a new kitchen or refacing your old cabinet in the room, here we have some clever kitchen cabinets color combination ideas for your inspiration!

Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination Ideas

Vibrant Orange and White Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 1
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credit: Nanilumi

When white seems too calming for you, combining it with a vibrant orange is a brilliant idea to make it looks fascinating. White and orange make the color looks ‘fruity and creamy’ and creates a fun atmosphere. This color combination is a perfect choice to represent your cheerful personality.

Colorful Contemporary Cabinet

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credit: Jkuhnya

The contemporary style of this cabinet looks gorgeous and enhanced with its colorful style. The colors of the cabinet pop up perfectly in the white calming kitchen theme. It is a great option to make your kitchen look exhilarating.

Relaxing Green Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 3
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credit: Idolza

The gorgeous green and white cabinet which gives a relaxing and natural touch to the kitchen. The stainless line in the lower part of the cabinet adds a modern style which makes the design looks way more attractive.

Bright Maroon Cabinets

kitchen cabinets color combination 4
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credit: Kitchen Designs Egypt

Choosing maroon doesn’t always mean going with such dark color, this cabinet style uses a beautiful bright maroon which complements the neutral gray nuance of the kitchen. The cabinet becomes such a stunning focal point here.

 Lime Green Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets color combination 5
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credit: Fraeulein Gabriella

The dazzling color combination of this cabinet is truly irresistible. The green and yellow gives such a summer spirit to the kitchen and beautifies the monochromic theme of the room. It makes the cabinet becomes a lovely central attention.

Orange and Black Kitchen

kitchen cabinets color combination
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credit: σχεδια Ζω

The modern orange cabinet looks beautiful to enhance the style of this black and white kitchen. The orange here is less dramatic, so it keeps the elegant atmosphere around the room. Orange never fails to cheer the room up.

Citrus Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 7
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credit: Erica Dunhill

Calming yellow is chosen to paint this contemporary kitchen cabinet. It is another way to make neutral color looks and feels more inviting.

Glossy Pink Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 8
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credit: Mexmike

This girly kitchen is absolutely pretty and mesmerizing. The glossy effect of the paint makes the kitchen looks glamorous and it is combined with the metallic appliances for the extra luxurious style. A great way to show your inner femme fatale!

Dark Purple Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 9
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credit: Italywid

The dark purple cabinet beautifully complements the white cabinet of this kitchen. This color combination creates a monochromic atmosphere to the kitchen. It is such an attractive modern kitchen design.

Sakura Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 10
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credit: Glubdubs

This kitchen cabinet style gives a lovely Japanese touch to your kitchen. The combination of pastel pink with purple and the flower prints remind us of the season where the Sakura is blooming beautifully.

Retro Style Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 11
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credit: Jake Heilburn

If you are a retro geek, this cabinet style truly suits your personality. The cabinet’s door design looks artistically aging with its fading style. This Mexican painted cabinet style is another cabinet design to make your kitchen looks unique and creative.

Minty Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 13
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credit: Locanto

The color combination of this cabinet will turn your kitchen into a cooling and relaxing space. Pastel turquoise and white are combined together and beautifully creates a clever style to the room.

Red and Metallic Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 14
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credit: Eldwly

Metal finish and red are met together in this kitchen cabinet design, creating a stunning color combination which will become a focal point inside your property. It creates such a colorful modern look to the room and of course enhance its attractiveness.

Two Tone Wooden Cabinet

kitchen cabinets color combination 15
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credit: Przysli Przepis

Choosing the natural wooden cabinet is never a bad idea, and this one is truly worth a choice. There are two tones of rustic wood finish, which are enough to create a more attractive look to this wood cabinet. It is such a simple yet creative earthy kitchen.

Those are some fascinating ideas of kitchen cabinets color combination, and now you are ready to renovate your kitchen to become a more inviting and exhilarating room to do many joyful things!

To ease you choosing the right color for your cabinet, below are some tips that might be useful for you:

  • Pick the color scheme from other key elements like countertops, rugs, or furniture. Match the color of the cabinet with the largest pattern around the room for the easiest consideration.
  • Pick the color scheme from the other part of the house like the dining room, living room, and entry way. It will affect the style of your kitchen then impact the thought to choose the color combination for your cabinet.
  • Combine the brightness of the color in the room orderly, the basic guide is to give the darker spectrum from the bottom part of the room which is the flooring, then the medium color for the walls, then you can choose the lightest color for the upper part.
  • Consider your true taste of the color, it will represent your personality to the coming guests.

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