25+ Most Beautiful Kitchen Color Combination Ideas To Try

Home experts always state that the kitchen is the hub of a house where everyone gathers around to do lots of things. Besides cooking, you can have fun conversation, read some books, browse some news, and other activities around.

Therefore, you have to make the kithcen as admirable and as comfortable as possible. It surely relates to the decor of the room which can give certain atmosphere inside, and color is one of the most important elements that you have to keep in mind.

As you may have known, color has certain psychological effects, so it will create certain nuance that you can feel. It means that the color has a very important role in determining the overall look of the kitchen.

Going with more than one color to colorize your kitchen is surely way more fun. You can cpmbine some colors to create a very attractive overall look with a very exhilarating nuance.

For sure, it can be quite difficult to mix and match some colors since you have to consider the right shades, contrast, saturation, and so on. You may end up end up having an unincting kitchen if you don’t combine the colors properly.

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Therfore, here we have picked tons of beautiful kitchen color combination ideas that you can use as the ultimate inspiration. They look so admirable and feel so comfortable which surely inspire you to have one.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best pick of kitchen color combination ideas!

Best Kitchen Color Combination Ideas

Purple and White

kitchen color combination 1

White is used as the main color of this kitchen which creates a simply bright overall look. Kitchen cabinet in muted purple finish then give a catchy color touch but doesn’t make the room look overwhelming.

Pink and Grey

kitchen color combination 2

Here, pink and grey are combined beautifully which creates a girly nuance. Pink is applied to the cabinet which obviously wprks as the main focal point of the room. Grey handles the countertop and island which add a more elegant touch.

The distressed finish of the island gives another style to the decor in a distinctively gorgeous way. Then white brightens up the nuance of the room.

Muted Violet and Red

kitchen color combination 3

Muted violet walls with texture give a vibrant look to the kitchen with white nuance. To make it look even more colorful, the floor cabinets are finsihed in glossy red. It’s a nice kitchen color combination which is perfect for you who love feminine decor.

Orange and Grey

kitchen color combination 4

One side of the walls is colorized by orange which gives a bright touch to the room. All cabinets are finished in grey which soothes the nuance inside. The backsplash whicg is made of slate in natural white finish even brightens up the decor stunningly.

Pewter Blue and Yellow

kitchen color combination 5

This kitchen color combination uses pewter blue and yellow which makes it look so colorful. As the soft shade, pewter blue walls soothes the vibrant look of the yellow cabinet in a very stylish way. The glass doors and window in this kitchen gives a cozy lighting and makes the room feel so airy.

Soft Blue and Wood

kitchen color combination 6

Blue colorizes the wall and ceiling of this kitchen which gives a soothing yet colorful overall look. Then, the cabinet in natural wood finish gives another color touch, gorgeous texture, and warm nuance. It’s a beautiful kitchen color combination for you who love nautical decoration.

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Soft Turquoise and White

kitchen color combination 7

A stylish kitchen decoration with the combination of soft turquoise and white. The white subway tile is used as the backsplash material which gives a chic texture to the decor. The color composition in this kitchen is made beautifully with a nice portion which is so inspiring to copy.

Soft Green and White

kitchen color combination 8

Another kitchen color combination with the soft overall look to add to your inspiration. Here, the soft green cabinet gives another color touch to the kitchen which is dominated with white. To create a more decorative look, subway tile and wood flooring are chosen.

Pink and Wood

kitchen color combination 9

Red colorizes the wall and built-in storage which takes up the most space in this kitchen. It matches well with the chequered flooing in the similar color.

Yhe, the flooring in natural light wood finish brightens up the room in a very earthy way. The white ceiling balance the nuance so it doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Beige and Grey

kitchen color combination 10

Beige takes over almost the whole room which creates a bright and warm look. Then, grey is used as the accent color which makes it look more attractive but still keeps its soothing nuance.

Teal and White

kitchen color combination 11

Teal is one of the most stylish colors which will never fail to style up your kitchen. In this idea, the color is combined with white which creates a very stylish decoration.

The color is only used as the accent color to enhance the attractiveness of its white overall look. The, the wooden furniture and decor item in wood finish adds a more decorative nuance gorgeously.

Blue and Green

kitchen color combination 12

For you who love a very colorful decoration, this inspiration is one of the best references that you can try. Green colorizes the wall which is combined with the white ceiling and cabinet.

Then, a blue kitchen island as the main focal point of the room is finished in blue. It adds another color touch attractively.

Pink and Emerald Green

kitchen color combination 13

This one is a unique kitchen color combinatio which uses pink and emerald green. Pink is applied to the wall and its emerald wall-to-ceiling tile backsplash complement it in a beutifully distinctive way. Moreover, the grey cabinet and island enhance the beauty of the decor with its neutral look.

Soft Pink and Black

kitchen color combination 14

The combination of soft pink wall and black cabinet look so stylish. It’s such a chic overall look that you can easily try and fits well for a modern decorating style.

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Pewter Blue and Black

kitchen color combination 15

This kitchen has a lot of cabinets in pewter blue which are installed in various ways. They give a gorgous color to this kitchen which is dominated by white and black. The room looks so decorative with its subway tile wall, beadboard ceiling and colorful flooring.

Teal and Grey

kitchen color combination 16

The wall in this kitchen combines teal and grey brick wallpaper which looks stylishly decorative. All the cabinets are finished in matte grey which createa a nicely harmonious look. It’s such an easy way to make a gorgeous decoration that you can try.

Black and White

kitchen color combination 17

The combination of black and white always creates a gorgeous decoration. Here, the wall and ceiling are colorized by white and some focal points are finished in black which makes it look so admirable.

Shades of Browns


Light brown colorizes thw all of this kitchen which is combined with dark brown furniutre. The result of such combination creates an elegant decoration with a warm vibe.

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Green and Navy

kitchen color combination 19

The hanging and flooring cabinet in this kitchen is finished in navy which definitely look so stylish. The wall is the painted in soft green which creates an attractive contrasting nuance in a very beautiful way.

Soft Green and Orange

kitchen color combination 20

This kitchen color combination looks so catchy with its orange walls and green cabinets. The soft green soothes the warm hue of orange so the atmosphere feels so exhilrating inside. Then, the white ceiling neutralizes the nuance and wood flooring matches the wall gorgeously.

Red and Pink

kitchen color combination 21

A very vibrant kitchen with the combination of pink and red which can be a good inspiration for you who love girly decoration. The decor has also various pattern which are blended very well. White makes the room look bright and prevent the decor to look overwhelming.

Shades of Brown and White

kitchen color combination 22

Another inspiring kitchen color combination which uses shades and brown which is so tempting to copy. Here, the wall is made in an exposed brick style which gives a chic texture to the overall look of the room.

Rustic Grey and Black

kitchen color combination 23

Concret wall is one of the most popular options that will give a uniquely stylish touch to a room’s decor. In this idea, the walls and ceiling are finsihed in such look which creates a rustic nuance gorgeously.

Then, the cabinets and island are finsihed in black which adds a bolder touch to the decor. It’s definitely a good inspiration for you who want to have a masculine decor woth an industrial theme.

Soft Grey and Brown


Soft grey elegantly colorizes the wall of this modern kitchen. The cabinets in deep brown then makes the decor look way more attractive. White cabinet and ceiling gives a brighter touch which gives a more inviting vibe.

Navy and Wood

kitchen color combination 24

Here, the color wood and navy finish of the cabinet gives a nice colorful touch to an all-white kitchen. Obviously, it becomes the main focal point of the room since it will catch so many attentions with its color and design.

Light Navy and Grey

kitchen color combination 25

Grey takes over the wall, ceiling and backsplash of this kitchen which creates an elegant neutral nuance. A modern cabinet in light navy enhance the elegance look of the decor perfectly. The navy gives a more contrast color but still keeps the minimalist caharcter of the room.

Yellow and Grey

kitchen color combination 26

A catchy yellow backplash gives a bright color touch to this kitchen with white and grey combination. The bacsplask makes the neutral overall look of the kitchen become way more attractive in a very simple way.

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Eventually, those are some inspiring kitchen color combination ideas that you can use as the one of the best references when you are about to decorate or update your beloved kitchen. the way those ideas combine the colors, texture, patterns, and other decor elements are absolutely tempting to copy.

Combining some colors to decorate a kitchen is surely much better than choosing only one shade. It will make the decor look more colorful and, of course, more attractive. Moreover, when you go with some colors in one decor, you can feel a more fun atmos[here inside.

But still. you have to carefully combine all the colors as proper as possible. Then, you also have to consider about the supoorting elements like lighting, furniture, decor items, and so on.

To ease you to create a gorgeous kitchen color combination, below we have some simple tips that you can keep in mind.

Kitchen Color Combination Tips

Picking the Colors

The general rule of determining the color schemes that you will apply to your kitchen is all about the contrast, hues, and saturation. You have to blend all the colors so they will create a good combination which doesn’t make the room look overwhelming or uninviting.

Furthermore, you also have to be aware the particular character of each color that will lead you to have certain atmosphere inside. To start with, you can think about one color that you like the most then choose some additional shades.

Color Applications

The easiest part to apply the colors is obviouly the wall ehre you can colorize it with some colors as you wish. But, if you prefer to choose one color fot he wall, you can go with the ceiling and flooring.

In addition, other elements that you can explore are the focal points like kitchen cabinet and island. Some small decor items will also give such a significant change.

Make It Airy and Bright

Since a colorful kitchen can look quite overwhelming, it’s surely important for you to provide the proper lighting inside the room. Besides the main lighting source, you can add some sconces, table lamps, or chandelier.

Then, a huge glass window and door will also let the outdoor light to brighten up the room and circulate the air properly. Installing some mirrors or kitchen appliances with reflecting finish can give a wider impression too.

Pick a Particular Style

After you have decided certain colors to colorize your kitchen, then you can think about what decorating style which fits well. Some colors work best with some particular decorating style. For instance, white and blue are good to create nautical theme, black and white are good for minimalist theme, and so on.

Color Portion

You don’t always have to make the portion of each color in 50:50 rule. In fact, it may make the combination look boring.

Then, you can go with 50-30-20 rule which relates to the elements of the room. Keep in mind to always include one neutral color like white or light grey to the precentage.

Patterns and Textures

When you use more than one colors for your kitchen decor, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add more textures and patterns to the room. Actually, those elements will give a more attractive look as long as you use them properly.

You can apply the textures and patterns to the backsplash or flooring which happen to be the the other focal points of the room. If you want to make a harmonious nuance, choose the patterns and textures with the same color like the walls, ceiling, or the furniture.

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