Easiest and Simplest Ways To Make The Natural Kitchen Odor Eliminator

Cooking in the kitchen is one of the enjoyable activities in your house when you have spare times. But, when you cook some foods you will ignore how dirty your kitchen until you sense some bad smells around you. Odor make your kitchen uncomfortable and you should clean it up. The things you should use is called the kitchen odor eliminator.

To clean the odor in the kitchen you don’t have to buy the air fresheners. You can use some stuff at your home to get rid the bad smells naturally. Here are some simple ways to eliminate the odor in your kitchen area with the things you have at home:

Boiled Orange Peels Water

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When you cooked foods and left some traces of your cooking, it may also leave bad smells. To clean and get rid the odor you can boil up the water, and then put oranges slice peels on the water. Leave the orange peels on the water for 2 minutes, then you can add some cinnamons or some herbs and spices to create the natural aroma. The gas from the mixture will make the air in the kitchen fresher than before, and your kitchen odor will smell so natural.


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Toast is one of delicious food, right? But you may not know that toast has another function to clean up your kitchen and eliminate the odor in your kitchen area. It absorbs the traces that are the sources of the bad smells in your kitchen.

Baking Soda

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One of useful eliminator to get rid the bad smells in your kitchen is the baking soda. Put it on the corners of your kitchen, it clear the bad smells you have such as fishy, rotten, or burning odor. But, after you used the baking soda, you have to clean the traces of it then.



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Prepare a bowl or a cup of vinegar, then add some cinnamons on it. Put the bowl in a corner of your kitchen, let it work and move out the bad smells in the kitchen.

Citrus Peels

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One of the odor sources in the kitchen is the trash. You can eliminate the odor by the citrus peels such as orange, lemon, and lime. It makes your trash can smells good and fresh.


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Coffee has an authentic aroma, it smells so good. Coffee also can clear the odor in the kitchen, just put the powder in the cup and place it in your kitchen. Coffee is very useful to remove any odor in the kitchen.

Lemon Water

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Sometimes keeping food for a long time in your refrigerator creates such a bad smells inside. To get rid that odor you can use a cup of lemon water. put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or more, you can feel the better smells from the freezer after doing the step.

Those are some steps to eliminate the odor in your kitchen, just try it at home and you will feel the different air in your kitchen even if the kitchen has no odor.

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