10 Interesting Kitchen Rugs At Target Under $50 That Worth To Buy

If you are looking for some interesting rugs for your kitchen, you really have to know that Target is always a recommended place to go. We usually want something different and awesome for the kitchen decoration, and you can find dozens of them at Target.

Some tiny objects such as kitchen clocks, rugs, decorative plates, and the other items, these all you can get at Target. Here, you also can get the best items with the best price.

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Credit: Target

Kitchen rug is a small must-have thing of the kitchen to make you feel comfortable while you are cooking in a standing position for some hours. So, it is surely important to keep our healthy lifestyle.

With dozens of attractive designs, kitchen rug also can give the room such an adorable look. You can choose some beautiful and interesting kitchen rugs at Target to add an artistic effect inside of your kitchen. They come in different colors and styles to match with your kitchen layout.

Here we have some interesting and beautiful rugs at Target to complete every inch of your kitchen perfection.

10 Interesting Kitchen Rugs At Target Under $50.00

Block Design Kitchen Floor Mat Rug (Price: $8.99)

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Credit: Target

The block pattern detail of this rug will add such a modern touch to your kitchen. This block design floor rug has 100% Polyester material with the rubber on its back. The dimensions of this rug are 18 inches W x 30inches L.

This washable rectangular rug is easy to clean and care, you can use mild detergent and spot clean with water. The rug construction is molded and pressed. You can bring this home only in $8.99.

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Coffee Shop Floor Mat Rug – Maples (Price: $8.99)

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Credit: Target

This rug is cute and sweet, it is so suitable for your cafe themed kitchen. This coffee shop floor rug comes in triple brown tones which look really adorable. It has durable nylon fibers that really soft and comfortable for your daily use.

The backing material is latex which is really good to keep the rug always stay in that place. For the overall dimensions of this product are 20 inches W x 34 inches L. This one is really great for people who love some coffee kitchen decoration around.

Red Nonskid Kitchen Rug – Room Essentials™ (Price: $9.99)

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Credit: Target

This vibrant red kitchen rugs at Target is so beautiful and stunning. It is made of durable cotton and polyester blend with sturdy lightweight construction. The materials of this kitchen rug are 10% Polyester and 90% Cotton. 

It is handwoven and has latex backing to help you to keep it always in place. The dimension of this rug is 20 inches W x 34 inches L, and the pile height is less than 0.5″. It really hides the stains well and also you can clean this up nicely. 

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Tan Medallion Kitchen Rugs – Threshold™ (Price: $14.99) 

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Credit: Target

This tan kitchen rugs at Target can make your kitchen look beautiful classic. It has good medallion patterns that make it better. When you touch it or step on that rug,  you can feel 100% olefin material in this construction.

The material of this backing construction is one hundred percent latex for your convenience. The rug is fade resistant, skid resistant, machine tufted, with the 20 inches L x 34 inches W dimension. You do not have to clean it so hard because it is easy to clean up with washable easy care feature.

Chicken Kitchen Rug – Threshold™ (Price: $14.99) 

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Credit: Target

This rug is so admirable, it has a BW chicken picture decor on the red background. That red stripe background of this interesting rug adds a dramatic and unique style. 

It has a woven rug construction, and you can use this rug indoor to keep the durability of this item. The rug material is 100% nylon and latex for its back. The dimension of this rug is 34 inches L x 20 inches W. 

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Medallion Comfort Kitchen Mat – Threshold™ (Price: $14.99)

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Credit: Target

This is the next adorable kitchen rugs at Target that you can buy. It has a gorgeous combination of tan and blue to decorate your kitchen.

The material of this rug is 100% polyester, complete with a latex backing. The measures of this decorative rug are 20 inches W x 34 inches L. This woven rug is very great to add a little perfection in your kitchen corner. 

Kitchen Rug Cool Floral – Threshold™ (Price: $14.99)

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Credit: Target

This kitchen rugs at Target is so good to add a nice natural atmosphere to your kitchen’s decoration. The floral pattern type of this purple rug is perfect for the kitchen with natural and traditional style too.

The rug material is 100% Nylon, and for its the backing material is latex. It has a rectangular shape, and the dimensions of this kitchen rug are 34 inches L x 20 inches W. 

It comes with woven rug construction and it uses machine construction technique. Put this on any corner of your kitchen area to complete the detail of perfection. 

Wine Vineyard Floor Mat Rug – Maples (Price: $14.99)

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Credit: Target

This wine vineyard floor mat rug is a perfect addition for you add something colorful to your kitchen. The material of this rug is 100% Nylon and for the backing material is latex with 20 inches W x 34  inches L dimension.

This kitchen rugs at Target easy to clean and care, you just have to shake it or vacuum it daily. You can also remove the dirt with a machine wash, and do not bleach it. 

Blue Accent Kitchen Rug (2’6″X3’10”) – Threshold™ (Price: $24.99)

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Credit: Target

This is so gorgeous and elegant, it has some flowers with the super beautiful look. These flowers are dominated by three primary colors which are yellow, blue, green, and dark green on the white background.

The primary material is 100% Nylon, and the backing material is latex with the loop pile type and the hooked rug construction. The dimensions of this rug are 46 inches L x 30 inches W.

It is really easy to clean and care, you can use it in indoor condition to keep the durability of this rug. You can bring that lovely bouquet flowers home by spending $24.99. 

Gray Bazaar Kitchen Floor Mat (Price: $45.99)

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Credit: Target

This Gray Bazaar kitchen floor mat is awesome and perfectly suitable for your modern kitchen layout. The rug material is 100% Cotton on its two sides with 24 inches W x 36 inches L dimension. 

It uses machine made of the construction technique. The gray rug’s color usually perfect for a modern kitchen with the white light background. There is no pile here, and we recommended to use it on indoor. 

Those are some recommended kitchen rugs at Target that you can buy to decorate your kitchen. Kitchen decoration is very important to wake up your mood when you spending your time in the kitchen.

The price is always the number one indicator for us to buy something or if you want to something more, like the effectiveness or look, so you just have to open and go to the Target and sort them by yourself. Moreover, Target serves many kinds of things that can you choose to satisfy your needs.

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only the room for you to cooking or preparing the foods. Most people now, usually need more function of the kitchen. We can have a quality time or a right moment when spending time in the kitchen, alone or even with your family or friends.

We really have to know how to decorate our kitchen. Some of us make the kitchen as a place for having a secret chit-chat with their closest people, or a place for relaxing time while having a cup of coffee. We can decor our kitchen with several good and beautiful items that can boost your mood.

Start from the big objects (kitchen table, kitchen chairs, curtains for your kitchen windows, and many else)  and even smaller items that have a big impact on the kitchen look. That smaller item can be a canister, rug, towel, plate, etc.

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