6 Impressive Kitchen Table With Leaf Insert Under $200

There are so many types of kitchen decoration that can support your themes and needs. In a big or a small shape, each item has its different view which influences the overall look of the kitchen. For the kitchen table, we usually want to choose the best one, not only about its look and shape but also the effective aspect to the space of our kitchen.

The primer stuff that usually set in the kitchen such as trash bin, kitchen cabinet, kitchen chair, and table are the things that really need an extra care and attention. However, a big item like a kitchen table is always the first thing that we see when we come into the kitchen.

kitchen table with leaf cover

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Nowadays, think about kitchen decoration, buy a beautiful and cheap one is not enough to make you satisfied, but you also have to think about the efficiency.

Here we have several impressive and beautiful kitchen tables for you. Hopefully, you will find the one that enhances your kitchen layout from the list of impressive kitchen table below.

6 Impressive Kitchen Table With Leaf Insert Under $200.00

Ingatorp Drop-leaf table antique stain (Price: $129.00)

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Credit: HouseandGarden

The first kitchen table with leaf insert in this list comes from Ingatorp with its antique stain. This is so perfect for a small kitchen or you can make this kitchen table as a nice accent for a larger room area.

There are three choices to use this table, first, you can go with no leaves used, second, you can only use one leaf, and the last, you can use these all leaves (two leaves). A traditional and antique look of this table with its details give it the little extra.

The details description of materials of this product:

  • The materials on the table top, drawer front, and drop-leaf are clear acrylic lacquer, stain, and the solid pine.
  • The materials on the side rail, leg, and bottom rail, and supporting rail (front) are stain, solid pine, and clear lacquer.
  • The supporting rail materials are the solid birch, clear lacquer, and stain.
  • The drawer side and back materials are stain and solid pine.
  • The material of the drawer bottom is printed fiberboard.
  • The rail materials are galvanized and steel.

The dimension of this product

  • The length of this table: 34 5/8 inch
  • The minimum length: 23 1/4 inch
  • The maximum length: 46 1/8 inch
  • The width: 30 3/4 inch
  • The height: 28 3/4 inch

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Simple Living Country Cottage Dining Table (Price: $142.38)

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Credit: Overstock

The next gorgeous and impressive kitchen table with leaf insert is this country cottage dining table. This is complete with the cozy drop leaf country. Even it looks so small but with this drop leaf feature, you can add more space to have a dinner with friends, one or two leaves. The light wood finish of this table adds an old fashioned enjoy to our dining or kitchen area.

This impressive space saving dining table in a traditional design is sized just right to update your small dining areas in your kitchen. It comes with a natural wood, renewable and durable rubberwood and paint finish.

This table also is good for any room in a studio or country kitchen apartment. You have to know that this table also coordinates with the other simple living cottage pieces like a pallet kitchen island, we can combine and match it to complete the perfection.

The detail features of the product

  • This kitchen table is very stylish with the durable rubberwood materials
  • This beautiful kitchen table with leaf transforms from a 30-inch square size to a 43.75-inch size when the half drop leaf is set out.
  • The table with or without the leaf measures is 30/30 inches W x 29/29 inches H x 30/43.75 29/29 inches (high inches long)

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Simple Living Austin Drop Leaf Table (Price: $172.50)

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Credit: Overstock

This classic Austin drop leaf table brings the nice simplicity to our everyday activities with that impressive and attractive look. The color is natural and so suitable for your kitchen with old decoration and accents.

It can be a little object to complete the kitchen decor but also can be something else when the drop leaf is raised. It is such a good solution for a small space and a busy lifestyle. The table has a good drop leaf designs to add more extra for a limited space.

This table is really suitable for daily use and works well as a side table. It is also good enough for a game night and dinnerware with your friends because it has sturdy construction. The leaves of this table are simple and easy to use.

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The detail features of the product

  • The design of this drop leaf is perfect for small areas such as a dining area or a tiny kitchen
  • It is very strong enough with its sturdy leaves and good rubberwood
  • When both of these two 9.8-inch drop leaves are opened, the table will extend to about 27.5-47.25 inches
  • The measures of this product are 29.5 inches W x 27.5 inches L x 29.12 inches H

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Steve Silver Company Abaco Double Drop Leaf Round Casual Dining Table in Acacia Finish (Price: $179.10)

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Credit: Walmart

This Abaco Double Drop Leaf Round Casual Dining Table is a great choice for you if you like a casual and simple table with a natural color finish. Moreover, it has a unique and nice finished top with elegantly unique style. The contemporary style is always great for a kitchen room to wake up the atmosphere.

The detail features of the product

  • There is a corner block construction
  • Solid wood material
  • Leg base
  • It comes with a perfect round shape
  • Dining chairs are not included
  • Gorgeous with contemporary style
  • Wood top and wood base
  • For the overall measures or dimensions (30″ H x 42″ W x 42″ D: Weight: 49 lbs.)

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Charlton Home Drop Leaf Dining Table (Price: $183.99)

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Credit: Walmart

This Charlton Home Drop Leaf Dining Table is very impressive with its natural color look and a classic shape. It is totally worth to buy. With the Asian hardwood material and contemporary style, this kitchen table has a big point that can be the best rival for the other table products.

You can bring it home in $183.99. What are you waiting for? Get it now!.

The detail features of the product

  • Asian hardwood materials
  • Bring the contemporary style
  • Beautiful angled table legs
  • The side chairs are not included
  • Espresso top finish style
  • Espresso in base finish
  • Wood from the top material
  • Wood from base material
  • Impressive old and traditional style
  • The width of legs side to side (-36″)
  • For the overall height from top bottom (-30″)
  • The overall product weight (-34.56 lbs. )
  • For the length from side to side (-36″)
  • The overall width from front to back (-36″)
  • Espresso style in top finish

IKEA PS 2012 (Price: $199.00)

kitchen table with leaf insert 2
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Credit: Ikea

This next beautiful and impressive kitchen table with leaf insert is the IKEA PS 2012. It can be a good choice for you if you have a smaller kitchen, it is a really nice accent for a larger room too.

Actually, We can go with three ways to apply this table, first, no leaves use (it can save the space), second, try only one leaf opened, and the third one has that two leaves opened (to make it bigger).

Then, a traditional and fancy look with its details like turned legs gives it that little extra.

The detail features of the product

  • The materials of the table top: Clear acrylic lacquer and bamboo
  • The material of the side rail and leg: Polyester powder coating, epoxy, and aluminum
  • For the plastic parts: Polypropylene
  • The material for the extension rail: Clear polyurethane or acrylic lacquer and bamboo
  • For the metal parts: Polyester powder coating, and steel
  • The length of this table is 34 5/8 “
  • The minimum length is 23 1/4 “
  • The maximum length is 46 1/8 “
  • The width is 30 3/4 “
  • The height 28 3/4 “

These kitchen table with leaf insert are good and suitable for any corner in your kitchen area. You can choose the one that really nice or perfect to your kitchen theme or nuanced point. Not only about the beautiful shape and style but also this kitchen table with the leaf can help you in your busy activities in the kitchen be better and efficient.

Moreover, they have different styles and prices, so, you can actually pick up the best one in your favorite list kitchen items. With these all good points, they are really worth it to buy.

These kitchen tables have different shape and style, then you can match it to the theme or nuance that you like. Kitchen table with the leaf is always good to be our favorite room decoration. Not only great and unique, the leaf in a table also effective to save the space, we can change the size of that table anytime we want to.
A bunch of theme decors of the table that you can choose to match it to your room area, wake up every object of your kitchen’s by combining it with those impressed kitchen tables.
Happy shopping for improving your lovely property!

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