Gold Bathroom Light Fixtures | Lanza Wall Bathroom Sconce Review

Doing the activities in the bathroom is always fun if we have some reliable and serviceable features. Additionally, to give us maximum comfort to do the activities in the kitchen, we have to install the bathroom’s features with beneficial function and adorale look.

Light is the bathroom’s must-install stuff, and of course, there are many different bathroom light products that can you can find in the market. That cirumstance sometimes makes you complicated in determining which one is the best for you. You should choose the product that absolutely matches for your beloved bathroom.

lanza wall bathroom sconce
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On Euro Style Lighting, there are hundreds of bathroom light products that you can choose based on your needs. This marketplace offers the high-quality products from some popular brands with a different price. The Lanza Wall Bathroom Sconce by Hinkey Lighting is one of the best sellers product that is adored by many many homeowners.

The product is definitely beutiful while offered at quite reasoabe price. The features which are equipped are also reliabe. Here, we have a brief rview abouth the product that may or may ot convice you to purchase one.

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Lanza Wall Bathroom Sconce Review

lanza wall bathroom sconce
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The first important thing in this product that you must know is about its design. This fashionable bathroom light comes with modern and stylish lighting from Hinkley Lighting.

Its etched opal glass delivers such a beautiful contemporary look to decorate your bathroom layout.  The dominating glowing brushed bronze finish on this light totally creates a glamorous touch to your bathroom’s layout.

Coming from Lanza collection, the product offers the interior lighting with sleek and fashionable patterns. In addition, the look of this light is totally linear when the oval glass refined its appearance.

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At the first touch, you can tell that the product comes ith the great construction. Its glass is so thick and hard, telling you its selected quality. The frame and base are also sturdy which is not disappointing at all.

This product matches with one 60W G6 halogen bulb to give you the best performance.


The durability of this Lanza wall bathroom sconce is certainly at a good level. It is constructed of the selected glass material that delivers the durable especially if you maintain it carefully.

To make the product have longer performance over the years, you actually should keep it with the right maintenance. The Hinkley Lighting company always offers the products with a great design and premium materials to give an excellent lighting to your space. Therefore, the product provides an easy and handy maintenance.

Furthermore, the minus thing you must know about this product is the glass material construction that quite sensitive to crack if under-maintained.


This Lanza Wall Bathroom Sconce comes in a wall-mounted installation that is not really hard to execute. This product is quite simple to install yet, the construction of this light does not need a tricky installation. With a clear guide and mounting hardware included in the package, it enables you to install this gold bathroom light handily.

Moreover, if you get something difficult in product’s installation, contacting the technical support is absolutely a must for you. Certainly, they will also give you a help and guide you all installation detail conscientiously.


The price of this stylish and gorgeous bathroom light is $125. It may sound a little bit pricey for this kind of light, but perhaps reasonable enough for purchasing this modern bathroom light.


 Material Glass
 Brand Lanza
 ManufacturerHinkley Lighting
 Bulb Halogen
 Wattage 60 Watt
 Assembly Wall-mounted
 Height 12 inches
 Width 7,25 inches
 Length from mounting to the top of fixture 1,5 inches
 Backplate Height 12 inches
 Backplate Width 4,75 inches
 Extend from the wall 5 inches

The Lanza Wall Bathroom Sconce by the Hinkley Lighting company is a such a wanted bathroom accessory that can join perfectly with your other bathroom stuff. By that quite pricey price tag, you can entirely get this premium and satisfying bathroom light.

We suppose that the price tag is mainly influenced by its sturdy construction and high quality finish. It’s sure that the product is not really disappointing, but it’s more like the premium lighting in which you should be willing to spend quite lots of bucks.

In addition, this bathroom light is more perfect to install side by side with the other one. Therefore, you have to purchase two to give the best look to your bathroom decor.

Now, it is your turn to determine one best product after reading the product’s review above. Then, don’t forget to include this bathroom accessory into your shopping list as well.

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