Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room | Leaf Vine Mini Lamp Review

There are no limits when we are talking about living room improvements. Indeed, it can be in any sort of stuff, but the most enjoyable activity is adding the new feature to the living room. Adding some new things to the living room will surely create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

One of the most ignored thing in the living room’s improvement is the table lamps.It’s perhaps because they are just some little things that don’t impact the room’s overall look while fact, it’s not that true.

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Table lamps can make your living room brighter in the night and can be a beautiful decor at noon. It is such a perfect completion for the living room. Every living room needs the table lamps for the beautifying aspect.

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If now you are going to add the table lamps to your living room or replace the old one, here we give you a review of the recommended table lamp for the living room.

This product is manufactured by Dale Tiffany, which is the Leaf Vine Mini Lamp. This is such an elegant table lamp that looks so mesmerizing.

Leaf Vine Mini Lamp Review

Leaf Vine Mini Lamp
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The design of this product is very simple thus elegant. It has the classic design which brings a fresh sense of the unique style to your living room. The leaf silhouette on the lamp shade increases its beautiful appearance.

Hand painted in the golden sand, the table lamp’s frame matches really well with the beige plastic shade, creating a luxurious look to decorate your living room. No wonder if the Leaf Vine Mini Lamp is a great table lamp to make your living room warmer with its light and beautiful by its elegant appearance.

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To clean this kind of table lamp, put out the lamp shade, then clean the bulb and the base with the damp cloth. It is easy to keep this table lamp keep dazzling.


The base of this table lamp is made of metal construction which feels sturdy enough at the first time you touch it. Metal is particularly hard, the Leaf Vine Mini Lamp will be the long last table lamp in your living room.

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To get this Leaf Vine Mini Lamp you need to spend your money for $99.99. A bit pricey, but is reasonable enough to get the classically designed table lamp with the elegant looks to illuminate your night activity with such price, right?


Wattage60 W
Bulb TypeIncandescent
Light DirectionDownlight

With its quality, this product is a great addition to your living room. The design is adorably beautiful to enhance your living room decor. The metal as the material also makes this table lamp sturdy and decent for a long time use. That price tag may be not a big deal for you if you love a classic table for your living room decor.

Keep improving your living room!

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