Storage Bench For Living Room | Leather Collapsible Bench Review

Maximizing the living room is not always about comforting and beautifying it. You can make your living room more useful than usual.

But how about the way you can do it? It is simple, actually, you can add a furniture which has the function as the spot for your seat and the storage at the same time. The furniture is the storage bench for the living room.

Leather Collapsible Bench
  • 6.8K

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The storage bench for the living room is kind of furniture that features the place for sitting and the storage to ease you for keeping some stuff inside. You don’t need to go to another room just for keeping some stuff which is needed sometimes.

It is always a good idea to put the storage bench in the living room which will be very useful and also can be the beautiful aspect inside. That’s why you will need at least one in the living room.

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If you intend to add one of the storage benches to your living room, we have a product review for you. It is a storage bench which can make your living room useful and beautiful at the same time.

The product is Leather Collapsible Bench by ZEYU Home that you can find on Amazon. Then, here it is the review for you!

Leather Collapsible Bench Review


Leather Collapsible Bench
  • 6.8K

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This Leather Collapsible Bench comes in the simple and classic design. It is quite decorative for the living room and as the storage to put some stuff. The product features the tufted button on the top which looks adorable, and it will gain the stylish touch to your living room.

Its black faux leather style surely adds a glamorous nuance to the living room layout beautifully.


The Leather Collapsible Bench is constructed of the sturdy MDF. MDF is medium density fiberboard, it has the high-grade quality which performs better than the kind of solid wood.

It is a durable product for sure, you can tell it on its first test drive. For the cover, this Leather Collapsible Bench uses faux leather which feels plush and sturdy.


Leather Collapsible Bench
  • 6.8K

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Besides of this product durability, this product also provides the comfortable seating inside the living room. It has sponge padded seat which is so cozy and enjoyable to sit on. It is an easy one for the set up too. Don’t worry about this Leather Collapsible Bench ergonomics.

The storage of this Leather Collapsible Bench is 43 1/4 inches length. It is quite large storage which makes you easy to put many pieces of stuff inside. one minus thing is the cover is quite hard to close when the storage is fully-loaded.

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To wipe the dirty traces on the leather you just need some unused wet cloth, just wipe it, it will get clean again. Treat the product better for the great looks inside the living room.

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The price for this storage bench is very cheap. You can bring this bench home with just $48.99, very affordable, right?


Product TypeStorage Bench
Dimmension43 1/4″L x 14 7/8″W x 14 7/8″H
Weight20.8 pounds
MaterialMDF and Leather

The Leather Collapsible Bench is such a great storage bench which provides you the large storage, comfortable seating, and durable material. Think to buy this one when you are looking for a great storage bench.

Keep improving the living room.

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