LG Kitchen Appliances Reviews: LG LTCS24223S Refrigerator

One most enjoyable room in the house is a kitchen. People would like to make their kitchen to be comfortable, enjoyable, and easy to use. There are so many joyful things you can do in your kitchen. So you will put any appliances to be the complements in your kitchen. There are so many great appliances to complete your lovely kitchen.

And one of important thing in the kitchen is a storage, a storage where you can keep foods, beverages, vegetables, fruits and much more. You know what you need right? Yes, it is a refrigerator. Now you can find so many types of the refrigerator, whether it’s a big one or a smaller one, it depends on the available space in your kitchen. Actually, you don’t have to buy a bug one when a small one can be so useful. You just need to choose the right one for your daily use.

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How big the refrigerator depends on your daily needs. If you need to keep so many things you have to buy a big refrigerator. But if you don’t have available space in your kitchen you should buy a small one,  maybe it’s enough to keep your foods inside.But, now even a small refrigerator can keep so many things inside. Now you’re confused to choose a refrigerator right?

We will offer you a product, it’s a great refrigerator product from LG. You know that LG is a great brand in the world. The products are usually so recommended for our daily life. The product we offer is LG LTCS24223S 23.8-cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker. Here is the review of the refrigerator.

LG LTCS24223S Review

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The LTCS24223S has a standard design, as you know that LG product design is generally standard. But, although it has standard design it has a great look with its stainless material. The stainless contained the grain that able to disguise any smudge, so the refrigerator will always look clean. It also has the hidden pocket handle, it makes the refrigerator has a great look.

Inside the refrigerator, it has very bright LEDs to illuminate every side inside, especially the main compartment of the refrigerator. You can find a controller to adjust the solid temperature inside. But, when you keep some foods, the foods will block that controller button because of the controller’s position is deep inside.

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Between the storage option, there are two drawers, the drawers have a function to adjust the humidity inside. On the left side of its top shelf, the freezer provides ice maker with the plastic ice tray.

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Performance and Features

The LTCS24223S is an energy-efficient refrigerator, the power use and the running cost is low. It is a great fridge to buy.

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The temperature inside LTCS24223S is also stable, it wouldn’t change on its own. It’s cold enough to keep your food spoiling out. Temperature fluctuations gave a negative impact on the longevity to the groceries and foods, so the stable temperature is definitely a good thing. You also can adjust the drawers easily, it keeps the moisture over time.


LG cover parts and labor for any defects that reveal themselves under normal usage of this refrigerator for the first year. Then, LG provides parts for defects in the sealed system such compressor, condenser, and the evaporator for seven years usage, but the customer should pay for the charge.


At Lowes, this product is offered at $899.00. The price is reasonable enough for a good refrigerator to get. The LTCS24223S is one of the satisfying product. The price shows the real quality.


Dimensions (W case x H top of hinge x D with handles)32 3/4″ x 68 1/2″ x 33 3/8″
Depth including Door33 3/8″
Depth without Door29″
Depth (Total with Door Open)63″
Height to Top of Case67 7/8″
Height to Top of Door Hinge68 1/2″
Width32 3/4″
Installation Clearance2″
Weight (Unit/Carton)224 lbs./248 lbs.
Carton Dimensions (WxHxD)34 4/5″ x 71 3/7″ x 38 1/7″


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