25+ Most Artful Lounge Living Room with Simple Style

A lot of people find it hard to describe the definition of a lounge living room. The answer is kinda subjective which can’t be generalized by one particular answer.

Actually, lounge and living room have two different meaning but in the same field which is architecture. A lounge is a public space which is used for people to sit, wait, smoke, red, and other activities that you can find in hotels, bars, airport, theater, etc. As you may have known, a living room is a spot in a house – which is more personal – where all the family members or coming guests can do lots of joyful things.

From the decorative perspective, a lounge is usually styled up in a more simple nuance yet with more sophisticated stuff while the living room is mainly created to provide cozy spot for the family members. In other words, a lounge looks more attractive with some artful pieces of furniture and decor items with a neater vibe.

Therefore, when a lounge and living room are combined, the result is an artful cozy room inside a house for everyone to gather around. It relates to the arrangement and the decoration of the room itself.

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To make it clearer, check out some admirable and comfortable lounge living room ideas that will give you a better insight about this home trend. Moreover, they will also inspire you to have a lounge living room in your beloved home.

Best Lounge Living Room Ideas

Lounge Living Room: Rustic Industrial Style

lounge living room 1


Industrial decorating style has become so popular due to its stylish overall look, and this idea applies such look beautifully. An exposed brick wall and concrete flooring give an ultimate rustic combo whole those wrought iron accessories decorate it. To add a more raw feel, some indoor plants complete the decor.

Lounge Living Room: Brightly Glamorous Decor

lounge living room 2


White dominates this living room which creates a brightly attractive nuance. The monochrome floral wallpaper decorate one sides of the wall which give a distinctive decorative touch to the room. You can see the gorgeous pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories make the room look so mesmerizing.

Lounge Living Room: Simple Artful Room

lounge living room 3


This living room looks simply beautiful with the combination of neutral shade. Then, some artful stuff like statues and wall arts enhance the beauty of the room in a very artful way. A chic backless sofa makes the room feel so inviting to enjoy.

Lounge Living Room: Minimalist Earthy Decor

lounge living room 4


A stylish living room with brown and green as the additional colors to its white nuance. The brown sofa, wood flooring, and indoor plants complement each other gorgeously which create an exhilarating earthy vibe. A huge window lets the outdoor light to come to the room which even brightens it up and make it feel so airy.

Lounge Living Room: Striking Decorative Room



A mesmerizing wallpaper with huge floral print decorate this living room in a very awesome way. The pieces of furniture with catchy design and finish complement the wallpaper very well. Then, the ethnic white and grey rug give another style to the room’s decor.

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Lounge Living Room: Stylish Neutral Decor

lounge living room 6


White is used as the background color of this living room while those grey pieces of furniture and accessories become the main focal point, creating a stylish neutral overall look. A striking abstract wall art then make the decor look more attractive which grabs most of the attention.

Lounge Living Room: Boho Chic Decor

lounge living room 7


For you who want to have a lounge living room with tons of decorative elements inside, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The Boho decorating style is used here with those earthy and ethnic stuff. The room looks so attractive with a very fun atmosphere.

Lounge Living Room: Simple Industrial Decor



Another inspiring lounge living room with industrial decorating style and this one is made in a simpler nuance. The room is colorized by neutral shades with the wood flooring which creates a gloomy rustic overall look. The iron elements in black finish emphasize the industrial style here while its yellow sofa give a brighter contrast stylishly.

Lounge Living Room: Elegant Colorful Decor

lounge living room 9


The taupe ceiling, grey wall, navy sofa, wood flooring, and indoor plants give an elegant colorful touch to the decor of this living room. It looks so attractive in a more distinctive way. Thanks to the height of the wall which makes the room feel so airy and spacious.

Lounge Living Room: Catchy Neutral Room

lounge living room 10


Grey is the main color of this living room which is applied to the walls, furniture, and even some decor items. Then, a catchy sofa in emerald green becomes one of the main focal points of the room which gives another color touch to its decor.

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Just keep scrolling to check out more lounge living room ideas which looks so tempting to steal!

lounge living room 11



lounge living room 12



lounge living room 13



lounge living room 14



lounge living room 15



lounge living room 16



lounge living room 17



25+ Most Artful Lounge Living Room with Simple Style



lounge living room 19



lounge living room 20


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lounge living room 21



lounge living room 22



lounge living room 23



lounge living room 24



lounge living room 25


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So those are the best idea that you can add to your inspiration list. They are so worth to be the ultimate reference when you have a plan to make your living room looks as stylish as possible with a very cozy atmosphere.

The lounge living room is basically one of the decorating styles to make your living room become the most exhilarating spot to enjoy by everyone. It’s a good consideration to keep in mind for sure.

Pick the best idea that you love and crate your own lounge living room now!

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