13 Topmost Lowes Bathroom Vanity Mirror That You Should Buy

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors

The most important thing that you can’t ignore its existence in your bathroom is vanity mirror. It is such a must-have bathroom stuff that everyone must install. Moreover, the vanity mirror is one thing that can support your activities after the relaxing bath.

The mirror delivers a brightly marvelous appearance for everything in your bathroom. So, it works well to present a catchy and magnificent look to your bathroom space.

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Furthermore, there are hundreds of inspiring bathroom vanity mirror that you can find online as well. However, lots of online marketplaces provide many premium products that can answer your needs easily. They also offer the different price that allows the customer to choose one product with the best price. As well as for Lowes that provides thousand of topmost bathroom vanity mirror product.

Well, you have to choose the top one Lowes bathroom vanity mirror that can answer your need.  So, you will not get disappointed by purchasing a poor product for your bathroom’s decoration.

Here, we have some premium products of Lowes Bathroom Vanity Mirror to give you a guide in looking for the best one. Happy shopping!

Lowes Bathroom Vanity Mirror Under $200

Allen + Roth Silver Leaf Beveled Rectangle Framed Transitional Wall Mirror ($59.98)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

The first Lowes bathroom vanity mirror comes with silver leaf finish that perfect to install on your modern bathroom wall. The mirror will beautifully lighten up your space with its sleek and clean lines finish. This beveled edges framed mirror totally delivers a soft touch to any bathroom.

Constructed in a rectangular design with 33.25″ H x 27.25″ W dimensions, you can install the mirror horizontally and vertically depends on your need. The mirror is compatible for bathroom, bedroom and contemporary home decor.

This Lowes Bathroom vanity mirror is offered at $59.98 that is such an affordable price for you, right?

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Style Selections Windell Auburn rectangular Framed Bathroom Mirror ($59.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Add a bit of warming natural touch to your bathroom’s decor with this mirror. Coming in the Auburn furniture quality finish, the mirror surely worth to include to your bathroom features shopping list. This decorative mirror is perfect for both traditional or modern bathroom’s layout

The wood frame material with flat frame edge type of this mirror will compliment your vanity gorgeously. Lowes offers this product at a quite cheap price which is $59.00.

Moen Glenshire Brushed Nickel Oval Frameless Vanity Mirror ($66.72)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

If you are eager to have the round vanity mirror in your bathroom, this one can be your best option. Coming in brushed nickel, it provides the elegance of mirror face as well.

The mirror comes with Spot Resist feature to keep the mirror look dazzling over times. This Lowes bathroom vanity mirror is offered at $66.72 with limited lifetime warranty.

Style Selections Morecott Chocolate Arch Framed Bathroom Mirror ($79.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Beautify your bathroom with this natural Style Selections Morecott mirror. The solid frame wood of this mirror makes it look beautifully classic to decorate your traditional bathroom.

For the installation, the mounting hardware is included in the package which allows you to assemble the mirror easily. Get this product by spending $79.00 to set in your beloved bathroom.

Gatco Tiara Rectangular Frameless Mirror ($88.95)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Complete your vanity with this frameless mirror to deliver the brighter light to your bathroom. The hand polished finish of this Lowes vanity mirror is a great option to decorate your modern bathroom.

Just spend your money for $88.95 to own this product. You can totally get an easy installation with the hardware included in the package.

Decor Wonderland Etch Rectangular Frameless Vanity Mirror ($94.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

For you who want to get a deluxe and superb mirror, this Decor Wonderland vanity mirror will answer your need. It has a charming frameless design that you can clearly reflect your face without blurred vision. This stylish vanity mirror can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The mirror is fabricated with glass and metal, so it will work for a longer time without any doubt. Just use a damp cloth dipped in the water to clean the mirror easily. If you want to have this mirror, you can purchase it at $94.00.

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Decor Wonderland Vandam Other Frameless Vanity Mirror ($103.62)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Enhance your bathroom to look way more stunning with this dressy vanity mirror. Coming with a frameless design, this uniquely-shaped mirror will surely create a superior presence in your bathroom. It delivers a newest contemporary European design with diamond shaped frameless construction.

The mirror is perfect to set in your bathroom to express your fashionable style. Mounting hardware is available for your convenience. To have this stylish mirror, you must buy this at $103.62.

Allen + Roth Eastcost Auburn Rectangular Framed Vanity Mirror ($129.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Another recommended Lowes Bathroom Vanity Mirror for you who really love with something natural. It comes in the lovely auburn finish that will create a relaxing atmosphere around the room.

Its rectangular shape allows you to install it horizontally or vertically as well. Buy this decorative mirror at $129.00.

Avanity Metal Rectangular Framed Vanity Mirror ($136.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

This contemporary mirror comes from Kent Collection that produces the perfect accent to your vanity. Presenting a sleek and soft design, it perfectly completes your bathroom stuff. Its stainless steel metal frame delivers the depth of minimalist modern design to your bathroom.

This mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally as you like. If you really want to get this sophisticated mirror, just purchase this at $136.00.

VILLA BATH by RSI Java Rectangular Framed Vanity Mirror ($140.00)

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

A stunning classic mirror that comes from one of the great brands on Lowes. The graceful design of the mirror will not fail to beautify your bathroom layout.

The installation is done easily, just mount the mirror on the wall either horizontally or vertically with hanging hardware included. Furthermore, you need $140.00 for this amazingly detailed Lowes bathroom vanity mirror.

Decor Wonderland Rectangular Framed Vanity Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Upgrade your bathroom with catching and inviting look to let the brighter light in your bathroom. The picturesque frame with double coated silver, that drastically makes your lovely bathroom more appealing.

Coming with a rectangular shape, so, you can hang it horizontally or vertically as you love. Don’t worry about the price, because this awwsome bathroom mirror is only offered at $155.00.

Decor Wonderland The Glow Black Framed Vanity Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirrors
Credit: Lowes

Let the sun shine come in with this stunning vanity mirror with 50 unique hand-beveled black feature as its frame. It is constructed of metal and glass material that surely give the durability in coated silver backing frame.

This unique frame dramatically enhances your bathroom to look way more attractive. With mounting hardware included, it is ready to install the mirror easily. You can have this mesmerizing mirror by spending $185.15.

Avanity Windsor White Rectangular Framed Vanity Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirror
Credit: Lowes

This is the last Lowes bathroom vanity mirror but surely, not least the on our list. This is such a simple yet attractive vanity mirror to enhance your bathroom’s style. Its solid poplar wood frame is surely durable to give you a long lasting performance.

Its white clean lines finish is obviously beautiful to complete your classic vanity. You can make your own bathroom look better by purchasing this mirror at $191.67.

Style Selections 24-in LED Rectangular Lighted Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirror 12
Credit: Lowes

This one is a sophisticated bathroom vanity mirror which is equipped with LED light on its body. The light is installed alongside its rectangular frame which provides quite ample light to reflect yourself perfectly.

It comes with an anti-fog pad which keeps the mirror clean even when you enjoy your hot shower time. To get this lighted Lowes bathroom vanity mirror, you have to spend $199.

Diamond FreshFit Ballantyne 42-in Mocha

lowes bathroom vanity mirror 13
Credit: Lowes

A gorgeous vanity mirror with a classic look which fits a vintage bathroom decor. The finish looks so beautiful with its natural finish which is so perfect to beautify a vanity with a similar color.

The size of the mirror is also wide enough to provide a great reflection. You have to spend only $169 to buy this beautiful mirror.

Scott Living Cantenburry 24-in Chrome Rectangular Lighted Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirror 14
Credit: Lowes

For you who have a modern bathroom, this Lowes bathroom vanity mirror is one of the best products that you can’t miss. It comes in a frameless design with the LED light on its back. The light is dimmable which is controlled by the touch sensor.

Of course, this mirror will bring the style of your bathroom decor to a whole new level. The price that you have to pay to buy the mirror is $149.

Moen Rockliff Extra Large 28.3-in Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

lowes bathroom vanity mirror 15
Credit: Lowes

A simple mirror which looks elegant with its curvy rectangular shape. It simply comes with two brush nickel mounts which secure the mirror and beautify its frameless body.

The design of the mirror makes it fir gorgeously for the modern minimalist bathroom. It’s available on Lowes with $149 price tag.

Choose one!

Eventually, those are the best Lowes bathroom vanity mirror that you can add to your shopping list right away. They don’t only look so beautiful to enhance the attractiveness in your vanity area and provide convenience for you to get ready every single time. Moreover, the materials’ quality is very durable that will make them last for a very long time.

You can pick a vanity mirror that you really love which suits your needs and taste very well. Moreover, keep in mind to choose the mirror which fits the design of your vanity beautifully so it creates a nicely harmonious look inside.

To ease you to choose the right vanity mirror which can enhance both the comfort and the beauty of your bathroom, we share you some simple tips that you can consider below.

Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity Mirror

  • Measure the Space

The initial thing that you have to do before deciding to purchase a vanity mirror is measuring the space available in that area. Check out the length and width of the empty area above the vanity which will lead you to find a mirror that fits best for you.

  • Measure the Vanity

The mirror that you are going to purchase should not be wider than the vanity itself or it may look quite odd. Then, the space between the ceiling and the vanity depends on the height of the ceiling.

  • Determine the Users

Since the mirror will be used by all the family members or even the coming guests, you have to choose the one which provides the best comfort for everyone. The general rule that you can keep in mind is that the top of the mirror has to be some inches above the eye level of the one which has the tallest height. It has to reflect the perfect reflection from some major angles.

  • Choosing the Mirror Style

Basically, the style of a vanity mirror is characterized by its shape. The most common options are rectangular, oval, and round. Some mirrors also come in various frame finishes or even decorated with some accents.

You have to harmonize the mirror with the particular decorating style of your bathroom. For instance, the sleek rectangular mirror is the best choice for a minimalist bathroom while the oval mirror with wood frame can style up a farmhouse bathroom beautifully.

  • Set the Lighting

It’s so important for you to install the mirror in the area which reflects the best light. If you have a large window in your bathroom, you can hang the mirror in the opposite position to the window. But if you don’t have enough sources to let the outdoor light to come in, installing some vanity light or sconces is so recommended.

It’s easy right? Well, those tips are simply helpful to decide what kind of mirror that you have to purchase to complete your vanity!

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