3×5 Bathroom Rugs | Lugano Rug for Bathroom Review

The rug absolutely delivers a plenty of benefits when you’re placing one in your home, mainly for the bathroom. Normally, it avoids the homeowners from unwelcome slipping accident. Therefore, the rug becomes one of most wanted accessory that you must have in your bathroom.

Having the rug with an adorable and decorative look which is suitable for your bathroom design is exactly everyone’s dream. Moreover, this main accessory should reflect your style to fit your bathroom interior. Then, you have to consider for its design and functions too.

Commonly, most of the homeowners prefer to spend the lots of costs to have an amazing bath rug design. There are hundreds of brands that create the products with the great waterproofing features, but sometimes they are offered at the high price as well. So, it is our task to be a smart buyer in choosing the top one with the best price.

For that reason, doing the research to find the review from other customers is a must for you. By doing this, you can get some knowledge to choose a product by determining its design, construction even the price. So, you will not be fooled by the flattery of the seller.

Well, we give you a review for Lugano Rug as 3×5 bathroom rug that has lots of positive review from many customers at Ballard Designs. This marketplace actually provides hundreds of rug products with decorative design and affordable price. So, you will get a useful guide that helps you to decide on buying the best one.

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Lugano Rug Review


This rug comes with a geometric floral pattern that looks definitely eye-catchy. The appearance of the rug delivers a genuine look and a feeling of the 19th era. The Turkish Anatolia style dominates the look of this Lugano rug to become one of the focal points of your bathroom.

The combination of cocoa brown ground with the other colors create a beautiful contrasting look to the rug’s design. Its hues of vintage color surely give a classic and old-fashioned feel. The rug’ vibrant color will allow you getting high spirit every morning.

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Hand tufted from soft 100% wool, the quality of the rug is surely reliable to complete your bathroom decoration. With an ancient pot-dying technique, the color of the rug is vibrant and surely will last for years. The rug comes with the cotton canvas for backing for your convenience.

Furthermore, its thick cotton surely offers you an ultimate comfort for your daily use. Indeed, the thicker cotton will absorb the water much better while dropping onto the rug. This product provides a variety of size that compatible for any room in the house, especially for the bathroom.


The rug totally delivers an un-disappointing durability for the long lasting performance. Additionally, many customers give the positive review about the durability of this product. Its material indeed withstands to the bad weather, mold and any damage that can break the structure of this rug.


You have to protect your goods that you’ve bought stay beautiful. Coming with selected soft wool material, the rug actually needs a careful maintenance. For taking care of this rug, you’ll need extra vacuuming to clean the rug’s surface.

As the faster way to wipe up the stains on the surface, you can use a damp cloth carefully and then leave it to dry. Moreover, its cotton backing will bring up the dust and dirt that settles in it.


If you look for the rug which has a gorgeous geometric floral pattern, this Turkish Anatolia rug can be one of your best options. This product is offered at $65, that is indeed quite an expensive price, but its perfection will please you well.

After reading the review above, the Lugano rug is a great choice of a reliable and adorable 3×5 bathroom rug. The rug looks just like at the picture that delivers the gorgeous appearance with the best-selected material. With the perfect construction, the rug absolutely shows a stunning color and design that support the performance of this rug.

Fabricated with wool and cotton, the rug is so reliable to provide function and decorate your bathroom. Furthermore, the neutral color of this rug will match with any bathroom design that brings everything together.

Finally, to serve perfect performance, using a rug pad is really recommended for you. It’s surely a well-recommended product that you can buy.

Other 3×5 Bathroom Rug Options to Buy

Below, we have some recommended 3×5 bathroom rugs that can be some other options to consider. They are so worth to buy with their great materials and beautiful designs. Let’s check them out!

Runners for Bathroom Rug by MAYSHINE

This one is an Amazon’s choice for 3×5 bathroom rug which obviously has a great quality that will not disappoint you.


It’s a simply elegant rug which comes in plain chic color without any patterns on it. The shape is rectangular which is so standard for a bathroom runner yet still look gorgeous to complete the room’s decor. The actual size is 47 x 27 inches which is enough to be the main rug of your bathroom. It’s available in various colors with a different price tag for each option.


The material of its surface is microfiber with foams which feels fluffy and soft. It absorbs the water quite quickly and doesn’t keep an unpleasant smell. For the back, the high-quality non-slip made of PVC secure your step firmly even on a wet surface.


There is nothing to worry about this 3×5 bathroom rug since it feels quite sturdy. This kind of rug will last for a very long time even inside a wet and damp environment of a bathroom.


You can both wash the rug by your and or machine to keep it clean on a regular basis. It’s really easy to maintain for sure.


The price of Runners for Bathroom Rug by MAYSHINE is only $35 (dark grey) which is much cheaper than the Lugano Rug. You can find the rug on Amazon.

Euro Collection Solid Color Area Rug by Rug Styles Online

As the name implies, the rug has a very attractive solid color which will make your bathroom decor look way more beautiful.


The rug comes in a simple rectangular shape but its color really catches everyone’s attention especially for the vibrant ones. The blue rug is the most attractive option and fits the bathroom decor gorgeously.


The material which builds the pile is polypropylene which is made very thick to pamper your feet anytime you step on it. It has a very plush surface which makes it feel like a premium rug. The rubber back really golds the rug in place so you will not have to worry about slipping or tripping.


Its high-quality materials definitely make the rug feels so durable. It withstands the mold, stain, and bacteria which helps the rug to stay well for a long time.


You can easily vacuum the rug the remove the debris and wash it by machine regularly.


The Euro Collection Solid Color Area Rug by Rug Styles Online is available on Amazon with $44.80. It’s more affordable than the Lugano rug with the almost same quality.

Skid-resistant Carpet Indoor Area Rug by House, Home and More

A high-quality premium 3×5 bathroom rug which provides great comfort to complete your bathroom feature.


This bathroom rug fits perfectly for a minimalist bathroom decor with its simple shape and soothing color. It will make a bathroom decor look gorgeous while still keeps the simplicity of a minimalist style.


As a premium rug, you will be so pleased with the materials which build its construction. Its olefin pile feels so luxurious which will make you love to eve stand on it for a long time. Then, the skid-resistant rubber on its back works really well to secure the rug. The overall construction of the rug is so well-made which is really worth the price.


Its low pile-height makes it easy to clean by using a vacuum or damp cloth. It’s also machine washable which makes it even much easier to maintain.


As a premium bathroom rug, you won’t have to worry anymore about its durability. From its construction, the rug guarantees that it will look and stay well even with heavy-duty use.


Available on Amazon, the Skid-resistant Carpet Indoor Area Rug by House, Home and More is offered at $64 for 3×5 feet option. The price is almost similar to Lugano rug which is above $60, but it’s totally reasonable for its premium quality.

Faux Sheepskin Area Rug by Home Decorators Collection

A very stylish 3×4 bathroom rug that will style up the decor of the room in a very beautiful way.


As the name suggests, this one is bathroom rug with the faux sheepskin which looks so admirable. It’s made in a rectangular shape and perfect to decorate a modern bathroom with minimalist vibe.


The material of the rug feels comfortable enough to use which is very soft. However, the backing is not really that firm which is made of faux suede. You may need to add a rubber for its back to make it stay in place all the time.


For a faux sheepskin rug, this product has quite good durability. It’s a good one for a high-traffic area.


It’s a machine washable drug which is so simple to clean. You won’t find any problems after the washing time though it’s made of synthetic fur.


The Faux Sheepskin Area Rug by Home Decorators Collection is available on Amazon with $39.99 price tag (white). It’s an affordable price to get a 3×5 bathroom rug which works better as an accent rug.

Shag Area Rug by Ottomanson

A nice bathroom rug with high-quality materials which looks adorable and feels comfortable at the same time.


There is nothing special with the design of the rug since it’s made in common rectangular size. The color is so rich which will definitely beautify your bathroom decor.


The rug is made of 100% polypropylene which feels so firm. It has a very nice surface which feels so smooth when you step on it.


The sturdiness of the rug really tells a lot how durable it is. You will not be disappointed by the rug’s durability at all.


As a shag rug, you can take care of this product by using paper towels or scrap, and do not rub any wet spots that you find. Use the vacuum to maintain the rug regularly.


The price of Shag Area Rug by Ottomanson is $33.99 which is available on Amazon. It’s a good option for you who are looking for a 3×5 bathroom rug on a budget.

So those are some most recommended 3×5 bathroom rugs that you add to your shopping list right away. They are designed attractively and made of some good materials which ensure their durability and reliability.

You just need to pick the best 3×5 bathroom rug which really suits your needs, taste, and the existing layout of your bathroom. Those products are offered at various prices to suit your budget too.

In addition, below we have some simple and easy tips on how to choose the right 3×5 bathroom rug which are quite helpful.

Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Rug

  • Measure the Space

Before you even decide to purchase a 3×5 bathroom rug, you have to examine the space available inside the room. Is it okay if you put the rug with such dimensions? Will it create an inviting or an uninviting overall look? To get to know that, you have to measure the area of your bathroom at first.

  • Choose the Right Style

As part of a bathroom’s decor, the rug has to be able to enhance the beauty of the room. It means that you have to buy a rug which can create a nicely harmonious look.

When it comes to bathroom rug, the style is mostly about the color and pattern which are available in massive choices. You need to pick the rug which has a similar color to at least one of the focal points of your bathroom. For instance, you can choose the rug with the same color as the wall or cabinet and if you have installed Moroccan tile, you can use the rug with the same pattern.

  • Choose the Right Material

Choosing the materials of the rug mainly relate to two things which are comfort and durability. The rug should be able to feel so comfortable to use which feels so soft to touch, absorb the water quickly, and stay in place. Then, it has to look and stay well for years in facing the wet environment of a bathroom and heavy-duty use. It also has to be easy to maintain so you won;t find it hard to take care of the rug.

There are lots of kinds of materials which are used to make a bathroom rug like jute, polypropylene, wool, or synthetics. It’s important for you to know the plus and minus points of each material.

Well, hope you can find the best 3×5 bathroom rug to enhance the beauty and comfort of the room!

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