Kitchen Faucets 4 Hole | Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

The design is the important thing that underlies a classy product. Lately, the producents are competing to create an attractive and innovative design for their potential buyers. There are so many products that have a design with high artful look for your home decor.

Especially for your kitchen, this room always needs more care. The kitchen is a very important place in our home, from preparing all kinds of food and beverage needs to catch up some documents. A sense of comfort in the kitchen should always be there to be able to make your work much cozier.

There are some kitchen features that can make your time more efficient, and ne of them is the kitchen faucet 4 hole. Have you got a suitable kitchen faucet and appropriate for your favorite kitchen ? Yes, the kitchen faucet is very important as one of the most frequently used tools when you work in your kitchen.

Here, we have a review of one of the unique and best kitchen faucets 4 hole which is the Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass. Let’s see what you will get from product below.

Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

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What do you expect from the design of this faucet? Do you want a classic vintage one? Yes, all that you can get in this product. This Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is really cool and artistic to be your kitchen decor.

The design is very traditional which then enhanced by its antique copper finish. The spout is so adorable and matches well with the handler. You will get a matching spray to complement the faucet. It’s surely one of the good options if you are looking for a gorgeous classic faucet for your kitchen decor.

Here are the detail characteristics of the Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet:

  • Antique copper satin finish
  • Deck plate: 10” W x 2.38” D
  • Height: 10.75”
  • Width: 10”
  • Depth: 8.75 ”
  • Installation hole diameter: 1.5 ”
  • Overall weight: 4.4 pounds

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The next is the construction part of this Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet which is fabricated from the solid brass material.  This is kind of well-constructed faucet that will please you a lot.


The durability is kind of the main aspect of the product construction. You should find out what the right product with a good durability for your kitchen.

Then, the durability of this Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is quite good and strong. Its high-quality brass material of is the reason that makes it so durable. Brass is a metal alloy of zinc and copper, this material is quite good to be used as a kitchen feature.

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The maintenance of this kitchen faucet product is easy to do. You can only use a dry cloth to clean this up, just an easy and efficient way to do in your busy daily life.


The price of this beautiful Magellan Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is affordable enough considering its quality and design. You should spend $123.99 to get this in your kitchen room.

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Well, this product is highly recommended to buy, the only cons of the faucet are its spray which is not really powerful, and the design is much more suitable for the traditional kitchen. If you are looking for a great kitchen faucet with a great material, durable and affordable enough, this one is the answer.

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