10+ Pretty and Cute Minnie Mouse Bathroom Sets Ideas

Who doesn’t know Minnie Mouse? The well-known funny animal cartoon character of Disney that roles as the Mickey Mouse girlfriend. Definitely, Minnie Mouse is adored by million of kids all around the world due to her cuteness.

Minnie mouse changes the disgusting and annoying perspective of the mouse into a beautiful one. She’s always dressed up in her iconic dresses, accessories, and makeup which make look so pretty. It’s so understandable that everyone totally loves her.

The existence of Minnie Mouse has influenced products such as souvenir, toys, fashion, even home stuff. As well as for bathroom set, Minnie Mouse becomes an icon for the most favorite one. They choose the Minnie Mouse bathroom set to create the bathroom more chic and pretty.

The Minnie Mouse bathroom set delivers the funny and amusing atmosphere to your kids’ bathroom. Your kids will really love their personal bathroom very much once you install the Minnie Mouse stuff around. Certainly, it is an excellent idea to teach your kids to bath or wash hands by themshelves.

Well, if you are planning to give a present to your kids, this beautiful set must be installed in your daughter’s bathroom. Many products offers the Minnie Mouse sets completely. As we will show below, there are some recommended Minnie Mouse bathroom sets that totally recommended for you to buy. Let’s check it out!

Minnie Mouse Bathroom Sets Ideas

Disney Minnie Mouse 14-Piece Bath Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Walmart

This beautiful Disney set enhances your bathroom to get the wonderful and attractive look. The design of bathroom set is based on the lovely cartoon character of Minnie Mouse. The product comes in the vivid and bright pink to attract kids’ enthusiasm. This bathroom set is such an amazing gift for your daughter. The set includes 12 shower curtain rings, a 70″ x 70″ shower curtain and a 28″ x 28″ bath rug.

Minnie Mouse Bath Collection

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Magment

The calming pink color of this set creates such a sweet lovely touch to your daughter’s bathroom. The set includes shower curtain, rugs and 12 curtain rings. Your children will absolutely love this cute Minnie Mouse set.

Minnie Mouse 13-Piece Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Zulily

This colorful Minnie Mouse set will brigthen your bathroom and give new attractive atmosphere. You will feel the magic of Disney from this bathroom set. The set includes 12 curtain hooks and shower curtain with 72″ W x 72″ H x 1″ D dimension. The product is made of a high-quality polyester.

Disney Minnie Mouse Bathroom

Add the complete Minnie Mouse set to create your bathroom more wonderful. The rugs, curtain, and vanity flows well together to create a true Minni Mouse bathroom. It exactly can attract your children to come in.

Minnie Mouse Bathroom Theme

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Andrea Lyn

Though there’s no any Minie Mouse picture appear on this bathroom layout, the polka-dot curtain and some pinkish features are enough to make it look like a Minie Mouse bathroom. It’s such a simple idea to create an attractivve bathroom design for your daughter.

Exquisite Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

The simple Minnie Mouse set of this bathroom look so mesmerizing. With this beautiful set, your bathroom look much cuter and of course inviting. The set includes nice rug, toilet case and tissue holder.

Pinky Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Bellemaison.jp

Coming with calming pink color, this bathroom set idea is a good option to make your daughter’s bathroom looks more fabulous. You can apply the complete sets including tissue holder, rug, and toilet case. Set your girl’s bathroom with this pinky Minnie Mouse to enhance your kids’ interest.

Minnie Mouse Bathroom Stuff Case

Cover your bathroom stuff with this beautiful case. The cases can be used for blanketing the toilet, mat, tissue holder and contour. This complete set is so cute to apply in your daughter’s bathroom.

Kids Minnie Mouse Bathroom

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Shani Guy

To add a way more colorful touch for your kid’s bathroom, why not to try this set. The Minnie Mouse theme is not just on curtain or mat, but the toothbrush holder, soap case, and other stuffs. This complete set is an ultimate gift for your daughter.

Wonderful Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Macys

If you are planning to give a present to your kids, then this wondeful is need to be considered. The dazzling pink combined with yellow and white, creating a sparkling look to your kid’s bathroom. The set includes the shower curtain, mat, trash can and other bathroom stuffs.

Complete Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: JCPenney

Of course, you need the bathroom set completely to join in your bathroom. This Minnie Mouse set provides your needs including the rug, curtain, toothbrush holder, towel and other stuffs. It is totally a good complete set to apply in your kids’ bathroom.

Sweet Pink Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Disney Store

Brighten your bathroom with this awesome white and pink set. The sweet Minnie Mouse exists in your bathroom on the curtain and rug. Therefore, this one is a nice simple Minnie Mouse bathroom set for your next project.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Lillie Mae

If your children love both of Minnie and Mickey, then this bathroom set is a good option. With this bathroom set, actually, you can present your kids favourite cartoon to her own bathroom.

Minnie Mouse Fuschia Hearts Shower Curtain

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Zulily

This Minnie Mouse bathroom set just includes 2-piece, the shower curtain and 12 curtain hooks. As the resut of applying this Minnie Mouse curtain, the look of the room becomes more exhilarating. The gorgeous pink color with its decorative looks so cute to install in your kid’s bathroom.

Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse Set

minnie mouse bathroom set

Credit: Kohl’s

The last bathroom set comes with amazing curtain motive. This bathroom set picks up Minnie and Mickey, shown on the shower curtain. Also, the color combination looks so attractive, as the result, it brightens up the view of the whole room. In addition, by installing this brilliant set, absolutely, your children will be so happy. This fantastic set is flexible for your son or little daughter.

Finally, it is your turn to apply the beautiful and gorgeous Minnie Mouse bathroom set for your kids’ bathroom. Probably, there are some marketplaces that offers the products with affordable price. Hopefully, our list can help you in choosing the great one for your bathroom.

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