25+ Most Stylish Modern Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas on A Budget

When you hear Boho decorating style, you will imagine a room with a very stylish decoration which looks so admirable. It has become one of the most popular options in which many homeowners choose to decorate their bedroom.

Though Boho may look quite ethnic, it’s still an everyone’s favorite even when the modern decor – which is more minimalist – is the latest option today. The main reason is that the Boho decorating style can make a room look so attractive in a more distinctive way. Furthermore, it also creates a very exhilarating vibe that you will love to enjoy.

Boho decoration is mainly characterized by lots of characters. You will find various patterns, tons of textures, and a lot of natural elements which go side by side beautifully. They make a Boho room look and feel so inviting at the same time.

In addition, Boho decoration is quite easy to make, so you will not need to hire a pro to bring the style to your bedroom. Then, you can even make some decor items all by yourself since the use of repurposed stuff is totally allowed in decorating a room with a Boho style. For sure, you don’t have to spend lots of budgets to create a Boho bedroom.

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To ease you to find the best Boho bedroom which suits your taste and needs, here we have picked dozens of admirable modern Boho bedroom decorating ideas. They will surely inspire you to bring the style to your very own bedroom.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of Boho bedroom decorating ideas!

Best Modern Boho Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Shades of Grey

modern boho bedroom 1

Obviously, the neutral colors are the basic characteristic of a modern decor, and here, some ethnic and earthy elements decorate a room with such look beautifully. It makes the room look more attractive with a gorgeous Boho vibe.

The grey modern bedding is made as the focal point while some natural furniture and ethnic accessories complement it. White dominates the room which makes it look plainly bright and let the industrial chandelier makes its own statement.

Refreshing Vibe

modern boho bedroom 2

Still, grey and white are made as the main color of this modern boho bedroom. The jute rug, naturally finished drawers and rattan pot with houseplants give the room a gorgeous earthy touch. The sophisticated fan light and contemporary bedding then bring the modern nuance. (Read also: Cheap Bedroom Sets Under $500 Catalogue)

Canopy for the Bed

modern boho bedroom 3

You can always put your focus on the bedding when it comes to decorating a bedroom since it’s indeed the main focal point. Installing a canopy is one of the best ideas to make it look way more attractive just like this modern Boho bedroom shows.

A simple canopy with white drapes surrounds the bedding in a modern design. Then, some catchy linens, wall arts, flower, and the wood flooring give a Bohemian touch admirably.

Decorative Linens

modern boho bedroom 4

Here, tons of linens in various style decorate the room gorgeously. Obviously, the bed cover with those accents catches your attention at first sight. The throw pillows and striped rug make the bedding area look more decorative.

A pair of elegant grey drapes and rattan blind are combined smartly which fits with the modern and Boho nuance of the room very well.

Spacious Airy Room

modern boho bedroom 5

This modern Boho bedroom is for you who have a quite spacious space. The boxy modern bedding and steel bench are the main elements which give a modern touch here. Then, the ethnic washed grey rug, natural furniture, and indoor plant emphasize its Boho style.

The sitting area is made so simple with two wooden chairs and one grey round ottoman. It enhances the comfort and beauty of the room perfectly.

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Lots of Textures

modern boho bedroom 6

Though this modern Boho bedroom looks quite simple, it has a lot of textures which complement each other stylishly. The sheep wool rug, upholstered beige bed, rattan bench, indoor plant, and catchy decor item decorate the room in a very mesmerizing way.

The combination of its white dominant color and wood flooring is also very admirable which creates a brightly warm vibe.

All-White Overall Look

modern boho bedroom 7

Not only colorizing all sides of the wall and ceiling, but white is also made as the focal point of this modern Boho bedroom. Yeap, the white bedding with ethnic print and white wall rug becomes the centerpiece here.

Then, the earthy wood tone is the only shade which gives the room a more colorful look. Of course, they also make it feel more inviting.

Indoor Garden

modern boho bedroom 8

Some houseplants take over the walls of this modern Boho bedroom uniquely. It makes the room look so chic and feel so fresh at once. The wood flooring, bed frame, and ethnic rug then give an earthy traditional touch.

Blushing Decor

modern boho bedroom 9

The mixture of pink and wood shade in this modern Boho bedroom create a pretty blushing overall look. Its all white layout and bedding let the color pop-up attractively. Besides those wonderful patterns, the room also has tons of gorgeous texture from its wool rug, bamboo blind, rattan chandelier, and wooden storages.

Chic Ethnic Nuance

modern boho bedroom 10

A decorative ethnic rug takes over this modern Boho bedroom which brings its style to a whole new level. An ethnic throw blanket and wall accent then complement the rug which makes the decor look more festive.

Girly Look

modern boho bedroom 11

A white bedding with pink headboard is made as the focal point in the room with a gorgeous Bohemian vibe. The pattern and texture are much simpler here which are so enough to make this modern Boho bedroom look so mesmerizing.

Geometric Look

modern boho bedroom 12

Besides those ethnic patterns, you can try applying the more modern ones like geometric pattern to create a modern Boho bedroom. Here, the bedding looks quite futuristic with its geometric pattern and white and grey combination.

Wood is used for the material of the flooring which complements the wood bench and stools gorgeously. Geometric wall art and industrial lighting fixture even make the room look more stylish.

Pinkish Decor

modern boho bedroom 13

Another beautiful inspiration for modern Boho bedroom with a more feminine look and soft pink is used as the pop color here. The room is colorized by white with a touch of wood then an all-white bedding with pink and decorative throw pillows complete it.

Minimalist Style

modern boho bedroom 14

With the mixture of shades of grey, white, and wood tone, this modern Boho bedroom looks so stylish. The furniture in sleek clean design completes the room which reminds us of the minimalist decorating style. The texture and indoor plant add a gorgeous Boho touch in a very simple way.

Go Bold

modern boho bedroom 15

The catchy navy bedding looks so striking in this modern Boho bedroom with a neutral overall look. It has a beautiful texture which makes the room feel so inviting.

The natural elements like rattan lighting fixture, stool, botanical wall art, and wood flooring bring the Boho vibe around. You can see how the floor lamp also adds a vintage touch stylishly.

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Distinctive Headboard

modern boho bedroom 16

As has been told before, you can repurpose some old stuff to become a surprising decor item for your modern Boho bedroom. In this idea, a wood room divider is turned into a unique headboard. It adds a very catchy touch to the all-white bedding.

Besides the headboard, the chandelier is also installed in an unusual way which makes this modern Boho bedroom look distinctively beautiful.

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Go Vibrant

modern boho bedroom 17

Making the bedding as attractive as possible is the simple step to make your modern Boho bedroom look so fascinating. Here, the orange and grey bedding becomes the striking focal point. Then, some stuff made of natural materials decorate the room to make it look Boho chic.

Grey and Navy

modern boho bedroom 18

This modern Boho bedroom has some gorgeous textures which make it look so beautiful. The textured plain grey area rugs, throw blankets, decorative rug, wool throw blanket and fury accent pillow don’t only enhance the beauty of the decor but also the comfort as well.

Freshly White

modern boho bedroom 19

A simple modern Boho bedroom with an all-white overall look and earthy decor items which looks gorgeous and feels refreshing. Three huge rattan baskets surely draw all the attention since it takes over the decor of the room. The ivy on the cupboard beautifully adds a unique touch around.

Woody Warm

modern boho bedroom 20

Wood dominates this modern Boho bedroom with white walls. You can see how all the decor items flow gorgeously and their color popped up perfectly. The room has a very cozy warming atmosphere which surely makes a better sleep.

Platform Bedding

modern boho bedroom 21

A platform bedding with vintage linen and the natural wood base on a jut area tug is made as the focal point here. Then, an ethnic rug is placed next to the bed which adds a decorative look in a chic Boho character. One side of the wall is covered with beadboard wallpaper to enhance the traditional nuance inside the room.

Pallet Bedding

modern boho bedroom 22

If you are a handy DIYer, you can try to make a platform bedding by using wood shipping pallet just like this idea shows. It has a modern design in a more distinctive way which works well to be the focal point of a Boho bedroom.

Brightly Earthy

modern boho bedroom 23

In this modern Boho bedroom, the marble wallpaper gives a very distinctive touch to its decor. It makes an all-white room look more decorative while still keeps its brightness very well.

Modern Boho Bedroom-min

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So those are some beautiful modern Boho bedroom decorating ideas that we have picked just for you. You can totally use them as the ultimate reference when you are about to bring the Boho style to your bedroom with a little bit of modern touch.

Just pick the best idea that you really love which suits your taste and needs. Keep in mind to also determine the existing layout of your bedroom and blend all the elements of the decor properly so you won’t end up having an uninviting modern Boho bedroom.

Well, happy decorating your very own bedroom with modern Boho style then!

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