15 Fascinating Modern Fence Ideas to Style Your Backyard

A fence is the icon of every good house. There is no reason for the responsible homeowners to not install a fence on their property. However, in building or installing a fence, you need to think some considerations to choose the right one.

There are various reasons to install a fence. Some want it to provide great security and privacy at the same time, and others just want to enhance the look of their property. These various goals will determine what kind of fence that you really need both from the material and design point of view.

Woods, vinyl, aluminum, iron, chain link, concrete, are some types of the common backyard fence. Each of the material offers you different feature and function. So the next step is you should do a little research about the advantages and disadvantages that you will get from the material.

The material and design of the fence obviously determine the price that you should spend. Wrought iron fence is generally the most expensive backyard fencing option, and chain link is the cheapest one. The cost of installation also a thing to keep in mind especially if you prefer a professionally installed fence.

If you are about to install a new fence at your house or replace the old one, you must want to have a fence which provides great security, privacy and look attractive at the same time. By having the excellent fence, it will totally enhance the value of your property. Here, we have some fascinating modern fence ideas which can be your inspirations. Check them out below!


Modern Fence Ideas


Wood Privacy Fence with Plants

modern fence 1

credit: Decoist

A horizontal wood fence is one of the most popular modern fence design, it gives a natural and attractive look at the same time. This one is a privacy fence in which the wood slats place randomly and creates some holes which are covered by plants. It’s such an adorable fence design.


Frameless Glass Backyard Fence

modern fence 2

credit: Allusions Glass and Mirror Inc

Installing glass fence perhaps is the easiest way to creates a sophisticated look to your backyard. This glass fence is combined with bricks base, creating a classic and natural style. It provides a great view of the surrounding environment.


Plywood and Concrete Fence

modern fence 3

credit: HGTV Home

This fence styles use rectangular wood boards on top of the concrete wall. It is a gorgeous modern fence which is good in providing privacy. The wood keeps the natural sense of your outdoor space.


Concrete and Horizontal Wood Fence

modern fence 4

credit: Reno Guide

Another combination of wood and concrete which looks so modern. The fence mostly uses adorable white concrete and beautified with one square wood screen. It truly enhances your home’s value.


Contemporary Wood Screen

modern fence 5

credit: Home DSGN

This wood fence looks so unique and modern. It uses some wood slats in two different heights which are placed in a certain formation, creating a privacy for the homeowner. It is such an easy-to-install modern fence that you can try.


Plexiglass with Wood Frame

modern fence 6

credit: Plastolux

This plexiglass fence looks really adorable. The wood frame makes the design looks more earthy. It is such a unique modern fence to decorate your outdoor living space.


Contemporary Plywood Fence

The gorgeous modern plywood screen which provides great privacy for you. The fence looks very natural to match with the backyard’s surrounding yet still gives a contemporary sense to your property.


Dazzling Metal Sheet Fence

The basket weave perforated metal sheets are placed in a random formation and create a very dazzling backyard fence. It looks very luxurious to protect your outdoor space.


Wood and Racks of Stones Fence

modern fence 9

credit: Reno Guide

The combination of wood and stones in this fence design is a brilliant way to create a natural and contemporary outdoor space feature. The stones are secured with iron racks, separating the horizontal wood screen.


Unique Black Wood Fence

If you are looking for a total unique fence, this one could be a great choice. The unique-shaped wood poles are placed in a formation to create a boundary in your outdoor space. It works best as the second layer of home’s security.


Riddle Black Wood Fence

This fence just uses the wood slats, boards, and posts, but truly gives a contemporary and unique style with its brilliant structure. The black paint gives a modern sense to this fence style.


Frosted Glass and Wood Fence

modern fence 12

credit: SDVETS

The beautiful frosted glass fence which still keeps the natural sense with the additions of some wood slats. It is a good option to improve your backyard style.


Futuristic and Natural Fence

This is a distinctive fence design which really looks vibrant. The tall bushes with flowers add more privacy to fence style. It will really make your outdoor space look so modern.


Metal Panels Fence

modern fence 14

credit: Reno Guide

If you don’t like to install a fence with complicated design, this one is a very good idea. The simple metal panels in different width attractively create a modern backyard fence. The brown color makes the fence flows with the natural outdoor environment.


Gorgeous Timber Fence 

modern fence 15

credit: Reno Guide

The last fence design is the vertical timbers fence which works well both for front yard or backyard. The timbers and wood gates look really natural and sophisticated.

Always consult with the home owner’s association in your neighborhood before deciding the fence design that you want to build. They will tell you the proper design, material, size of the fence that you can build around the area where you live.

If you choose to hire a contractor to build your backyard fence, always choose the professional one, especially when you want to have a fence in a complicated design. Make sure that you have checked their licensing status and references.

With various fence designs which sometimes look easy and worth to be included in your DIY project list, always consider choosing the best material and install the fence properly to avoid some damage that might happen over times.

Keep in mind that your fence will always need some sort of maintenance regularly. If you don’t want to spend much time and money to take care of them, don’t bother yourself by choosing the tricky material.

Below is the video of other modern fence ideas!

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