Nashville Fence and Decks Company Offering the Great Fence

Nashville Fence and Deck Company always provide the excellent products where they have influenced the property trading with great power. Starting with two native brothers, they begun the business in house property including the fence and the decks. They have a mission that the customers’ satisfaction is number one. So, they always give the best premium products for their customers. The Nashville fence and decks company offers 5 year warranty on fences and decks.

If you are searching the best fence company, why not to contact the Nashville fence and decks company for installing your home fence. Before you contact them, it is better for you to know about the offered products below.

Nashville Fence and Decks Company

1.Wood Fence

Nashville Fence and Decks Company  Offering the Great Fence
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Credit: Stratton Exteriors

The wood fence is one of Nashville fence and deck products that come with versatile material. The wood here is not a material which is susceptible to termites and rot but it has weather resistance. Although the wood, it can provides the pets protections and family privacy from outside eyesight.

There are some benefits of wood fence, including;

  1. The wood fence is easy in staining and painting in getting the beautiful property.
  2. The wood fence is cheap in maintaining and economical advantages.
  3. The wood comes with a variety of grades and sizes with unique and natural design.
  4. The wood fence offers the security and protects property for the wind and UV rays.
  5. The wood fence helps in controlling the noise from outside.


There are several wood fence model, they are;

1.Privacy Fence

Based on the name, this fence is created to keep private activities in your backyard. With the privacy fence, certainly, you can protect your family and your pet from neighbor or strangers that can see into your home. Commonly, 5/8x6x6 pickets and 4 x 4 post are used to create the privacy fence.

2. Picket Fence

The picket fence is really great in providing the safety for your children and pet to get away from the street. This kind of fence also offers the artistic and beautiful dimension in front of your house. Normally, the picket fence is made with size 4″ wide picket and 4 feet tall complete with 2″ gap between the pickets.

3. Farm Fence

For constructing the farm fence, you need the posts about 4 x 4 with 1 x 6 x 16 sawn boards. This fence is commonly divided into 6″ apart with the rails ranging from 3-6. With the size and the material, actually, the fence will be the available space and durability for keeping the livestock.

4. Split Rail Cedar Fence

If you want your home with rustic looks, the split rail cedar may be your choice to realize your desire. Although, it is more suitable for animal breeding, but the fence also deliver the artistic and natural looks. For installing this kind of fence, you can make about 8′ sections with 3/4 rails.

5. Wood and wire Fence

According the fence name, it certainly combines the wood and the wire to form a fence. Using the wire for the fence can give the beautifulness for your fence. Furthermore, you can create wood for the post while the wire for making the pickets.


2. Metal Fence

The metal fences by Nashville fence and deck are chain-link fence and aluminum fence.

1.Chain Link Fence

Nashville Fence and Decks Company  Offering the Great Fence
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Credit: Fence Nashville

Besides the chain link is durable material, it is also the economical price for a kind of metal fence. The chain link is made from colored vinyl coated and galvanized steel that is withstand to rust and rot. Therefore, you do not need to maintain the fence regularly. The fence is provided in 4′, 5′, 6′ & 8′ heights with the green and black vinyl coated.


2. Aluminum Fence

Nashville Fence and Decks Company  Offering the Great Fence
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Credit: Fence Nashville

The aluminum fence is great choice with landscape and architectural design that has good appearance, durable material and strong performance. Ideally, this kind of fence is really good for installing around the pools where it will require. There are many variety of designs, size and the colors that you can choose.

3. Vinyl Fences

Nashville Fence and Decks Company  Offering the Great Fence
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Credit: Hooperfence

As you know that vinyl is stunning and luxurious design for a kind of fence. Vinyl is well-known as the durable material with a total of available models. The vinyl fence offers some fence styles including traditional fence, classic fence, contemporary fence, semi-private fence and private fence. Well, if you want to install the vinyl fence, you can choose many models as you desire as good as possible. The vinyl fence is commonly available in 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, & 8′ heights. The Nashville vinyl fence provides full privacy with multiple of styles.

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