Storage Bench For Living Room | Natural Cushion Seater Trunk Review

Have you ever been thinking something which useful but ignored in the living room? It is a kind of furniture which has more than a function. Something which can be the complement that is not only a complement.

Yes, it is a storage bench for the living room.

Storage bench for the living room is a very useful furniture for you to have. You can make it as a bench and a storage to keep some stuff at once. Maybe now you ignore this furniture to have because you already have chair or sofa for the sitting spot.

But, you also need a storage to keep the stuff you need neatly in the living room such as pillows, blanket, or else. That’s why you need the storage bench for your living room. With hundreds of product’s availability, you can always choose the one which meets your requirement.

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If you now need a storage bench for your living room, we offer you a product which is very great to be the compliment as the sitting spot and the storage inside the living room. It is Natural Cushion Seater Trunk Storage Bench by DormCo.

It is a simple product which provides you some great features. So here we will give some details of it, let’s check it out!

Natural Cushion Seater Trunk Review


Natural Cushion Seater Trunk

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The design of this Natural Cushion Seater Trunk storage bench is uniquely natural. It has the creme colored cushion and white washed natural wood base.

Once you open it, the unfinished wood will be shown which is quite adorable, also with the typical cedar smell. It is like a treasure box, if you love the unique design furniture you will love this as your collection.

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This Natural Cushion Seater Trunk storage bench is constructed of the canvas cushion and wood base. The cushion is great which feels sturdy and cozy enough, but the wood is another thing. It feels not really durable due to its super thin construction.

Such circumstance makes the product is so lightweight. Doubting us about its durability.


The cushion is the aspect of this Natural Cushion Seater Trunk Storage Bench comfortable point. You can use this storage bench for the footrest spot too. It is quite comfortable to enjoy.

The storage of this bench is about 31.50 inches. It is large enough to put some stuff inside the living room such as blanket, pillows, or shoes and kids toys. 

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To maintain this Natural Cushion Seater Trunk storage bench you can clean the cushion with the steam cleaner because it is made of the canvas like microfiber. If you treat this bench well you will always get the best look of this bench inside the living room.


For this unique designed storage bench, you can spend about $114.99 for getting it home. It is affordable enough for the unique design storage bench with large space to put the stuff.


Product TypeStorage Bench
Dimmension31.50″L x 15.75″W x 17.72″H
Weight45 pounds
MaterialWood and Canvas
ColorWhite and Creme

The Natural Cushion Seater Trunk Storage Bench is a great product for the decorative purpose. Overall, this bench offers the comfortable seat, large space, and unique design to your living room. Its construction may not be a problem if you keep the bench carefully.

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