5 Simple Tips and Guides for Natural Hot Tub Treatment

A hot tub is something that you need to maintain regularly inside and outside. One of the hot tub treatments is giving certain chemical like Chlorine, Bromine, and others to keep clean to use. These chemicals help the hot tub in optimal condition, like keeping the pH balance and eradicating the bacteria and wastes in your hot tub’s water.

However, the use of harsh hot tub’s chemical can turn to some serious problem for ‘sensitive’ people. Chlorine, for example, can cause dry to itchy skin, red eyes, even sinuses in a severe case. Bromine and Chlorine are harsh or even toxic chemicals, if your children accidentally swallow the water, it could be so dangerous.

Moreover, it is kinda annoying due to its unpleasant odor which turns your relaxation moment into an uncomfortable time. The maintenance of the traditional hot tub’s chemical is also a bit tricky, in which you need to constantly monitor the specific measurement of the chemicals.


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So natural hot tub chemical is a good solution for this problem. There are several natural hot tub chemicals which are much safer than the traditional ones. They offer greener, healthier, and easier hot tub’s maintenance.

One of the recommended manufacturers for natural hot tub treatment is Clarity Water’s Natural Spa. They are selling the natural chemicals which are affordable, safe, and easy to use. The Natural Spa Complete Hot Tub Starter Kit is sold for $98.95, the kit includes a hot tub cleaner, 3 bottles of natural spa chemical, and a non-chlorine shock.

You just need to add a bottle of natural spa to the water for every two months or 40 bathing uses. There is no strip required to monitor the pH balance, making the spa’s treatment more convenient and you don’t have to shock the spa everytime you use it.

Another kind of natural hot tub’s alternative is by choosing a saltwater hot tub. Many spa brands have added this safer and healthier sanitizing system, HotSpring Spas for example, with their ACE Saltwater System. It works by creating natural chlorine out of the salt water through the sanitizing system. The result is softer, silkier, and cleaner water.

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Natural Hot Tub Treatment


natural hot tub treatment
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There are some ‘special’ natural hot tub treatments if you decide to avoid the use of harsh traditional chemicals, such as:

  1. Running the Pump

    You will need to run the pump longer when you don’t use strong sanitizers. Run the circulation pump 3X times longer at a high speed.

  2. Take a Shower

    It may sound like an easy matter, but it’s actually important. Since you don’t shock the tub everytime you use it, taking a shower before soaking in the tub is important to maintain the hygienes.

  3. Annual Filter Replacement

    When you decide to avoid strong hot tub’s chemical, the filter will work harder. Changing the filter every year is a good idea in this case.

  4. Natural Spa Cleaning

    Clean the jets and filter from calcium deposit with 50/50 vinegar solution, and baking soda can clean a dirty hot tub’s surface.

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