Coastal Kitchen Curtains | Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers Review

Are you thinking about how to add something interesting in your kitchen? There are many ways that we can do to enhance the perfection for our lovely kitchen.

You can add objects, big or small objects to give an update in your fantastic kitchen. You can also create an interesting theme for your kitchen to refresh the atmosphere around.

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If you like the color and play with color, maybe you can make it as the idea to make your kitchen more dazzling. The color theme that is quite a trending topic now is coastal.

There are a lot of producents who make products with the coastal themes or coastal colors which are very beautiful and interesting, one of the products you can find is coastal kitchen curtains.

Here, we have a recommended coastal curtain sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The product is Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers which looks so adorable and has quite good material. We have a brief review regarding the product for our reference

Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers

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Okay, the first is about the design of this coastal oceanic kitchen curtain. This Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers is really perfect for your kitchen with the sea or oceanic theme with its calming basic color and decoration.

The touch of modern and blue color style on this kitchen curtain will make you fall in love with it. There are scattered starfishes and shells pattern on the beautiful blue background that makes it look so attractive. The measure of each panel is 30″ W which is good enough to cover standard kitchen window.

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The tiers are made of 100% cotton material and it is machine washable. The characteristic the cotton is soft, fluffy, and easy to clean. The fabric of this Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers is neither thick nor thin, so you still can see and feel the warmth of the sunlight in the morning in your kitchen windows.

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The durability of this coastal kitchen curtains is good, you can even use this coastal kitchen curtain in quite a long period of time. But to keep it better, do not try to bleach it to keep the color and its durability.


In the maintenance process also, you do not need to do many things to caring and cleaning up this Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers. As it’s machine washable, you can always clean it regularly at your convenient.


The price of this Natural Shell Kitchen Tier is affordable enough, which is $18.33. It offers the good quality and great design that will make your kitchen up to date and more inviting.

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 Measures  15″ L x 60″ W
 Style Modern, Oceanic
 Color Blue and gold pattern
 Materials  100% cotton

Overall, this one is a surely a recommended kitchen decor to buy when you look for something Oceanic for your kitchen look. The design is simply adorable and the material is not really disappointing,

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