Neon Lights: How They Perk up up Your Wedding Ceremony

Neon Lights: How They Perk up up Your Wedding CeremonyImage lifted from:

Your big day deserves nothing less than perfection. From the dress, to the venue, to the decor, everything has to be the best. So if you are looking for a colorful and unique decor option that can fully turn your venue, you should definitely consider using neon wedding signs.

Neon lights have been used for decades. However, most people do not know that this vibrant and playful art can also be purposeful, especially in weddings. Neon signs can be utilized in order to guide guests, tag stations, share stories, and even present vital wedding details, like the wedding date, your new monogram, or even your wedding hashtag. All of these can be done by neon signs and neon art, while also making sure to light up your reception producing a more lively and celebratory mood in your big day.

Build your own neon sign comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes and because they are customizable and can work for any theme that you are aiming for your wedding, they can surely perk up your wedding ceremony. With that, here are some of the things you can do to utilize neon lights for your wedding day:

  1. Use It For Your Photo Booth Backdrop

 You can definitely use neon lights to show off your new last name in your photo booth. You can also choose to use other neon signs that can brighten up and spice up your usual photo booth backdrop. Other than making your backdrop more personalized and lively, it can also turn the area more classy and unique – just remember to properly combine your backdrop decors and your chosen neon light and it will surely turn out amazing.

 2. Incorporate It In Your Wedding Aisle

 If you want to walk on a not so typical wedding aisle, you can definitely incorporate neon lights for a more unique and fun touch. Other than the aesthetic it can add to your wedding aisle, it can also help lighting up the path as you walk towards the love of your life, making it more romantic and memorable. So try injecting some neon lights with your usual flowers on the aisle and it will surely elevate your wedding day.

3. Brighten Up Your Altar

 The altar is the place where you would exchange your wedding vows with your partner. With that, the altar should be perfect. You can elevate your altar with the warm glow of a neon sign. It can help for guests to focus more on you and your partner as you exchange promises and love. Other than lighting you up, it can also add a more romantic mood to the altar.

4. Decor For Your Bar

 One of the things that a wedding should always have is drinks. What would be a day of celebration without some alcohol. With that, one of the most visited parts in your wedding venue is the bar area, so why not use some neon lights to elevate your decor gaming. You can put some neon signs or art to remind your guests to grab some drinks and to enjoy the night away. Neon lights will surely entice more people to visit the bar counter and drink with you as you celebrate!

5.  Dessert Area Accent

 Setting up a dessert area for reception or before the wedding proper can be a smart choice because it can offer people some finger food as they wait before the official start of the event. You can make this area more fun and lively by putting up some neon lights. It will also make the dessert area more aesthetically pleasing, satisfying not only your guests’ appetite but also their visual experience!

 6. Lighten Up Your Reception

 Because it is you and your partner’s day, why not draw more attention to the both of you through setting up a neon sign above your reception seat. You can choose to hang up your new last name in bright neon lights. This display of neon light will definitely make the mood of the reception more romantic and special. Other than that, you can also use neon lights for your reception’s dance floor if you want to aim for a more lively and night club feel. It will surely entice more guests to dance the night away with you!

In conclusion, with the right neon light decor, your wedding day will surely be more unique, fun, and lively – worthy of such a day to remember for the rest of your life!



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