Two Piece Living Room Set | Night Stand Accent Hallway Review

There are so many things to do to make the living room such a best spot for hanging around. Adding some new additions will enhance the beautiful aspect to your lovely living room.

The addition for the living room makes it more complete and makes you feel more satisfied with the living room you have. Some additions are made for beautifying the living room and become the useful thing inside.


One of the perfect compliments to beautify the living room while becoming the useful thing is the end table set. The end table is a small table which we put beside the chair or at the end of the sofa.

The end table is a perfect decor to beautify the living room. It also can be the useful thing too of its real function to put or display some stuff. You can add the set to your living room and adjust it to your living room style.

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There are so many models of the end table set that you can find in stores. Then, here we will give you the review of a recommended table set product. The product name is Night Stand Accent Hallway End Table Set by Costway which includes two pieces of living room set.

This Night Stand Accent Hallway will make you fall in love and make you wish to have it inside your living room. Here is it the review of Night Stand Accent Hallway for you!

Night Stand Accent Hallway Review


The table set has the beautiful classic design. It is suitable to put some wine bottles on the table top. The mix of earthy wood and natural steel for the color finishing looks awesome for this table set. You can see that the each corner of the frame is decorated with the studs detail for a more stylish appearance.

Adding some decorative stuff can increase its beautiful atmosphere inside the living room too. You will fall in love when you see this Night Stand Accent Hallway.

WIth such classic design, the table is set is more suitable for traditional style living room.


The construction of this table set is great. The iron as the base and the legs make this set look and feel sturdy. It has the compact design and would beautify the living room nicely, especially the rustic one.


You can use the unused cloth with some water to spray the table top surface. Such an easy cleaning method that you can do daily.

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Night Stand Accent Hallway

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When you see the details of the Night Stand Accent Hallway, you even don’t need to ask how durable is the product. The iron as the construction will be the main durability factor of this table set. Its sturdy construction will tell you that the table will last for years.


To bring this Night Stand Accent Hallway to your living room you can spend your money for $75.98. Wow, it was great to have the best iron legs table set with such affordable price. It will be nicely displayed inside your living room.

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Product TypeTable Set
Set IncludesLarge Table and Small Table
DimmensionLarge Table : 15.7” L x 15.7” W x 28.5” H

Small Table : 11.8” L x 11.8” W x 24.4” H

WeightLarge Table : 13 Lbs

Small Table : 10 Lbs

Material Wood and Iron
Style Classic
Color Brown

Thus, we surely recommend this product for your living room compliment. It is such an awesome furniture with affordable price which is worth to have. Its small size and classic style are perhaps something to think about.

Keep improving your living room!

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