Nine Reasons You Should Install Glass Balustrades In Your Property

Nine Reasons You Should Install Glass Balustrades In Your Property

Nothing can be more appealing to our mind than a soothing atmosphere. And while being out in nature is the perfect way to bask in that serenity, a sophisticated interior design can also be as tranquil as nature. And if you are looking for a perfect way to enhance your property’s serenity and appearance, using glass as material might be ideal.

For one, glass is not opaque like other materials. While it perfectly creates a division between spaces, it doesn’t block out light. And natural light is the key element to invite nature into your interior. But there’s more to using glass as a building material. This article will explore how you can use glass balustrades to render your property more appealing- both the exterior and interior.

What Are Glass Balustrades And Where Can You Use Them?

Glass Balustrades is a form of decorative parapet that uses glass as a material.  They are used in the staircase, ramp, terrace railing, balcony railing, or bridge railing. A glass balustrade serves two purposes- one is to provide protection against height or slope, like fencing, and the other is to boost the aesthetics of a structure.

While older architecture featured stone, wooden, or iron balustrades, glass balustrades quickly took over as the material of choice after its invention in the latter half of the 20th century. Thanks to its sleek look and versatility, you can find glass balustrades in almost all major architecture in every part of the world.

Glass balustrades can be used for commercial and residential structures, and you can use them for a wide array of purposes. The most common application of glass balustrades includes fencing for decking, terrace, balcony and staircase railing, or even for pool fencing.

Why Should You Use Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades have a myriad of advantages; some are functional, and some are aesthetic. Here we have explored the key benefits of using glass balustrades in your property.

Outdoor Glass Balustrades Can Boost the Exterior Look of A Structure

When you look at a structure, the first thing you would notice is the exterior profiles. Before you take in the vast lawn or landscaping, it’s the scale of structure you see.  And it is the play of an overpowering structure and the void space around it that draws your eyes the most. While some parts of the building are built with a solid façade, some are kept void; for light and ventilation purposes. And glass balustrades are the perfect way to fence those voids- be it a balcony, terrace, patio, or decking.

And if you have an exterior stair running diagonally along the façade, a glass balustrade will be an exceptional way to accentuate this feature. Outdoor glass balustrades are a great way to magnify the exterior look of your property. You can replace the old wooden or metal balustrade with a glass balustrade and see how it changes the entire look of the exterior.

Nine Reasons You Should Install Glass Balustrades In Your Property

Glass Balustrade Provides a Layer of Safety without Obstructing Your View

Glass has this unique feature of transparency that you will not find in other materials. Even if you place the wooden or metal balusters with maximum spacing, some vertical members will obstruct your view. While providing safety from a height is the main purpose of any fencing or balustrade, you should have to discount the view for the sake of safety. With a glass balustrade, you get the best of both worlds- maximum safety without discounting the view.

Indoor Glass Balustrades Boost Aesthetic

A glass balustrade adds a unique feature to your exterior, and it provides a sophisticated look to your interior space. In addition to inviting in light and a view of the outside, it also renders a modern look to your interior. You can use glass balustrades in the interior staircase; it can be the focal point of your interior design. And if you have a skylight pouring natural light to the stairwell, it will add a spiritual aura to the space.

Glass Balustrade Provides the Visual Illusion of Infinite Space

With metal or wooden balustrades, the vertical baluster members clearly scream- there is your boundary, and you can’t go beyond that. And it just makes space seem confined and limited, while all you want is a feeling of being in an infinite space. A glass balustrade is a more subtle approach to defining the indoor and outdoor boundary. The threshold remains blurry yet concrete.

And you can’t achieve this dichotomy with other balustrade material. While our interior space is shrinking with the increase of the urban population, you should take this opportunity to render your interior a little more spacious and outdoorsy.

It Lets the Light In, Although There Is a Barrier

You will be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t love an airy and spacious interior, and glass balustrade is unmistakably the best way to let more lights in your interior space. Glass also reflects the light that falls upon them, rendering your interior space brighter. And the more light you can let in the house, the more it will feel cheerful and alive.

For instance, if you have a stairway blocking a window that is the only source of natural light in your interior, the stair railing should appear as non-intrusive as possible to let the light in. And only a glass balustrade can provide you with unobstructed access to natural light.

Easy Maintenance

Most metal or wooden balustrades have decorative features. Those decorative balusters quickly accumulate dirt in their crevice, especially if placed on the structure’s exterior.  Cleaning those specks of dirt from the balusters can be a tedious job – most of the time, you can’t even fully clear them out. On the other hand, glass balustrades are fairly easy to maintain. All you need is a glass cleaner and cloth to give it a wipe down, and it will be shiny like new.

Strong and Durable Support

Compared to other sturdy and solid materials, glass might look feeble and delicate. However, despite their appearance, glass balustrades are quite strong and durable. Thick glass balustrades are capable of withstanding .74KN/m loads per meter.

And good quality glass balustrades are scratch-resistant, making them ideal for both residential and public structures. Laminated glass is capable of both carrying distributed and point load. A glass balustrade can last for decades with little maintenance.

Seamlessly Merges With Other Building Materials

A structure is an amalgamation of different materials. Apart from the structural steel or concrete members, there are building envelopes and other functional features to think of. Those decorative balusters quickly accumulate dirt in their crevice, especially if they are placed on a structure’s exterior. . Each material should compliment others and be aesthetically pleasing.

And when you think of glass as a building material, it has this unique ability to seamlessly blend with other materials – be it steel, woods or concrete, or even bamboo; glass is ubiquitous in its blending ability.

Versatile Installation Process

It is not only the merging ability that counts when you combine multiple building materials; they should also be a perfect fit in terms of installation. And every material requires a different approach for installation. Considering what material you are combining with glass balustrade, the installation process might also differ.

But thanks to technological advances, you can install glass with almost every building material, and the process is not that complicated. For instance, you can install laminated glass in a framed system with both steel and concrete; or you can go for a frameless system or semi-frame system for glass balustrade installation.

How Expensive Are Glass Balustrades?

Now that you know how versatile glass balustrade can be, you might be wondering if it will be costly to install one on your property. There is no reason to feel intimidated by the installation of glass balustrades. If you are going to use it for fencing purposes, you don’t need ultra-high-strength glass used as a glass bridge platform.

While the price for glass balustrade might seem higher than wooden or metal balustrade, the price is fair considering you get a more durable material. Glass is not prone to decay or rust, unlike wood or metal. Besides, you don’t have the hassle of painting with glass material. For an average glass panel balustrade, you might have to spend around $300 per meter; the price can vary depending on the installation process and the length and height of the balustrade.

The Bottom Line

Although most of us live in some concrete jungle, more or less, with tall apartments and barely enough living space,  you can still achieve some glimmer of life in your adobe. And letting in light, air, and nature is the best way to go about it. Replace the solid, opaque balustrades with a more delicate and sophisticated glass balustrade. If you want a more serene interior to consider installing stained glass panels for the glass balustrade.

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