3×5 Bathroom Rug: nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug Review

Providing the safety and security zone in your bathroom is exactly a must for you. The bathroom is like the dampest spot in your house that need a high protection from any unwelcome accident. The common dangerous zones are mainly beside the bathtub, shower room door and in front of the toilet.

Placing the rugs in some dangerous zone in your bathroom is always a wise idea. Talking about the rug, thousands of words actually describe for its function and design. Indeed, the rug is one of the best bathroom accessories for your safety. Having a stunning rug with a good security feature is such an obligation for you as the homeowner.

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Nowadays, you will easily find many brands that produce the rug products in the beautiful designs with high-quality materials. Certainly, it makes you difficult to choose the best one because of such availability. Well, it is always a good thought for you to read the product review from other customers.

Overstock is always a recommended source to go if you’re planning to buy a 3×5 bathroom rug. Furthermore, there are lots of bathroom rugs products that you can choose based on your needs.

Now, we are going to give you a brief review of nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug. Hopefully, our review will guide you to buy the best one that totally suits your bathroom.

nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug Review

nuLOOM handmade indoor blue rug
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Coming in a modern and fashionable design, the rug will totally become one of the focal points to beautify your bathroom. Its color block, abstract, coastal and graphic pattern look so admirable to enhance the style of your bathroom. The white huge starfish picture on this navy rug creates a nice contrasting appearance.   It measures for 3×5 rug size that exactly perfect for your small to a large bathroom.

With 3×5 size, the rug is surely perfect to place in your small to a large bathroom. Though the rug seems thin, its 0.25″ – 0.5″ pile height still provides you a good comfort for daily use. The design of this rug is compatible for any bathroom styles including contemporary, classic, transitional, country, and formal.

You will be satisfied by the design of the product as you will get the same exact look as shown in the picture.

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The material that is used for the construction of this rug is certainly from selected material. Fabricated with polypropylene and synthetic fiber, the rug delivers a soft and smooth touch for your comfort. Because this rug is woven by the handmade and hand-hooked method, the construction will not disappoint you at all.

Many customers give positive reviews at Overstock about the durability of this rug. They are very pleased to have this rug for more than 5 years without any damage. How come? Because the rug is constructed of the selected synthetic fiber and polypropylene material that ensures its long lasting performance.


The reliable construction of nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug creates definitely gives the product a good performance. As you know, the main function of the rug is to absorb the water droplets, and with its synthetic polypropylene material, it will work well to take care of the wet floor in your bathroom. The rug also comes with the latex free feature for your maximum comfort. (Read also: Bathroom 3×5 Rug Review)


Indeed, this bathroom accessory is easy to clean and care,  it allows you to clean it easier for both indoor and outdoor use. Its synthetic fiber material does not need a hard and complicated maintenance. Just wipe the surface with damp cloth and leave it to dry, you are definitely getting the straightforward way to maintain the rug.


Certainly, when you are buying a product, you want to get the one with high quality and the best price as well. This accessory will answer your question by purchasing it to place in your bathroom. Overstock is selling this 3×5 bathroom rug in $77.71 price tag, it may sound pricey for this kind of rough though the quality is not really disappointing.

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Well, if you are planning to place this rug to get perfect absorption, perhaps, this nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug is an excellent option for you. Its reliable construction surely provides comfort and durability at the same time. The look of the rug is also very adorable to decorate your bathroom’s look.

At the end of this review, it is your turn to think about buying this adorable rug to complete your bathroom. The nuLOOM Handmade Indoor Blue Rug is totally perfect to place on your bathroom floor. Good Luck!!!

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