Grand Resort Patio Furniture Sets Review | Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set

The immediate thing that you will think in mind after you just finished building your patio in your backyard is looking for the furniture to put on it. It’s because the main purpose of building a patio is how you can add more functional space to your property. Without some chairs and tables scattered around the space, you can’t have a proper outdoor space to enjoy.

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set

Credit: Sears

The one from Grand Resort trademark is worth to notice. They have a wide range of outdoor furniture that perhaps can meet your requirements. Not only look attractive, but their products are also reliable enough.

The Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set is the complete outdoor furniture set that will become a perfect addition to your patio. With its gorgeous style and reliability, the product totally deserves to your attention. Let’s see what you will get from this Grand Resort’s dining set in our brief review below.

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set Review

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set 4

Credit: Sears

This is such a huge dining set which includes 6 swivel sling chairs and one rectangular table. With its $643.49 price tag, you can’t just miss this one to become your complete patio furniture for a family gathering. Its style is also very tempting to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

The Chairs

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set 3

Credit: Sears

You will never go wrong to choose the traditionally designed furniture to complement your patio or deck. The Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set comes in absolutely mesmerizing look which will totally change the atmosphere around your patio. Its curvy steel frame is combined with the tan sling seat fabric, hence, it creates a nice earthy and classic touch to the chair’s appearance.

Moreover, as the durability is one of the major considerations in choosing an outdoor furniture, therefore the frames of those swivel sling chairs are finished with powder coat paint, ensuring its lasting use. The premium sling fabric of the chair is comfortable enough to sit on for hours and sturdy enough to face all weather’s conditions. The chair comes in 25 W x 31 D x 41 H inches dimension which is ideal for your cozy dining time.

The Table

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set 2

Credit: Sears

The rectangular table in 68 L x 40 W x 29 H provides adequate space to put the plates and glass. In addition, the umbrella hole in the center of the table top allows you to put a patio umbrella.

Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set 1

Credit: Sears

The design of the table is definitely admirable with its simple classic style. Featured with the tempered glass tabletop, hence, the set looks undeniably elegant.

Installation and assembly are the minus points of this dining set. Some customers that have purchased this one find some of the chairs of the set are not constructed well like the handles that didn’t line up appropriately with the pre-drilled holes. You may need to do some ‘extra jobs’ to get the chairs all in set. Sure it can’t be a general opinion to judge the product and you can always return it to get the replacement, however, it can help you in considering this dining set to buy.


  • Gorgeous classic design
  • Durable material
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Unconvenient assembly and installation

In conclusion, the Oakdale 7 Piece Dining Set is not a bad outdoor furniture to improve the function and style of your patio. The reasonable price makes it not really expensive, then you can bring a good quality product home conveniently.

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