8 Stunning Octagon Kitchen Table To Complete The Perfection Under $900

Are you confuse to choose what the best table for your kitchen? Most of the people prefer to have something useful but also unique for their kitchen stuff or decor. Sometimes, each family member, your father, mother, brother, or sister, they have their own way to give a style for your kitchen.

Moreover, for the kitchen table, a big item in the kitchen that is very important as a primary facility. When at the first time we entering the kitchen, maybe the first big object that you see is a kitchen table commonly. So, we really have to put more attention on this kitchen table.

Some people always get a monotone thought, they think the usual table in enough to wake up and decorate their kitchen well, but actually, we can do more. Always unlimited, yes, we can’t stop to develop and update our kitchen better, because naturally, human love beauty and pretty things in life. Actually, the octagon table is suitable for the other room also, such as bar, dining room, and balcony. And here are the beautiful and gorgeous octagon kitchen table you can have to give a good feeling in your kitchen every day.


8 Stunning Octagon Kitchen Table Under $900

Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table – Woodland Twig Furniture (Price: &115.00)

octagon kitchen table 5

Credit: Etsy

Awesome! this Adirondack octagon stick end table comes with the rustic end and octagon top. So flawless, we never thought that the branches of the tree can look so gorgeous like this before. The materials of this wooden octagon kitchen table are tree branches and the wood plank.

It sounds usual but dangerous to be a rival for the other coming products. With the brown and natural color of trees as a primary color, this vintage item of the 1930s can live up our kitchen like a brand new one. The measures of this table are 27″ high and 21″ across base at legs 13″ across the top.

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Vintage Ethan Allen Octagonal Serving Tray Table (Price: $175)


octagon kitchen table 9

Credit: Etsy

This next octagon kitchen table of the list is vintage ethan allen octagonal serving tray table. This table is great for playing card or some games on the table. The materials of this table are a solid oak and a black wood laminated type on top for easy cleanup.

This Moroccan style table is very fantastic. You can see the tray comes off, we can take it to our kitchen and start to prepare foods and drinks, then you bring it into this serving area. Make your kitchen feel like a bar sensation with this awesome octagon table.

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Vinasville Dining Table by Signature Design Ashley (Price: $289.99)

octagon kitchen table 7

Credit: Wayfair

This vinasville octagon table has a good detail design with the wood material on the top and a metal material from the bottom. The materials of this table set are wood, slate tile, veneers, manmade wood, and metal. The espresso color makes this gorgeous and worth it to buy. The 4 seats of this set are enough to have a quality time with family to keep the warmth around us.

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Vintage RC Cola octagon table and chairs (Price: $500)

octagon kitchen table 4

Credit: Etsy

The newest creation, a vintage cola octagon kitchen table is coming. For people who love the octagon shape, here is the good one to buy for your kitchen decor element. This handmade item is very suitable for any kitchen theme. The materials of this cola octagon table are American steel and American wood.

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Budkov Counter Height Dining Table by Latitude Run (Price: $559.99)

octagon kitchen table 1

Credit: Wayfair

Get the experience of casual ambiance with this comfortable kitchen table in your home. There are an espresso base and a gorgeous faux marble top for the perfection.  The material of this octagon table is the solid wood and wood veneer. It also has a contemporary style in the perfect square shape. This look of this octagon table is like a cup of coffee, so fabulous with the dark espresso color from the bottom. It comes with an ivory finish and trestle table base.

Marble Carnelian Inlay Coffee Table Pietra Dura Handmade Art (Price: $857)

octagon kitchen table 4

Credit: Etsy

This marble inlay coffee octagon table is extremely fine and perfect for your kitchen with its classic and glamorous style. The top size of this table is 17”x17”inch. You can see this petal of flower, leafs, buds, & stems are precious and beautiful. They are manually shaped into marble. A family heirloom of this artistic octagon table will make you enjoy when you see it.

Do not miss this golden opportunity and go treasure it before it sold out because it is everyone’s favorite right now. This handmade product makes it difficult to get and to make it again. The style of Pietra Dura is complete with the fine materials in this table (Marble, Carnelian, Jasper, Mother of Pearl).

Hand-Carved Morrocan Solid Teakwood Octagonal Table (Price: $875)

octagon kitchen table 6

Credit: Etsy

This Morrocan solid teakwood octagonal table looks like a pure classic style of the 1950s. The dark natural wood of this octagon table beautifully carved with a bone inlay from the side of the table. The measures are about 19 1/2 inches Height X 19 1/2 inches Diameter.

Octagon Dining Table by BestMasterFurniture (Price: $879.99)

octagon kitchen table 2

Credit: Wayfair

This octagon kitchen table by Best Master Furniture has a smoked mirror-color. The contemporary style of this table is a good combination with mirrored finish of solid wood as a material. The overall measure is 30″ Height – 48″ length – 48″ wide, and for the overall product weight is 150 lb. You should know that this octagon table has a glass material on top and wood material from the base. The solid construction of wood makes this table look so high. The table base type is a pedestal with there is no leaf included.

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