35+ Incredible Outdoor Fountain Ideas & Tips for Your Backyard

Just like the bed in the bedroom, a fountain can be a nice focal point in your garden and backyard. The sound of gurgling water, its unique design, will be a splendor ornament to live up your backyard. For sure, there are many outdoor fountain ideas that you can find on the internet lately.

But, to find the right one that suits your needs, it can be so tricky. You have to adjust to the condition of your backyard and many other things.

Here, we give you some useful tips to choose the right outdoor fountain for your patio plus 35+ Incredible Outdoor Fountain Ideas. Luckily, you can directly buy some of our recommended outdoor fountain ideas on Amazon by clicking the button right below the picture. Hope you enjoy the reading.

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5 Things You Should Consider When You Decide to Buy an Outdoor Fountain

Size Does Matter

The size of your fountain and your patio does matter. Why? Because you have to choose the right size for your fountain. Not all homes are so lucky to have a large patio area to fit with a grand fountain.

On the other hand, sometimes a small outdoor fountain is quite enough to bring your desired impression in your patio. But, mostly if you choose a too small fountain in your large patio, the effect you want to exude will be weak.

Thus, in order to choose the right outdoor fountain size, you have to adjust coherently with the size of your patio.

Consider the Type of Fountain

There are many types of outdoor fountain you can find in the markets, but to find the right one, you need to know what types that suit your tastes and needs.



Bronze fountainMade with bronze metal, usually it comes as statue
Pedestal fountainComes with simple pedestal design. Fits with almost all of patio look
Statue fountainsComes with a more artistic and intricate carving. Very ideal as the focal point of your patio or garden
Wall fountainThis kind of fountain is attached on the wall, great for small space
Animal fountainThis kind of fountain has an animal-shaped statue. Typically it is spouting the water from the mouth.
Rock fountainIn this type, the water is pumped through rock. Sometimes it comes with the hidden reservoir.

Besides these popular fountain types, you can find other shapes of the outdoor fountain. For example, you can find urn fountains with large water basin that fits a for large garden.

Then, the tiered fountains that shoot or spouting water from multiple points at different levels. This tiered levels fountain is the best choice the for a large patio, but you can find a mini tiered fountain for smaller one.

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Choose the Right Material for your Fountain

Simply, outdoor fountain will be placed in outdoor space. In this case, you need more durable material to make it last longer. There are many outdoor fountain choice in the market, all with different types and materials.

So, you need to understand how a kind of fountain material will preserve against weather’s change.

  • Limestone: This kind of material is the popular choice but it will erode over time.
  • Concrete: Not quite suitable for freezing climates as it is more likely to chip and crack.
  • Wooden: Not a quite durable choice for the fountain, but it has the beautiful texture you’ll love.
  • Bronze: This is quite a durable choice that will last for years. On the other hand, it requires regular maintenance as its color can easily change as the result of oxidation.
  • Resin: One of quite durable choices as it is last longer than concrete. But, it is not so durable as long as natural stone
  • Bamboo: Not quite durable, mostly used in Asian or Japanese fountain style. You can easily change it regularly.

 Decide How the Water Will Flow

One thing you have to remember about a fountain is deciding how the water will flow. There are at least three types of fountain regarding how the water will flow such as spraying fountain, bubbling fountain, and waterfall fountain.

A spraying fountain can shoot out the water as a spray in the air. It exudes an attractive impression and great for large space that requires grand feature.

Meanwhile, a bubbling fountain just jet out the water slowly as a bubble. It is not quite extravagant but surely will fit with a small patio as the spraying fountain can easily trigger rot and mildew growth. In addition, it has quite a soothing that will indulge your hearing.

On the other hand, a water fall fountain can come in many shapes and types, such as wall fountain, or tiered fountain. It creates a gurgling water sound that is great to create a serene atmosphere. Unfortunately, this type of fountain needs quite a large amount of water. Read also: 5 DIY Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas with Tutorial for Your Outdoor Space

Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance is one point you should mostly consider in order to ensure your fountain keep running and last longer. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep fountains running.

The amount of maintenance required depends on the size and type of fountain. For instance, in addition to plumbing maintenance, fountains made out of concrete or cast stone require protection from the cold during the winter.

Fountains that shoot out pressurized sprays may also require advanced water fountain pumps and plumbing installations, which in turn can raise the cost of maintenance.

Safety is also important, especially if the owners plan to install the fountain in an area with kids and animals. In such situations, it is best to choose sturdy fountains with firm anchors that prevent them from toppling over.

To prevent algae growth and corrosion, some fountains require a lot more effort than others do. Instead of buying individual parts, owners can cut down on maintenance cost by investing in a waterfall kit.

Outdoor Fountain Ideas

Then, to simplify your consideration of finding the right outdoor fountain idea for your backyard, here are the 35+ incredible outdoor fountain ideas you can try now. Enjoy.

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Outdoor Fountain Ideas

Millstone Grinder Fountain Ideas

Inspiration can come from anywhere to enrich you outdoor fountain ideas. From the old millstone, you can create a sophisticated yet rustic fountain to decorate your patio.

Here, the water is spouting out from a millstone lying on the bed of rock. Then, the water is disappeared to the reservoir hiding inside the base. The uneven texture of the millstone top adds an interesting texture while some small stones on it giving uniqueness of rustic style this fountain overall look. (Read also: Wine Bottle Water Fountain)

Faux Bark Fountain Ideas

The cleverest parts in applying outdoor fountain ideas are blending it in with the natural element in your garden, patio, or backyard. One of the ideas you can choose is hiding it in a faux log fountain to create a unique and exotic fountain look.

The faux log is created with fiberglass material carved beautifully to mimicking the uniqueness of a log fossil. LED lights feature inside the faux log gives a beautiful accent when the night comes.

Classical Three-Tier Fountain

One of the most used fountain types is the three tier fountain. It is a very classical fountain design that is timeless and still up to date for recent trending style lately. It is great for outdoor fountain ideas as well as for indoor one.

Furthermore, this fountain becomes a nice focal point to this Spanish-style patio. The fountain is placed in the center of the garden, making a soothing sound as the water softly flows downward. Meanwhile, hydrangeas and potted ferns liven up this beautiful patio.

Three Tier Wooden Bucket Fountain Ideas

If you like to recycle old rustic objects, such as wooden wine barrel, this outdoor fountain ideas are great for you. Adopting tiered progression, this wine barrel fountain will be a sublime fountain idea to give your garden corner an eye-popping decoration.

In this case, you can transform three wooden wine barrels into an exceptional outdoor fountain with just some simple DIY steps.

Four Levels Square Fountain Ideas

Just like another tiered fountain, these outdoor fountain ideas are adopting tiered state in another shape. Inspired by Zen, this fountain comes with simplistic box forms to handle a three-tiered fountain. 

It brings a hearing serenity and visual complexity that comes in simple step in your garden. In addition, this beautiful fountain comes with a separated solar panel hiding away to ensure an Eco-friendly energy generating.

Japanese Style Bamboo Fountain Ideas

The fountain is a well-known garden element too in Asian, especially Japanese. Meanwhile, in Japan as well as other Asian countries, bamboo is one of the most used materials in any occasion, especially for water spouts.

Here, this unique fountain uses a bamboo for water spouts and a wooden bucket as a basin to bring the exoticness of Asia and serenity of authentic Zen garden. Click the button below to start your shopping if you fall in love with this Tamyong Bamboo Fountain.

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Mini Fountain of Youth

Looks like a three tier fountain, this gorgeous sculpted stone fountain is just actually a two tiered fountain. With three ways water spouts, this stone fountain will give a vibrant sound of water gurgle.

Meanwhile, you can put on a pot of beautiful flower plant to be a cute addition to the lowest tier of the fountain. Simply click the button below to start your shopping on Amazon.

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Three Levels Cascading Fountain Idea with LED Lights

With the cascading cube shape, this outdoor fountain idea is trying to mix the classic rustic style and contemporary style at one. It is exuded in tiered waterfall design with highly textured stone or concrete and modern sharp edged styling with LED lighting.

As a result, the hefty piece of the fountain that will be strong decoration for your contemporary or rustic style garden. If you interested with this mighty collection, you can just click the button below.

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Contemporary Mini Fountain Idea

This outdoor fountain ideas tries to adopt a Zen-inspired fountain in modern and contemporary style. Its simple, dark stone color, elegant lines, brings a timeless look to this beautiful focal point in your patio.

Comes with four ways water spouts that overflow to a curved rectangular basin, this beautiful modern Zen fountain surely will bring a harmony to your serene garden. You can directly click on the button below to start your shopping on this beautiful fountain.

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Tricycle Bucket Wooden Fountain

This small wooden fountain can be a unique feature in indoors or outdoor garden. Adopting a tricycle shape with a wooden bucket as a water basin, it uses a mini hand pump as the water spouts. In this case, this outdoor fountain ideas exude a classical and exotic style to your patio’s decorations.

Waterwheel Bucket Wooden Fountain Idea

This sophisticated and gorgeous outdoor fountain ideas will surely be a whimsical focal point to your garden or patio. By adopting a water wheel shape, this beautiful fountain surely gives a unique addition to your patio.

Meanwhile, the water wheel itself has 7 wooden buckets hanging on its static wheel to form a symmetrical double 3-tiered fountain. Here, the water finally flows on the oval wooden bucket below after spouting through sophisticated water circulation.

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Vanishing Fountain Idea

With a disappearing style, this beautiful fountain surely will give you a unique focal point for both of your outdoor living space. Actually, this outdoor fountain ideas  rpurposes an old well into a unique disappearing fountain.

The water falls from the edge of a wooden well wall and disappears into the pebble overlays below. It creates a relaxing soothing sound and unique patio decoration.

Wooden Block Fountain Idea

This simple outdoor fountain ideas will be great for your small patio. With an old wooden block that flows the water over a box filled with water hyacinth, creating a cute eye freshener in the small modern patio.

Wooden Waterwheel Fountain Ideas

This outdoor fountain ideas is another water wheel shape you can try now. Different with other water wheel ideas, this fountain features a wooden bucket atop of the water wheel. This wooden bucket becomes a water spout that can stir the wheel. Meanwhile, an oval classic wooden bucket becomes the water basin that hides a water pump inside.

Three Tier Square Wooden Fountain Idea

A three-tier wooden fountain that comes in square shape will be a great addition to your garden or patio. With pebble rocks overlays on each tier, it gives an exceptional contrast between rock and wood.

Meanwhile, the water spouts in the circular state to the lowest basin, giving a soothing sound of gurgling water when it hits the pebbles. It is quite a serene addition to your patio and garden.

Shallow Stream Mission Style Fountain Idea

If you have a quite large space for your garden or patio, the mission style fountain can be the great outdoor fountain ideas you can try right now. Inspired by Grand Canyon shallow stream, this mission style fountain is formed with stacked olive-colored rough marbles to from tiered streams. 

Finally, the stream flows to the pond by creating a dramatic wall of a waterfall. Meanwhile, a Kangaroo Paw adds a dramatic touch to this rustic, mission style fountain stream.

Jar Fountain in Shallow Stream Fountain Ideas

A dramatic impression is exuded in this outdoor fountain ideas. It starts with an antique French stone urn that is spilling water through the narrow rectangular pond filled with rock pebbles. 

This beautiful fountain becomes an exotic place to contemplate because of its serene, calm atmosphere. Meanwhile, scented geraniums and other foliage plants that grow nearby become a natural touch that elevates its serenity.

DIY Asian Wooden Fountain Idea

This is another Japanese style bamboo fountain that you can make with just simple steps. Even if it is just a handmade, this beautiful fountain surely is a classic, beautiful focal point to your garden.

The water spouts from a bamboo stick that produces a soothing sound when the water hits the stone basin below. Meanwhile, the vibrant color flower plants around the pond become a great element in this beautiful garden. It amplifies the serenity feeling the fountain wants to lift up.

Gold Mining Fountain Idea

Inspired by the golden fever era, these outdoor fountain ideas use runnel-like fountain shape to recall gold-mining flumes. It exudes a country style that brings a warmth and nostalgic impression in your patio.

Meanwhile, shrubs and bushes around the fountain become a pivotal element to exude the atmosphere of Yukon wilderness in golden fever era.

Three Tiers Glass Bowl Fountain Idea

This classical mini outdoor fountain idea comes with three-tiered glass bowl fountain. Carved and colored beautiful in beautiful carving and Tosca accent, this fountain surely a show stealer in your beautiful garden. Meanwhile, the bronze fountain base, crafted with classical style, becomes a fundamental element in your fountain’s beauty.

Spherical Zen Fountain Idea

If you want to create a contemporary fountain that becomes a sophisticated focal point to your Zen garden, this spherical outdoor fountain ideas will be amazing. The water overflows smoothly from a spherical glass in the center of the black finished rectangular pond.

Meanwhile, the spherical glass itself, stand on a round black stepping stone that looks like floating on the water. Surely, it brings a serene, tranquil impression to your Zen garden. In addition, some water plants such as water hyacinth become living elements that compliment this beautiful outdoor fountain.

Heaven of Greek Fountain Idea

Imagine when you walk around this heaven. The water is gurgling from a water spouts in the ponds while your eyes are being spoiled by the green accent all over this heavenly garden. The water on the pond becomes a subtle mirror that reflects the heavenly ascent of this beautiful garden.

Meanwhile, you can see a Greco-Roman style gazebo that becomes a luxurious touch in this fountain. In addition, a Baroque sculpture is floating on the pond to gives a classical impression, bringing you to the Ancient Greek heaven.

Asian Style Bamboo Fountain Idea

What will come with the combination of bamboo, water, and a layer of mildew on the rock basin? The answer is serenity and beauty. In this case, the beauty comes in simplistic outdoor fountain ideas with green bamboo that fits perfectly with the fresh green accent from the moss.

Meanwhile, the water basin is unintentionally decorated by some flowers floating around the basin. It creates a beautiful accent to this fountain overall look.

Ancient Jug Fountain Idea

If you want to create a rustic style with the touch of a natural impression on your patio corner, this beautiful outdoor fountain idea can be your option. Here, an old broken tilted jug is used to flow water to the natural pond below. It gives the impression as if the broken jug is the source of the water.

Meanwhile, the old wooden roots and some vines that swirling around the background becomes a beautiful complement to exudes its mystery. In addition, some water weeds on the pond below the jug adding a natural element in this rustic fountain.

Big Pebble Rock Fountain Idea

If you have an only small spot to place your fountain or pond, these simplistic outdoor fountain ideas can be your choice. A casted black rock bowl served as the water basin to create a mini fountain.

Meanwhile, the pebbles rock layer below the basin not only become a sturdy base but also become a utility element to lift up the overall look of your garden.

Stacked Rough Marble Fountain Idea

If you want to add a beautiful fountain that comes from a rough material such as marbles or sandstone, this rough marble outdoor fountain idea is incredible for you. 

The water spouts 2-3 inches from the top of randomly stacked rough marbles. It creates a soothing bubbling water sound that brings a serene impression for your hearing.

Then, the water overflows to the hidden reservoir below the fountain, creating a disappearing waterfall. This product is available in sandstone or bluestone that surely will lift up your patio overall look.

Faux Bark and Two Jars Fountain Idea with LED Light

Do you want to bring a natural look with a little bit of modern touch to your patio or garden in an instant? This outdoor fountain ideas can be a complete fountain set you can directly buy with just a simple click on the button below.

Here, this fiberglass fountain is crafted beautifully to mimicking an old bark. Meanwhile, the water spouts from two mini jugs that create a soothing sound of gurgling water. In addition, an LED light becomes a beautiful accent to complete your fountain overall look.

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Slatted Fountain in a Broken Jar Idea

Do you want to add a portable water feature both of your indoor or outdoor area? This beautiful slated fountain will be a great addition. By a simple click of buy button below, you can start to shop these unique outdoor fountain ideas.

This gorgeous design is equipped with seven tiers of warmly hued water bowls. It intended to elevate your daily experience with this stunning and soothing outdoor fountain. Comes with a tall broken jug shape, this fountain is adopting the slated design with 7 tiered waterspouts.

It surely gives a soothing sound of spouting water once it is placed. In addition, the earth-tone finishing on the ceramic made broken jug makes this beautiful fountain fits perfectly in any patio style. Furthermore, the yellowish LED lights become a nice accent that accentuates its character.

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Small Fountain in The Colorful Garden

If you only have small space for your backyard, a small fountain is a perfect solution. It can be a sweet addition to the larger patio as well as it is reasonable for smaller one.

This small fountain can be one outdoor fountain ideas that you can use to liven up your backyard. Furthermore, as the water flowing and gurgling, its sound gives calming effect for guests.

Then, the circular pattern formed by blue tinted bricks formation become an eye-catching base for the fountain. The fountain itself has the cool hues that fit perfectly with the overall look of the patio.

In addition, the blooming plants all over the backyard become a great ornament that perfect the backyard look.

Japanese Style Concrete Fountain

There are many shapes and designs of outdoor fountain ideas that you can choose for your backyards. Meanwhile, this Japanese style concrete fountain can be a nice element to be added to your patio. This simple and sleek concrete fountain also can be a perfect choice for the contemporary patio.

Blending beautifully with the stone-lined pond, the soothing sound of running water becomes a great combination with the sheet of water spill that catches the sunlight. As a result, it creates a beautiful combination that treats your sighting and hearing.

Small Fountain on The Patio Table

To create a simple twist on your table patio, you can put a mini fountain upon the table to give a simple yet beautiful twist. If you want to apply these simple outdoor fountain ideas, you can easily create a DIY mini fountain with a pot, spout for water, and mini aquarium pump.

Here, you can see water bubbles out from a mini frog shaped water spout to the blue cobalt pot. In addition, you can add some floating flowers in the basin for an interesting complement.

Asian Style Square Concrete Fountain

This outdoor fountain idea adopts the Asian touch to create a simple yet soothing focal point in your backyard. This beautiful fountain includes a bubbler nozzle to flow the water into four-way waterfalls into the basin below in simple straight lines.

With concrete material, this fountain offers a durability in a beautiful package. You can add Asian-origin plantings to affirm its Asian theme.

Small Fountain in A Rock Bowl Idea

For your informal garden, the perfect outdoor fountain ideas you can use is a simple one. But, to make it special, a simple one is not just enough.  You need a perfect placement and arrangement to make it blends with the overall look of your patio.

The fountain comes with stone casted half round fountain to give clean lines and natural shape. Furthermore, the water flows into the basin below from a disk on top. It creates the soothing sound of water that is simple yet elegant. In addition, you can increase or decrease the water level to adjust the level of the gurgling water sound.

Spherical Rock Fountain on Square Rock

You can use a hidden reservoir, for an easy maintenance and beautiful arrangements. In this case, you can see that the water cascades over a rock sphere and flowing into a basin below.

For a shocking contrast, you can use foursquare pavers to surround the rock sphere as the focal point of the fountain. It creates a unique feature for your patio in contemporary and modern style.

Tall Bamboo Fountain Idea

Another bamboo fountain for you who want to add a serene and calming style for your patio. Here, you can see the water pours from a long spout into a small stone to create a calming and tranquil sense.  In the end, a stone basin that fits perfectly with the beautiful decoration all over the patio gives an easy maintenance fountain.

Rustic Concrete Fountain

If you want to give exoticness of a fountain in your patio, be sure to fit it with your overall patio look. In this case, the fountain is adopting the contemporary style with curved concrete basin. The basin then captures the overflow water to the pond below that blends perfectly with the landscape in your outdoor.

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Outdoor Fountain Ideas

Simple Tips & Tricks to Find The Right Outdoor Fountain That You Can Try Now

The first step is get inspired. There are so many choices to consider:

  • Above ground, inground, or partly inground
  • Type of materials to contain, surround, and line the pond
  • Formal, casual, or naturalized
  • Waterfalls, bubblers
  • Fish, plants (the other wild things will find it on their own)

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