Panasonic Whisper Quiet Bathroom Fan With Light: Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 Review

Having an enjoyable bathroom with the sophisticated features is every homeowner’s dream. Of course, people would like to set the bathroom as cozy as possible. For that reason, dozens of home appliance’s brands offer some reliable products to complete your valuable bathroom.

You will find hundreds of appliances offered to join your bathroom. One of the world’s famous brands which offer satisfying appliances to make your bathroom more impressive is Panasonic. They have involved in the business for decades and produced reliable products for the home improvement.

Panasonic Whisper Quiet Bathroom Fan With Light
  • 3.7K

Credit: Amazon

Nowadays, many homeowners have applied some sophisticated bathroom features to make their room feel more comfortable. The most favorite one is the whisper bathroom fan with light. It works to keep the room feel fresher while you are bathing after work, and also beautify the room at the same time.

Here, we have a recommended Panasonic whisper quiet bathroom fan with light which is FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen Bathroom Fan.  This product is really good for you to complete your daily life withs reliable performance. To make you easier in choosing the Panasonic product, we also review the product as brief as possible. The product review completes with features including design, appearance, performance and price.


Panasonic Whisper Quiet Bathroom Fan With Light

Panasonic Whisper Quiet Bathroom Fan With Light
  • 3.7K

Credit: Amazon


Panasonic WhisperGreen Bathroom Fan comes with such adorable design with built-in SmartFlow technology. The design makes the product deliver an attractive appearance when you install it in your bathroom. With small size design, certainly, it will not spend much space in your bathroom ceiling. This Panasonic bathroom fan is also installed on the ceiling with a hidden assembly, so, you just feel the air flow without looking its machinery.

Performance and Features

For this Panasonic bathroom fan, it releases the wind automatically with static pressure to assure the optimal CFM output work. The supported features perform in giving the powerful pressure coming from the bathroom fan.

Furthermore, this Panasonic whisper quiet bathroom fan with light is also equipped with DC motor with SmartFlow technology that will automatically increase when the fan senses pressure. To ensure its performance, the fan is certified with the Energy Star, HVI, and LEED for Homes. Equipped with certified sones at 0.25″ w.g and powerful CFM output at 0.25″ w.g, they are quite under pressure.

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For the appearance, Panasonic is well-known as the innovator of sophisticated technology. As well as for the bathroom fan, the WhisperGreen advances the technology by providing the light combo model to illuminate the fan. The provided LED technology allows the light to last four times longer than fluorescent ones. It has the replaceable lamps with 7W GU24-base LED lamps to contribute a great lighting.


The Panasonic whisper quiet bathroom fan with light offers the simple and easy steps to customize and install in your bathroom. For assembly, the Panasonic fan, selecting the fan base model is required. The goal is to make an easy way in setting the speed of the air flow.

With choosing the add-on features, it will remain the slot to be customized with a night light, motion sensor or coagulation sensor. Do not forget to install the Flex-Z Fast Bracket to place the bracket in a good position for great installation.


The price offered at Amazon to get this product is $205.99, that is very affordable to get an excellent Panasonic bathroom fan. The Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 is such a satisfying product that works really well. In addition, with that price, you really have the stunning and excellent Panasonic’s product.


The Panasonic covers the warranty on parts and machine system. It offers the warranty for DC motor and fan parts. The company gives 6 years warranty on DC motor and 3 years on fan parts. The warranty is really reasonable for Panasonic product. As a result, it expands the great features and specifications that will be explained below.

Product Specifications

 Type  Fan
 Models Fv-05-11VK1
 Sone <0.3 sone
 Color Green
 Size  7.38″ x 10.25″ x 10.25″
 Air Flow Capacity 110 CFM
 Product Dimensions 10.2″ x 10.2″ x 7.4″
 Pick-A-Flow Speed

Selector with DC Motor

 50, 80 or 110 CFM;

110, 130 or 150 CFM

 Built-in Multi-Speed No
 Plug’N Play Module OptionMulti-speed Module,

Select up to 2 additional Modules

 InstallationFlex-Z fast installation bracket,

amalgamated dual 4″ or 6″ duct adaptor

As the world’s leading electronic manufacturer, Panasonic always keeps innovating their products. The company always provides the best quality product with high performance to ensure its reliability.  Furthermore, this Panasonic whispers quiet bathroom fan is really recommended for you to buy in completing your sophisticated bathroom appliance.

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