Five Keys Aspect to Create A Paris Themed Girl Bedroom

France is a country that is full of inspiration. Romance, elegance, luxury, and artistic becomes the characteristics and even “breath of life” in a country that is famous for its stunning Eiffel Tower. The beauty itself is even felt when we hear the French language pronounced by the Frenchmen. How elegant and beautiful the flow of words with intonation and pronunciation that are complicated and amazing. It is not wrong if the French language was appointed as the most beautiful and hardest language in the world. Same as the inspiring city, a Paris themed girl bedroom will give an elegant and stylish impression in the overall look of the bedroom.

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Similarly, the streets, landscapes, gardens, shops, and cafes are all arranged so artistically that it becomes the inspiration for many people to bring French elegance into the layout of their homes. In this article, you can find any ideas to bring the elegance of France that can be the inspiration for your Paris themed girl bedroom.

Paris Themed Girl Bedroom

  1. Eiffel Tower and Any Other Main Landscape in Paris

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    If we said about Paris or France, it is impossible if we don’t talk about Eiffel Tower. As one of 7 Wonders of The World Eiffel becoming the most important landmark in Paris. So you can embed this landmark to your Paris themed girl bedroom.

    You can set an Eiffel themed wallpaper, put Eiffel clock, hang Eiffel Tower picture or any other accessories in your bedroom. You can apply another France landmark accessories such as Musee du Louvre, Arch de Triomphe, etc to bring additional touch.

  2. French Cafe

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    French people love to drink coffee or tea. They usually go to the cafe to have a chat after work or any spare time. These Cafés are spread across the streets of Paris with its own elegant characteristics. Curbside chairs and tables with colorfully striped tents are the hallmarks of suburban Paris cafés. You can apply the atmosphere of the cafe to your room by installing café themed wallpapers. With its white and red striped canopy, you can bring more nuance of Paris to your bedroom.

  3. French Proverb

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    French is the hardest and most beautiful language in the world. You can bring this beauty into your room by installing a wallpaper or paintings with a French proverb or phrase to add elegance and savvy nuance in your room. You can also apply it to your bedroom set such as bed cover, pillow, etc.

  4. Color Composition

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    An elegance can be brought by playing with the color composition in your bedroom. French was characterized as romantic, elegance, and artistic. You can apply soft color to your wall such as soft fuschia, romantic pink, broken white, light gray, etc and combine it with flowery ornament. You can apply this composition to your bedroom set too as well as another accessory.

  5. Baroque Style

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    The Baroque style is a common style of art that can be found in Europe especially in France. This style was one of the main characteristics of style in France since Renaissance. This style was described as luxurious, fancy and majestic style. You can find this style in classic French castle, museum, furniture, etc. In the modern era, you find that this style becomes the inspiration of many Disney’s Princess theme. To bring this style in your Paris themed girl bedroom, you can use pieces of furniture full of carved a la Disney’s Princess to bring the luxurious of the France in Renaissance era.

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