Classic Hanover 5-Piece Cast Tabletop Patio Furniture Sets With Fire Pit

The patio furniture sets with fire fit consist of 4 deep-seating chairs and 1 square gas fire fit in cast tabletop. The Hanover 5-piece cast tabletop has durable in usage and aesthetic value with art construction. There are two option tables that offer including a porcelain tile-laid top and cast-iron table top. Moreover, the fire fit cast tabletop can hold off a 20 lb. gas tank but it’s not included in the base along to control the height of the flame.


Patio Furniture Sets With Fire Pit

The Hanover 5-Piece tabletop has some great features that give the artistic appearance.


patio furniture sets with fire pit
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1.All-Weather Construction

In fact, the best furniture is a furniture that can be flexible use in every weather for summer and winter. Actually, the Hanover table with fire pit comes with the durable weather construction such as aluminum framework. It is made from fully cast that can soak away the rust. In addition, the cushion uses the premium olefin fabric with natural oat color that can handle the humidity and UV harm.

2. Ambiance and Function

The Hanover with 30,000 BTU fire pit that can heat up to 15 ft. radius actually allows your big family and guest in enjoying the warm outdoor fire fit at night. Furthermore, the LP gas can hold about 20 pounds tank in the hidden chamber but the gas tank is not included. It is completed with tile top table and the cast-iron including a fire pit to cover the lava coal when it is not used.

3. Adjustable Comfort

Certainly, the cast aluminum table-top keep around 18.75″ fire box while the porcelain tile tabletop handles a square 18.75″ fire box in its center. Furthermore, the lava rock coal presents a nest for the flames and the valve in the cabinet.


The Hanover 5-Pieces Traditions Cast tabletop is completed by the specifications and product for detail below.


The Specifications

 Fire Pit Dimensions 44.88″ D x 24.41″ H x  44.88″ W
 Seat Dimensions 20.28″ W x 19.49″ D x 18.5″ H
 Chair Dimensions 26.18″ W x 30.51″ L  x 36.22″ H
 Seat Cushion Dimensions 23.22″ D x 3.93″ H x  22.44″ W @9 lbs
 Chair Seat Dimensions 20.28″ W x 19.49″ D x 18.5″ H
 Back Cushion Dimensions 24.02″ D x 3.14″ H x 21.25″ W @ 8.7 lbs
 Chair Weight Capacity 250 lbs
 Cushion Color Natural Oat in olefin fabric
 Table Top Max Capacity 100 lbs

Product Details

 Product Dimensions 26.2 ” x 30.5″ x 36.2″
 Item Dimensions 36.22″ x 26.18″ x 30.51″
 Origin China
 Manufacturer Hanover
 Shipping Weight 56 Pounds
 Item Weight 123 Pounds
 Material Type Aluminum Patio Sets
 Color 36.22″ x 26.18″ x 30.51″


The Price

For the price, you can have it about $1,226.20. With that price, you can absolutely get the best and classic patio furniture sets with fire fit in it. Furthermore, you can see at Amazon for more detail about specifications and the features.

After you read about Hanover 5-Pieces Traditions Cast Tabletop with Fire pit for features, specification and the price, perhaps, you have decided to buy a good one that certainly suitable for you. We hope that you won’t be miscast in choosing the patio furniture sets with fire pit. Good Luck!!!

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