30 Gorgeously Pretty Pink Girl Bedroom Ideas For a Chic Nuance

Pink is surely one of the best color choices when you are about to decorate your beloved girl’s bedroom. It will give such a beautiful feminine look which sparks out a cheerful nuance very well.

The next thing that you have to do after choosing pink as the main color of your bedroom, is thinking about how to decorate it beautifully. Yeap, it’s all about choosing the right decor items, furniture, accessories, or even other colors to match with the pink overall look.

For that, you must need some inspiring ideas that you can use as the reference to beautify a pink bedroom. Lucky for you, there are some creative homeowners who have created the mesmerizing pink girl bedroom decorations which are so tempting to copy.

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So here, we have picked lots of pink girl bedroom ideas which are totally worth to steal with their admirable look. Let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Pink Girl Bedroom Ideas

Give a Princess Touch

pink girl bedroom 1-min

It’s surely a great idea to add such a princess-themed decoration to a pink girl bedroom. You can choose the ruffle bed cover and a classic bed frame to create such look.

Keep it Bright

pink girl bedroom 2-min

White is one of the friendliest colors to match with other shade. In this pink girl bedroom, a deep pink area rug attractively colorizes an all-white decoration, and the result is an inviting pretty bedroom which you can simply copy.

Neutral Decorative Wallpaper

pink girl bedroom 3-min

The white decorative wallpaper in this bedroom makes all those pink bedding and furniture popped up gorgeously. It can be a great inspiration to create a festive pink girl bedroom which looks more calming.

Shaded Bed

pink girl bedroom 4-min

Since the bed is the main focal point of a bedroom, choosing the one which looks as attractive as possible is a must. Here, a pretty pink and white bedding with the matching shade is chosen, which makes a white room look way more admirable.

Install a Huge Window

pink girl bedroom 5-min

Today, a big window has become the popular addition to a bedroom since it can let the natural light to come in optimally. Installing such window in a pink girl bedroom will surely make it feel more exhilarating to enjoy.

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Safari Element

pink girl bedroom 6-min

You can go with the animal-printed bed cover, pillow, rug, or decor items to decorate a pink girl bedroom. They will make it look more decorative in a very fun way.

Yellowish Touch

pink girl bedroom 7-min

To make a pink girl bedroom look more cheerful, yellow is surely the best choice to match. This idea shows a chic yellow wall with the pink accent and a yellow bedding over the pink bedding which look so inspiring.

Pink Domination

pink girl bedroom 8-min

The captivating bedroom which is dominated by hot pink to add to your inspiration list. Then, almost all the furniture and bedding are finished in white which gorgeously neutralizes the nuance of the room.

Greyish Pink

pink girl bedroom 9-min

Another nice neutral shade to combine with pink is grey which will create a beautiful soothing mixture. Soft pink and soft grey can be the good option that you can try to create a chic pink girl bedroom.

Multicolor Decoration

pink girl bedroom 10-min

This pink girl bedroom looks so attractive with lots of colors around which look nicely harmonious. The shades of pink and yellow add a very cheerful atmosphere to this plain room perfectly.

Striped Accent

pink girl bedroom 11-min

The stripe touch can simply make a room look way more stylish, and adding such touch to a pink girl bedroom is surely a go. You can finish the walls with the combination of white and pink in a stripe pattern.

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Pink and Blue Bedroom

pink girl bedroom 12-min

If you want to have a more vibrant pink girl bedroom, this inspiration can be a good option to copy. It combines the bright pink and blue which creates a very fun decoration.

Adventurous Vibe

pink girl bedroom 13-min

The beautiful pink girl bedroom with he fairy tale jungle decoration which looks so inspiring. All the decor items complement the bedding perfectly to create a very captivating atmosphere.

Pinkish Monochrome

pink girl bedroom 14-min

The black and white bedding, accessories, and furniture decorate this pink girl bedroom wonderfully. It looks pretty and elegant at the same time which is perfect to use for a girl or adult.

Industrial Touch

pink girl bedroom 15

Adding an industrial decor item or accessories to a pink girl bedroom can be a very good way to make it look so stylish. Here, the vintage black light fixtures and wall clock are chosen to give an industrial touch to a simple pink bedroom.

Soften the Shade

pink girl bedroom 16-min

Go with soft pink if you want to have a soothing bedroom with the pretty feminine nuance. Then, choosing other shade of pink for the accessories or decor items can be a good idea to make it look more colorful.

Pink and Wood

pink girl bedroom 17-min

The combination of matte pink an wood flooring in this pink girl bedroom can be a good inspiration to create a more natural decoration. It makes the room feel much fresher to enjoy.

Play with Bold Touch

pink girl bedroom 18-min

If mixing the color of the walls doesn’t suit your taste, you can try to give a simple bold touch to make a pink girl bedroom look more elegant. For instance, the bold navy satin drapes are installed to calm the hot pink wall beautifully in this idea.

Dolls and Toys

pink girl bedroom 19-min

Make your girl’s beloved dolls to be part of the room’s decoration by choosing the one which complements its overall look. For a pink girl bedroom, white, soft pink, or brown dolls can be the good options.

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Statement Chandelier

pink girl bedroom 20-min

This one is literally an all-pink girl bedroom with which is complemented by white to neutralize it. The chandelier is surely an element of the room which brings its style to a whole new level.

Textured Bed

pink girl bedroom 21

It perhaps safe to say that the more textured your bedding is, the more comfortable you will be. Here, the ruffled throw pillow and blanket totally become a mesmerizing and comforting addition to a pink girl bedroom.

Creamy Decor

pink girl bedroom 22

The cute pink girl bedroom with the creamy color combination of soft pink and vanilla blue. Then, the polka-dot pattern of the linen makes the room look decoratively chic which is so inspiring to try.

Pretty Rustic

pink girl bedroom 23

Here, the cute pink bedding with the catchy strawberry and chevron pattern is made as a focal point in a rustic room. The unfinished wood flooring and vintage furniture gorgeous complement the bed in a more distinctive way.

Keep it Simple

pink girl bedroom 21

The simple admirable pink girl bedroom with the cozy neutral nuance that you will love. It’s actually an all-white bedroom which is colorized by the pillows and linens in shades of pink look beautifully.

Colorfully Classic

pink girl bedroom 25

Who says that you can’t go cheerfully colorful if you pick the classic nuance for your pink girl bedroom decoration. Well here, the classic drape with the classic pattern in pink and white become the main element which influences the overall look of the room attractively.

Go Scandinavian

pink girl bedroom 26

You will never go wrong to pick Scandinavian as the style of your pink girl bedroom decoration. Place some textured thick linens, rustic furniture, chic wall art, and indoor plants to create such look easily and simply.

Glamour in French

pink girl bedroom 27

This one is for you who want to have a superbly glamorous pink girl bedroom, and it uses the French-style bedding as its main focal point. The combination of tufted pink and gold accent of the bedding surely makes it way more glamorous.

Go Green

pink girl bedroom 28

The naturally-inspired pilows and cover in green of the bedding give such a unique refreshing touch to this adorable bedroom. You can copy this idea to create a gorgeously refreshing pink girl bedroom.

Add an Easy Sitting Area

pink girl bedroom 29

If you have a quite spacious bedroom, adding an easy seating area just like this idea shows is totally worth to try. It will create a cozy enjoyable spot for you and your more daughter to play with some toys.

Pallet Headboard

The unique pink girl bedroom with the stylish headboard made if wood shipping pallet. It gives a simple catchy touch to the bedroom’s decoration which you can try easily and cheaply.

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Pink Girl Bedroom-min

So those are some inspiring pink girl bedroom ideas that you can make as the ultimate reference to create such room. They smartly blend all of the elements of the room to create a beautifully pretty decoration.

You can pick the one which suits your needs and taste from all those inspirations. Furthermore, you also have to determine the existing layout of your bedroom to get a nice harmonious look.

Well, happy redecorating you own bedroom now!

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