25+ Effortless Pinterest-worthy Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Try

Decorating your bedroom as comforting as possible is a must since it’s the spot where you release all the tiredness after the rough day. The decoration, furniture, and accessories of a bedroom should look and feel inviting.

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration

The arrangement, color choices, or decor’s theme are some major factor that can determine how well you will have great comfort in your bedroom. You have to consider lots of things before you deal with those factors.

Luckily, there are millions of inspiring bedroom ideas that you can find o the internet. Some creative homeowners have created the mesmerizing bedroom decors which are so tempting to try.

Obviously, there’s no better place to find ultimate home improvement inspiration than Pinterest. Yup, you can always find the surprising ideas that definitely stun you.

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Here, we have picked some Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration ideas to ease you to find the best one. We chose them based on their beauty, uniqueness, and simplicity.

The surprise is, they are so easy and cheap to copy at home, so you don’t have to be tricky if you are tempted to build one at home. By just using easily available and affordable materials with just small efforts, you can have a dreamy bedroom for your maximum comfort.

Let’s just keep scrolling to check out our Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration ideas!

Pinterest-worthy Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Greenish Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 1-min

A refreshing bedroom decoration in a tropical theme that will surely provide you the maximum coziness. Here, the wallpaper with green tropical leaves gives the huge influence to the overall look of the bedroom to give particular nuance.

One of the catchiest things in Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration is the jute shade of the hanging lamp which adds another style to the decor. Then the minimalist bedding with tufted buttonA�headboard in gray beautifully neutralizes the color in this room.

This one is a great inspiration for you who have a big windowA�or glass door, to maximize the level of the light that comes in and make the room looks wider.

Dark Rustic Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 2-min

Again, wallpaper holds the major role to create the nuance of this bedroom decoration. The dark rustic wooden wallpaper is chosen here, creating a vintage industrial look which is perfect for you who love something more masculine.

Then, the vibrant orange quilt gives such a bright look to this neutral-colored bedroom. The tartan pillow also creates another style to the bedding which matches the wallpaper gorgeously.

Notice the hanging photographs on the wallpaper which enhance the vintage atmosphere of this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration.

Boho Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 3-min

A headboard always gives a strong statement to a bedroom decor, so choosing the unique one can be a nice thought to create a distinctive look. Just like in this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, the beautiful headboard gives a stylish touch to the decor.

The headboard’s construction is made of woods and linen which you can try to build one easily at home. The decorative blanket on the white bed looks so mesmerizing which flows beautifully with the headboard.

It’s such a tempting Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration for you who love Boho decoration.

Vintage Industrial Bedroom

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 4-min

This one is for you who want a softer industrial bedroom decoration. The classic steel bed frame in copper becomes the main focal point which creates such look to the room’s decor.

There’s no gray or black decor items here, all is finished in the soft tone which makes the atmosphere feels so relaxing. The furniture with wooden earthy finish adds a natural beauty to this bedroom.

With its blue and brown color combination, this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration is worth to include in your beach-themed bedroom inspiration list.

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Chic Teen Bedroom

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 5-min

The simple yet admirable bedroom decoration which fits well for stylish teens. It is such a simple bedroom with smart choice of accessories and furniture.

A low bed in BW look is chosen to match this all-white bedroom which looks beautiful. To give a more colorful touch, a vintage rug with festive decoration is placed close to the bed.

Almost all other accessories are finished in brass which warms up the room glamorously.

Pinkish Contemporary Bedroom

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 6-min

A pale shade always creates a calming atmosphere in the bedroom which makes it look and feel so inviting. In this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, pastel pink is chosen to paint its major walls.

The white bed linen with festive geometric pattern gives the room another style which is smartly chic. The furniture and accessories are kept simple with their natural finish and casual design.

This idea can be one of the teenage girls’ bedroom inspiration to copy.

Garden Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 7-min

Placing some plants in your bedroom is always a great idea since it can give you lots of benefits that you can enjoy. It’s not only about the look but also how the plants can give particular influence to your well-being.

In this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, the plants are placed in various position, creating a wonderful look. The plants give a nice natural color to this all-white bedroom perfectly.

Then, the bohemian-styled blanket and pillows add a charming decorative touch to the decor, making it perfect for Bohemian decor fans.

Furry Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 8-min

The beautifully stylish Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration which will represent your fashionable taste. Here, the pastel color in various shades holds the key to creating the decor’s particular look.

The pastel pink and grey linen combination is smart enough to make the bedroom look so gorgeous. It’s perfect for you who want a minimalist bedroom with more colors.

The furry throw blanket then enhances the beauty of the bedroom cleverly.

A�Lightened Canopy Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 9-min

Installing a canopy to your bedroom decoration is always a good idea to try. It adds another style to your bedroom and makes it feel more exhilarating to enjoy.

In this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, the lightened white canopy gives such a dramatic effect which looks so stunning. You can easily make the similar canopy by using some affordable materials.

Earthy Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 10-min

A cozy Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration with the earthy look which isA�perfect for you who love something simple. Here, shades of brown are combined with white to create a bright calming nuance.

The all-white bedding with light brown pillows matches the unstained wooden furniture and flooring gorgeously. You don’t find a lot of decor items here to let the relaxing nuance is popped up perfectly.

Chic Black Bedroom

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 11-min

Most homeowners prefer white or bright-colored bedrooms since they are much easier to decorate. Indeed, a dark-colored bedroom can be quite tricky if you don’t know how to beautify it properly.

In this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, the walls are all painted in black which makes it look gloomy. Then, the choice of bedding linens is the key which makes the room look way more attractive here.

The layered linen which consists of various color adds a stylish colorful touch to this black bedroom which you can try effortlessly.

Sleek White Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 12-min

Choosing an all-white bedroom is always a great idea since it’s timeless and always exhilarating to enjoy. This one is such bedroom without any vibrant color which is still worth to be a Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration.

The striped accent pillows give style to the white bedding in a simply gorgeous way. Then, the brass wall-mounted side lamps also give a small color to the room’s overall look.

The frames on the wall then give a decorative touch elegantly in BW style.

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Washed Rustic Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 13-min

Washed bedroom decoration is one of the most-adored layout chosen by many homeowners. It creates a distinctive look which makes the room so inviting.

In this idea, a wooden headboard in white-washed finish beautifies the white bedding very well. It creates a unique bright nuance which is so comforting to enjoy.

Other bedroomA�furniture and accessories are also designed in rustic style with wood materials in natural finishes.

Bright Orange-ish Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 14-min

The combination of natural wood finish and orange of this bedroom creates a clean bright look which is so tempting to copy. The design of the bed looks classically beautiful which enhances the beauty of this room.

Here, the geometric bedspread blends uniquely with the classic bed frame which also gives a nice decorative touch. The spacious room and huge glass windows also help the room look so cozy.

Floral Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 15-min

Who says that you can’t have a beautifully festive decoration when you have a narrow bedroom? Well, this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration just proves it that you absolutely can.

Here, one of the room’s major walls is decorated with colorfully decorative floral wallpaper which looks so catchy. The key is, the huge window in this bedroom lets the light come in perfectly, creating a freshly wide impression.

Then, this is basically an all-white bedroom with white bedding, wall, and flooring which, of course, makes it look so bright.

Striped Ceiling Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 16-min

This one is a simple yet unique Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration with decorative ceiling. Obviously, the ceiling becomes the main attraction of this bedroom since the walls are simply painted in grey.

The white bedding with purple matches the overall look of his bedroom perfectly. Then, to add a more stylish touch, a furry rug is placed underneath the bed beautifully.

A chandelier, chair, and storage box are just enough to become the functional and adorable decor items of this bedroom.

Minimalist Geometric Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 29-min

The easy decoration of this bedroom is totally mesmerizing, another great choice for you who love something simply admirable. The festively colorful geometric pattern gives the room a chic nuance that everyone will love.

But it has a unique factor, the bed with uncovered wood frame surely becomes a focal point which adds a distinctive touch to this bedroom. You can create the similar bedding by using shipping wood pallet easily and cheaply.

This Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration is so calming and comforting with its layout.

Brick Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 17-min

Adding the brick look to your bedroom decoration is one of the timeless choices that you can choose. It creates such a cozy refreshing atmosphere and also gives a distinctive touch to the room’s decor.

Here, the bright brick wallpaper is chosen to decorate one of the major walls of this white bedroom. The room looks brightly rustic with the simple minimalist bedroom furniture and accessories choice.

Scandinavian Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 18-min

Choosing a Scandinavian theme for your bedroom decoration is never a bad idea since it always looks admirable to enjoy. This Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration shows you how to make such decor easily and cheaply.

Here, the plywood headboard is installed to create an earthy rustic touch which then paired with Scandinavian pillow sheet and wall art. By those decor items, the room earns its gorgeous Scandinavian look which is so inspiring to try.

Fairy Tale Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 19-min

Do you want to feel a glimpse of fairy’s world in your bedroom? This Pinterest-worthy decoration is an inspiring idea to give your beloved room such dreamy nuance.

As you may have noticed, the shade becomes the main focus of the room which gives the particular look to its decor. The string light also makes the room look way more attractive.

Grey and Pink Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 20-min

This one is a simple inspiration for you who have a white bedroom to make it look so gorgeous. Pale pink and grey are smartly chosen to give a colorful touch to this bedroom which looks so comforting.

Since the bedding is always a focal point in any bedroom, it becomes the focus to influence the overall look of this room. The pink bed and pillow sheet and grey chunky throw blanket simply add another style here.

The wall art with similar shades then decorates one of the major alls which is enough to enhance the room’s beauty.

Lighten Pinkish Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 21-min

The pinkish bedroom is one of the trends that you can consider to try. The color is mostly combined with other tone down shades to create a cozy atmosphere.

In this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, the color is chosen to paint one of the major walls which then pairs with the gray brick wall. It’s surely a clever combination which can be an inspiration for your bedroom’s remodeling plan.

To make the room feels more exhilarating, the string light decorates the pink wall which also uses as the photograph’s hanger beautifully.

Wood Plank Headboard

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 22-min

A headboard is something that you can explore more when you want to give your bedroom a stylish touch. You can create so many headboard ideas on the internet just like the ones that we have picked in our DIY headboard ideas.

Here, the catchy headboard with decorative design decorates the room beautifully. You can create the similar headboard by using the wood planks which is finished with a particular pattern.

Such an inspiring Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration that you can easily to try.

Small Woody Bedroom

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 23-min

The wooden-style bedroom is chosen by many homeowners because it can bring up the ultimate coziness every time. Such bedroom also looks so admirable which is always tempting to copy.

This one is a narrow bedroom with wooden flooring and unique small bed which is made of shipping wood pallet.The striped wall of brown and white matches the room’s overall look perfectly.

Then, the decorative wall gives the room another style which makes it way more attractive.

Beige and White Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 24-min

Going with toned-down shades for your bedroom decoration alwys sound great since it calms the atmosphere around. The key is you have to combine it very well to create a harmonious look.

This all-beige bedroom layout is decorated with a simple white bedding and furry rug which looks simply mesmerizing. The other bedroom furniutre and accessories are also kept simple to make the room spacious enough to enjoy.

Textured Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 25-min

The textured bedroom linens can give a stylish look which can be a nice option to decorate it. You will have a superbly cozy bedroom to enjoy once you have them inside.

Here, the pink blanket with texture and pillow sheet beautify an earthy bedroom. It blends nicely with the wooden headboard in natural finish and greeneries around.

Polka-dot Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 26-min

There are hundreds of pattern that you can choose to decorate your bedroom, and polka-dot is always a beautiful one to pick. The pattern looks so catchy to bring a beautifully festive touch to a bedroom decor.

This Pienterest-worthy bedroom decoration is so adorable woth its polka throw pillow on its white bedding. Then, the colorful stringball accent enhances the decor into a whoe new style.

The headboard looks so unoque which you can try to make from some wood planks. It is such a good inspiration for a catchy farmhouse bedroom too.

Bold Wooden Headboard

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 27-min

Playing with headboard is the simplest way to creae a distinctive look in your bedroom decor. Just like this Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration, a simple headboard can give a huge influence to the room’s style.

A wooden headboard is comes with bold shades of green finish, creating a contrasting look to the neutral-colored bedding. It’s such a unique way to make a white bedroom has such surprising partivular statement.

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Simple Nautical Bedroom Decoration

pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration 28-min

An effortles Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration in nautical theme which looks so tempting to copy. Its shades of blue and white combination cerates a mesmerizing nautical nuance which is so nenjoyable.

The wood shipping pallet is, again, used as the material of the bedding’s headboard. It gives a unique touch and also bring up a more beach-themed-look creatively.

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Pinterest-worthy Bedroom Decoration pinterest

So those are some inspiring Pinterest-worthy bedroom decoration ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference. They are so tempting to become the inspiration next time you are going to remodel your bedroom.

The surprise is, you don’t need to spend lots of bucks to create your dream with those inspirations. Then, there’s no need of tricky elbow greases that you have to do since they are so easy to make.

Pick the one that suits your taste and the overall look of your bedroom space. Keep in mind to combine the color and arrange the bedroom stuff appropriately to have a nice harmonious look.

Well happy decorating your bedroom and make it Pinterest-worthy!

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