What You Need to Know about Pond Heater for Winter

A pond surely gives a great benefit to relax your mind, the sensation of hearing the sound of the moving water and watching the beautiful fish swimming around are so exhilarating. But then the winter comes, then you can’t enjoy your backyard’s pond as if it is in the summer. That is the time when you should consider buying a pond heater.

The freezing pond is definitely harmful the fishes, though they are hardy enough, but winter is not a friendly weather for them. Especially for a shallow and, which is less than 3 feet deep, a heater is a must install addition to your pond. In a deeper pond, fishes will seek for the warmer water to the bottom part of the pond, and they will not be able to do that in the shallow pond.

The ice which covers the pond’s surface also prohibits the gas exchange, the gasses which are released from the decomposing organism should be released from the water and when the surface freezes completely, the gasses are trapped, and also the oxygen to cannot get into the pond well.


Pond Heater for Winter

pond heater for winter tips
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A pond heater will keep the pond warm, and then you can enjoy it again and keeps the fishes stay comfortably inside.  There are two types of pond heater that you can choose which are:

  • Floating pond heater, it works to warm the surface of the pond and creates the open water area.
  • Submersible pond heater, it warms water from the bottom of the pond and works better to warm a wider are of the pond.


Things to Consider in Buying a Pond Heater

Always set up the pond heater when you find out the ice begins to freeze the water because the heater works to keep the ice forming in the first place. Before purchasing a pond heater, it is better for you to know some considerations, so you can pick the right one, below are the brief explanations.

The Energy Source

It is an important thing to consider, because you will run the heater for about several weeks perhaps, and there are three options available for you which electricity, gas, and oil. If you are looking for those which are economical and easy to maintain, the oil and gas powered heaters are the best. The electricity heater can be so expensive for its maintenance and might present some electrical risk.

The Power

A good pond heater should be able to warm up a 600 gallon pond, and if you have a larger one, you have to use two or more heaters.

The Recommended Pond Heaters

Here, we have picked five good products of pond heaters for winter which you can buy now. They have nice features and offered at quite affordable prices. Choose the one which suits your need and budget.


Bermuda Pond Heater by Greenfingers (Price: $20.34)

This is the cheap pond heater which works well for a pond with about 2.3 square meters wide. Another addition is required when you have a larger pond.

Bermuda Pond Heater by Greenfingers
credit: Amazon

Product Information

Size 9 inches (iron length),  4 x 1 inches (float dimension)
Wattage 150 Watt


K & H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer with Removable Floater Ring (Price: varied based on the wattages)

It is an affordable pond heater for winter which could be a floating and submersible heater at the same time. The heater also has the thermostat control feature which will turn the heater on and off due to the surrounding temperature.

K & H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer with Removable Floater Ring
credit: Amazon

Product Information

Size 6 inches diameter
Wattage available in 250 Watts ($28.61), 500 Watts ($30.37), 750 Watts ($30.84), 1000 Watts ($30.79), and 1500 Watts ($36.89)


Hozelock Floating Dome Fish Pond Heater (Price: $30.85)

The economical floating pond heater with 100 watts feature, a good choice to create an open water area in a frozen small pond.

Hozelock Floating Dome Fish Pond Heater
credit: Amazon

Product Information

Size 2 inches diameter x 4 inches height
Wattage 100 Watt


Laguna Power Heat De-Icer for Ponds 500 Watts (Price: $89.99)

The UFO-like pond heater has the dual zone integrated thermostats and made of stainless steel. It is such a durable de-icer which is very recommended to buy.

Laguna Power Heat De-Icer for Ponds 500 Watts
credit: Amazon

Product Information

Size 9.5 x 8 x 9.5 inches
Wattage 500 Watt


Laguna Power Heat De-Icer for Ponds 315 Watts (Price: $67.23)

The last one is also a pond heater from Laguna which is equipped with highly visible LED pilot light, and integrated thermostat to shut off the heater when it gets overheated.

Pond Heater for Winter 5
credit: Amazon

Product Information

Size 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.2 inches
Wattage 315 Watt

Always keep in mind that those heaters don’t work to warm your pond, but their main job is to deicer the frozen pond’s surface, so the gases exchange are going well, and the living things in your pond can live comfortably

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