Beautiful and Easy DIY Pond Tire for Your Backyard

Reusing some old stuff has been a fun trend right now, many creative people have turned some ugly things from the basement into a unique and useful property. Sometimes you don’t think those stuff can be modified and give you so many benefits.

When it comes to a backyard, a pond is a must built feature. There is nothing better than enjoying an afternoon tea time while watching the colorful fishes swimming around in your pond, so relaxing.

Many homeowners have a pond with stunning design, adding a fountain, waterfall, stones, aquatic plants are a great idea to decorate your pond. They also build a pond in various shapes which are very attractive.

Building a pond can be an expensive, especially when you want to build a complicated one. You will need to buy some materials and pay the labor to make build a pond in your backyard.

Then, what about a DIY pond? Who says you need to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful pond in your backyard? Of course, it will become an affordable option if you want to have a pond. This DIY pond is made of some tractor tires, and so easy to build. You won’t need any tricky steps, or hard to get materials.


DIY Pond Tire

pond tire diy
credit: Handimania


What you will need to build this pond tire:

  • a used tractor tire (and some small tires if you have)
  • garden foil
  • sand
  • gravel
  • big stones
  • plants

For the tools, you will need to use:

  • a level
  • a shovel
  • a scroll saw


  1. Dig a hole which is a little bit bigger, or about 30 cm bigger than the tractor tire. The depth of the hole should be deep enough to occupy the tire and some sand underneath. Put some sand in the hole and to make it perfectly flat, use a level. Then place the tractor tire inside.

    pond tire 1
    credit: Handimania

  2. Cut the top part of the tire, so the hole is large enough to be a pond. Use the scroll saw for this step, and do it carefully.

    pond tire 2
    credit: Handimania

  3. Wrap the tire with the foil, then place it in the hole.
  4. Put some gravels around the tire.

    pond tire 3
    credit: Handimania

  5. Decorate the pond with some bog stones and plants as you wish.
  6. Now fill the tires with water, and your DIY pond tire is ready to go!

Se? it is so easy to build and with a little help of a friend, it will be a lot easier. Beautify the design of your pond tire as creative as you can y adding some attractive water features. The picture shows that there 3 tires used for the pond, so if you have some smaller tires, it is always a great idea to use them.

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Since the pond is not large enough, you can add some cute colorful fishes with some small lilies or lotus. Don’t forget to add pond aerator and pond filter to maintain the pond. You can place the pond next to your patio and have a joyful time watching those lovely fishes.

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