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How Much Does It Cost to Dig a Pond? | Complete Pond Guide

How Much Does It Cost to Dig a Pond feature

Building a pond in your backyard will create such a joyful oasis for your relaxing moment. Hearing the sound of the moving water and watching the colorful fishes swimming here and there will surely decrease the level of stress in your mind. Pond also makes your outdoor living space looks more attractive and inviting. Many […]

Complete Guides and Tips about Pond Aeration System

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Oxygen is one of the most important elements which is so beneficial for pond ecosystem. By oxygen, the aquatic ecosystem inside your water feature will thrive and maintain the quality of the water. When the oxygen level of the pond is low, the harmful algae will grow and destroy the ecosystem. Technically speaking, the nitrogen in the […]

How to Choose the Best Pond Fish for Sale | Tips and Guides

pond fish for sale

A pond without a fish is like an aquatic grave, it is just a dead water feature in your backyard. So adding some colorful and lovely fishes is a great idea to make your pond more alive and aesthetically pleasing. Watching the fishes swimming around and feeding them are so joyful and relaxing. Not only […]

Top 3 Easiest to Build and Cheapest DIY Koi Pond Filters

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What’s better than having an afternoon tea time while watching colorful fishes swimming here and there in your backyard? Building a pond in your outdoor space is so beneficial for you, it will beautify your backyard environment and helps you to relax your mind. A pond is like a must have natural addition next to […]

How to Get Rid of Pond Weeds and Prevent Their Coming Back

pond blanket weeds

One of the most disturbing problems for a pond’s owner is having an enormous blanket weed in his pond. This natural attack is really annoying, makes the pond looks aesthetically unpleasing and also harm your lovely fishes. You surely want to get rid of them as soon as possible, so you can enjoy relaxing in […]

What are the Best Koi Pond Plants? | Tips and Guides

Koi Pond Plants

Decorating your pond with some plants is surely a beneficial step that you have to do. Besides improving the aesthetic point of your pond, it also offers many benefits to the fishes that you are adopting. Water plants create a healthy and refreshing environment around your pond, they naturally filter the water, provide a lot […]

13+ Most Unique and Impressive Pond Fountain Ideas

pond fountain ideas

Perhaps, it is safe to say that a pond is one of the must build additions to your backyard. The trees and plants that you have planted are not really complete without the calming sound of moving water. Watching the colorful fishes swimming here and there is absolutely a joyful time to relax your mind. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Green Pond Water Problem

green pond water fix

For most pond owners, this is such a sticky situation. It is an absolute annoying problem which makes your gorgeous pond looks so ugly, and your fishes too, they may experience some green spots on their body. Green pond water is surely a number one problem for the water gardener, and getting through this thing […]