5 Glamorous Purple Living Room Rugs & Tips to Choose the Best One

Selecting the perfect rug should be an easy thing to do. You just have to pick the one that suits your taste and budget, right? However, there are several numbers 0f the material and concept that used to make the living room rugs. Then, you will find so many designs which can make you complicated to choose the best one to have.

The rug is a fashion part of the living room. It becomes the important aspect to make the room look more stylish. If you are the one who loves a colorful living room, you will assume that rug is a very important piece and a must have thing in your living room layout. The rug also is a very useful stuff for our daily activities.

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Rug gives its own impression, it appears in so many beautiful colors. A suitable color of the rug can beautify your living room more than before. Giving a combination color will be a good idea, as long as it matches your living room color or style. Then, purple perhaps can be a good color choice for the rug in your living room.

Purple is known as a color which can give the luxurious impression. It’s also easy to match with other colors which can balance your living room. Purple rugs can surely make your living room looks better, and here we have some adorable purple living room rugs for your reference.

5 Lovely Purple Living Room Rugs Model With The Luxurious Impression

Alexis Light Violet Area Rug (Price: $54.99)

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This one looks so comfortable. The plain color of purple will make your living room look more luxurious and brighter than before. It is a stylish rug to refresh the living room atmosphere. The soft material can be a place for lying and warm up your floor. This beautiful one is also stain resistant, it will become the easy cleaning rug. One of the best compliment for your lovely living room, isn’t it?

Hand-tufted Purple Shag Area Rug (Price: $173.99)

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This unique patterned rug is definitely beautiful. The combination of purple of the pattern is really attractive to be the perfect completion for your living room. The plush polyester pile with cotton back make this rug a scratch resistant one to put on the hardwood or any kinds of floor. The colors and the pattern will completely suitable for any of your living room decor and styles. The price also not a problem for this kind of rug. It is worth to buy.

Circinus Machine Woven Purple Area Rug (Price: $29.99)

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The ideal one for indoor used rug, which can be the superb completion for your living room beautiful looks. The luxurious touch and the artistic patterns of this rug surely can beautify your lovely living room more and more. It is a durable rug which made by the machine woven with using power loom. The floral print with deep purple color is very beautiful for your lovely living room. It will warm the floor and beautify the view. The affordable price also makes this one become reasonable to buy for you. It will be one of your favorite things in the living room.

Dallas Baroness Rug (Price: $79.61)

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The modern design which combined with the bold color and element of casual style makes this purple rug a perfect choice to enhance your living room style. The stain resistant material can make you feel easy when you clean it anytime. It will give the luxurious touch and renew the atmosphere of your living room. One of your best choice to beautify your living room with the affordable price.

Yareli Violet/Ivory Area Rug (Price: $26.99)

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Made of polypropylene, this beautiful one will be a great complement to give the glam touch to your living room. The perfect combination of violet, black, cream, and ivory can make your living room looks more luxurious and perfect. It also one of the stain resistant rugs which is easy to maintain. The result of machine woven work creates the best hight quality product to be one of the beautiful objects in your lovely living room. It will match with any of your living room color and styles. You know that the price is very reasonable, but the quality is not gonna make you disappointed to choose this one.

Those are 5 lovely purple living room rugs model with the luxurious impression that you will love to choose the best one to be added to your living room. Great products with affordable price is a great idea for your living room improvements.

Purple Psychology

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Purple contains the stability of blue color and the energy of the red color. It usually associated with royalty. Purple also symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. Then, it is good to be a color of the living room or the furniture. It is a beautiful color which is adored by both men and women.

Purple is considered to become the balance between two primary colors which are red and blue. It can give the calming effect to your living room and also gives the creativity impressions. For some people, purple is a color of pride. However, too much purple color around can make you feel irritable and arrogant, even you will become impatient with the people near you.

Tips Of Choosing The Rug For The Living Room

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Choose One Depends On The Function

For the living room, choose one of the rugs which can be used every time and can be easily cleaned. Because every people will spend their time much more in the living room. Choosing the stain resistant one is the best choice. The best rug for the living room is the one which not only beautifying but also one which can be used for a long time in daily activities in the living room. You have to understand the different function of rug for each room in your house.

Which One is Better, Plain or Patterned?

One of the important things to choose the best rug for your living room is choosing the form of the rug. Look around your living room, which one can be a better complement for the room? If your living room already has so many decorations, choose the plain one will be a wiser idea. The color will not wreck the beautiful views of your living room. But on the opposite, when your living room has less furniture and looks a bit plain, the patterned rug will become the best complement to make your living room more colorful. Think wisely before you add or change the rug to improve your living room.

Which Color Should You Choose?

The color is one of the most important aspects in choosing the rug for the living room. The dark colored rug can give the heavier impressions to your living room, but it will give the more elegant looks. The bright or neutral colored rug can give the light touch and will be suitable for any color of your living room. Bright color can give more life to the living room. For example, the bright purple colored rug will balance the color in the living room, and it can give the happy atmosphere and will make the living room more living. It is so simple to choose the right color for your living room.

How About The Material?

Now you can find so many materials of the rug, from the wool, jute, and much more. Choose one which has the best material and avoids one which can cause you problems. For example, don’t choose the rug that can keep the dust for a long time, it will be bad for you who have the dust allergy. Wool is the best material for the rug, it can be easily cleaned, warm, and also durable for you who rarely change the rug for the living room. Just check the material before you decide to buy the rug for your lovely living room.

Is The Price Reasonable And Affordable?

The last one is you have to choose the best one which appropriates with your budget. Choose the one which has the best quality but has the lower price. Compare the one you choose with the other products to see the difference in the price. If it is reasonable for you, it is okay to buy the one you loved.

Those are some tips for you in choosing the best, suitable, and comfortable rug for your living room. Hopefully, it can be your best reference to choose the best purple living room rugs for your lovely home and very useful for your daily activities.

The purple living room rugs is always a great choice when you are thinking about adding some new atmosphere to the room. It’s also easy to be mixed and matched with the existing color of your living room, then you will not be bothered to think about changing the whole room’s style.

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