Best Bedroom Air Purifier | QuietPure Whisper by Aerus Review

More and more, we always remind you about how important air quality for your life. As well as humidity levels, air quality holds vital role to determine how healthy your life is. Especially in the bedroom, air quality also becomes the indicator of how good your sleep is.

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For a high-quality sleep and healthier life, you have to get rid off dust particles, mold spores, etc from your bedroom. Even a regular daily cleaning is never enough to free your bedroom from many air impurities.

You always need the best bedroom air purifier to remove completely those impurities. Then, perhaps this QuietPure Whisper by Aerus is the best answer for you.

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QuietPure Whisper by Aerus Review

QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier
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The QuietPure Whisper by Aerus will efficiently and completely remove airborne impurities in a 350 square feet area. As mentioned in its name, it works quietly, and surprisingly quick too.

It works with 5 filtration stages such as HEPA, activated carbon, Vitamin C, and negative ionizer. With its stylish and modern design, it will be a nice element to your bedroom. Moreover, it has a unique aromatherapy disbursement pod that is not only purifying the air but also freshening your bedroom.

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As mentioned above, the QuietPure Whisper Air Purifiers by Aerus comes with five stage filtration:

  • HEPA filtration to filter airborne particles
  • Activated carbon filtration to absorb VOCs, chemicals, and odor
  • Nano filter
  • Vitamin C to reduce stress levels and make skin softer
  • Negative ionizer

A HEPA and activated carbon filters are a must feature for a standard air purifier. Even in several dehumidifier products, it becomes a useful additional feature. Surprisingly, Aerus also equipped this superb air purifier with Vitamin C feature. It claims that it will reduce your stress levels and make your skin softer. This is a quite smart product placement for women.

QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier
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In addition, it has an easy to read and intuitive control panel that will let you check and control the device effortlessly. It works with automatic mode and sleep mode that will automatically adapt with air quality in your bedroom. It is indicated with colored air quality display.

Blue means the air quality is good, while yellow indicates that it needs more purifying. If it turned red, you have to be aware as your bedroom air quality is in very bad level. In this case, the air purifier will work much harder.

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QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier
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Additionally, Aerus provides an aroma therapy disbursement pod in this product. You will get not only a healthier air quality but also a more pleasant and soothing fragrant once you put an aromatherapy inside.


QuietPure Whisper by Aerus
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A minimalist and trendy design of this air purifier makes it a nice addition for your bedroom decoration. Compact and efficient, the QuietPure Whisper by Aerus just need a little space on your nightstand. So, it will not clutter your bedroom’s space. Moreover, the LED light indicator in this product creates a dim and pleasant night light that will accompany your sleep.

Low Noise Operation

As its name implies, the QuietPure Whisper by Aerus works in whisper-like noise levels. You will hardly hear the noise comes from it thanks to its super quiet fan.

Even in its peak performance, you will just hear a slight whirring sound and not even any hum. Meanwhile, in sleep mode, you won’t hear any sound at all, makes it the best air purifier for your bedroom.

Energy Efficiency

It uses only a small energy consumption, thanks to the brushless DC fan motor which is equipped in this product. Meanwhile, in the moderate state, it will only use almost a half energy than the full performance. Makes it the best choice for your energy and cost saving.


The price of $199 is worthed for this superb and trendy product. Despite there are many products which are much cheaper, but still you can’t miss this product if you prefer the quality rather than price.


Overall, this QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier by Aerus is and exactly worth-to-buy product you must have. Better, fresher and more pleasant air quality is a guarantee from this product. Plus, its trendy and minimalist design will fit with any bedroom look.

Last but not least, a unique aroma therapy disbursement is equipped for your ultimate comfort. You won’t need to buy any additional aromatherapy disbursement device for your bedroom.

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