Ready to Move? 4 Things That Add Value to Your Home

Ready to Move? 4 Things That Add Value to Your Home

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Ready for a change of scenery? You’re not alone. With roughly 6 million American properties being sold every year, people in this country are moving more often than ever before.

And, as you can imagine, every single one of them wants to sell their house for as much money as possible! Are you in a similar position and want some expert insights on how to do it?

Well, you’re in the right place. Here are 4 quick and easy things that add value to your home.

  1. Fix Any Issues

Most houses have a few minor faults and flaws, right? Maybe there are cracked tiles in the bathroom, or the kitchen cupboards are in a state of disrepair. Perhaps your old living-room carpet has stains on it, or the upstairs lightbulb needs replacing.

Whatever the case, strive to fix these issues before showing would-be buyers around! Run an audit of every single defect, big or small, and set about rectifying them ASAP. A problem-free property always attracts more interest and higher offers.

  1. Invest in Energy-Efficiency

In today’s eco-conscious world, aspiring buyers are more interested in energy efficiency than ever before. If you can show them solar panels on the roof, high-quality double-paned windows, and thick insulation in the walls, you’re guaranteed to add value to your home.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the financial savings up for grabs too! Potential buyers recognize that energy-efficient features and appliances will reduce their utility bills, which adds to their appeal. Of course, those same benefits will apply to you for as long as you remain in the house.

  1. Increase Curb Appeal

Maximizing curb appeal is another key factor in terms of how to make your home more valuable. After all, first impressions count! You need to wow people from the get-go by upgrading your home’s exterior.

Having already fixed any obvious imperfections inside, try landscaping the yard, painting the fence and your front door, replacing the mailbox, and so on. These simple steps will make your house seem ten times more attractive from the outside, which is sure to boost peoples’ interest.

  1. Stage It Well

Ask any high-quality realtor, such as Joe Manausa Real Estate, and they’ll tell you staging is essential to selling a property for top dollar! It’s basically the real estate equivalent of putting on makeup before a night out. The goal is to showcase your house so that it looks its best for anyone who views it.

Among other important steps, you should spring clean and declutter each room. You should open the curtains, turn on the lights, and show the house on a sunny day. And you should remove personal touches (such as family photos and idiosyncratic art) to help people envisions themselves in the space.

Remember These Things That Add Value to Your Home

Ready to move? Well, be sure to keep these things that add value to your home in mind!

Follow our advice and you’ll be one step closer to selling your home for what it’s really worth. To learn more about increasing your property’s value, search “home” on the website now.

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