Reasons Why You Should Choose Futurewood Composite for Decking

 If you are looking for eco-friendly and low-maintenance wood for decking, you should consider Futurewood Composite Decking.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Futurewood Composite for Decking

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Futurewood Composite Decking was created with the goal of providing you with an ecologically sustainable and low-maintenance deck in one package. Feel secure in the knowledge that you’ve made a good financial decision that won’t harm the environment.

It is extremely eco-friendly, for the production of Futurewood Composite Decking, you don’t require forest timber. This way you can save trees, and maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem of the forest and the animals living there.

The three most popular choices for wooden decks are cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood, which is composed of a variety of various wood species. Both redwood and cedar are inherently pest and rot resistant and have a natural appearance, but they also have their set of problems.

These types of wood can be quite expensive, given the fact they are produced from forest timber. One of the best parts of Futurewood is that it is made of recycled materials, which makes it budget-friendly. This also makes it easier for people low on budget to get this material for their decks.

What is Futurewood Composite Decking?

 Futurewood composite decking frames are composed entirely of recycled materials.

Futurewood is a 100 percent recycled alternative “eco decking” that may be used to replace hardwood timber products. Futurewood provides decking, fence, and ornamental applications in various conventional and contemporary colors.

Futurewood Composite Decking was created with the goal of providing an ecologically sustainable and low-maintenance deck in one package. It is safe to say that the choice is economic as well as environmentally friendly.

Why Should We Use Futurewood Composite Decking? What are the Benefits?

 There are many benefits and reasons behind switching to Futurewood Composite Decking. Here is some example why you should be taking this material into account.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Futurewood Composite for Decking

  1. Eco-friendly Product with No Forest Timber Being Used

 Futurewood products resemble wood. However, they are produced from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and recycled hardwood timber, making them environmentally friendly.

As it is made of 100% recycled material, so no natural timber is used for its production. This makes it absolutely eco-friendly. The purpose is to keep a balance in the environment and decrease the amount of wildlife losing their habitat to build ours.

Futurewood is proudly helping the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in its efforts to safeguard the orangutans and address some of the world’s most pressing conservation issues.

  1. Great Option for Versatility and Easy to Install

Going for Futurewood Composite Decking is always fun because they come in many different colors. More options are always nice when you are planning on building your house based on a certain color theme or palette.

Futurewood composite timber products are available in different basic colors up to 12 varieties, as well as many treatment options, in single or co-extrusion variations. With Futurewood, finding a finish, appearance, and color that blends perfectly with your decor and suits your lifestyle has never been easier. Furthermore, it provides high quality, low maintenance with a variety of color option, that suites any scheme.

When buyers are in a dilemma about where to get colored wood for their deck, the choice should be Futurewood Composite Decking. The consistency of quality and ease of installation are also great. It is easy to install these deck frames with the correct tutorial and guidance.

Futurewood decking is used extensively in many projects, from pathways to stairs or balcony decks, demonstrating the flexibility of the material.

  1. A Budget-friendly Option

If you are worried about your budget and yet have to finish the deck, always go for Futurewood Composite Decking. It is pretty cost-efficient.

Futurewood decking, fence, and cladding products are simple to install. They come in set lengths and don’t need to be maintained on a regular basis.

The goal is to create and sell sustainable alternatives to the rainforest timbers that are currently utilized in construction. The eco cladding, decking, fence, and screening products increase performance in specific construction applications while also reducing reliance on valuable wood species.

They have the appearance of wood but come with a variety of extra functions, giving them an excellent value for money.

Futurewood’s new supply strategy has allowed them to work directly with the general people as well as big commercial builders. Allowing them to take advantage of the higher efficiency of the state-based warehouse and distribution, resulting in superior goods and services.

The Futurewood Composite Decking offered the homeowners a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean alternative that is also durable enough to tolerate the seaside climate.

  1. Extremely Durable; More than Timber Itself

Composite wood is durable, doesn’t need to be painted, and won’t rot, splinter, or lose its color.

In the first 4-12 weeks of exposure to the outdoors, the color of the Futurewood board will fade, afterward, it will last for many years once it is over with the first weathering process, with just minor variations from year to year.

The production method allows for a little color fluctuation among different boards and batches of material. It’s also possible that the color will vary somewhat over time.

Additional Benefits of Futurewood Composite Decking

When it comes to working on your house, you would certainly want to use the best fixtures and materials. As you would be spending so much on the house, you might face a shortage of money for decors as important as decks.

That’s the reason why you should go for budget-friendly Futurewood Composite Decking.

For homeowners, the deck is a high-value asset, so people want to use proper materials to guarantee its worth – and Futurewood assures exactly that. Whether it’s for a home or a business, most consumers choose a low-maintenance product that looks nice all year around.

Futurewood Composite decks require no sanding, staining, or refinishing and are practically maintenance-free. To keep the Futurewood deck looking excellent, IPS recommends washing it twice a year using Futurewood Composite Deck Cleaner or some product comparable to a hard brush.

Another advantage for the Futurewood consumer is that the composite decking is non-slip, whereas wood may be quite slippery when damp and moldy. The Futurewood Composite decking around a pool lowers the risk of sliding when walking in damp areas.

The purchaser’s next step is to upgrade to Futurewood boards, which would transform the whole outdoor space. Build the deck areas preferably with a product that would be low maintenance, requiring no painting or frequent screw tightening. Futurewood provided several benefits, including:

  • Damage resistance to sand and salt spray
  • Environmentally friendly boards with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – a great alternative to woods.
  • Availability of an unlimited palette of colors.
  • It’s simple to clean – just wash it, and it’s good to go.

Don’t assume just because it’s cost-efficient, it’s unappealing. With a great range in colors, Futurewood Composite Decking stands out as extremely nice looking for any deck.

Here are some additional benefits of Futurewood Composite Decking:

  • Standard 5.4m long lengths
  • Cut to size, lengths available up to 5800 mm
  • Resistant to White Ants/Termites
  • Suitable for 450 mm joist span
  • Fully finished and ready to install
  • No splinters or knotholes
  • No cupping or warping
  • No twisting or splitting
  • 15-year warranty
  • Mold & Mildew resistant
  • Standard concealed fix
  • Two surface options
  • No sap runs
  • Low water absorption

Go for Futurewood Composite Decking

With all these excellent benefits and reasons, you should definitely go for Futurewood Composite Decking, without any doubt. It will serve you for years, without having to maintain it every other day. Plus, it looks extremely stunning with all the colors it offers.

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