Red Cedar Fence Products | Western and Viking Red Cedar Fence

Having the natural fence around your home is absolutely people desire. With installing the cedar fence, automatically, you will get the natural beauty that appears from your fence. So, you can spoil your eyes while you are enjoying the hot tea or coffee in the backyard in the afternoon after works. Design arising from the red cedar fence makes your home getting adorable and stunning looks. Therefore, you and your family will not be bored there at home.

So, if you are planning to install the fence for your home, maybe this red cedar fence can be your option. But, before you decide to install them, you actually have to know the in part of red cedar fence products below.

Red Cedar Fence

1.Severe Weather Red Cedar Fence

red cedar fence
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Credit: Lowes

The first red cedar fence is made from 100% Western red cedar that provides the durability and long lasting performance. The red cedar absolutely looks naturally in appearance. This red cedar does not require to get difficult assembly because it is completed by the easy and quick installation. Just inserting the staples and galvanized nails, certainly, you can install the fence easily. By completing with the durable material, the western red cedar fence can soak the rot, debris, and termite away. This fence is built of 3/4″ groove fence board and Western red fence.

The Specification

 Common Panel Width 8 Feet
 Common Panel Height 6 Feet
 Common Picket Thickness 1″
 Actual Panel Width  8 Feet
 Actual Panel Height 5.7 Feet
 Actual Picket Width  5.2″
 Actual Picket Thickness 0.625″
 Numbers of Picket  18
 Retention in Pounds per Cubic Foot 7.51
 Wood Species Western Red Cedar Fence
 Fence Style Lattice on Top
 Material Red Wood


2. Viking Red Cedar Fence

red cedar fence
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Credit: Viking Fence

As you know that Viking is well-known for the premium and the best redwood that is really good used for home property, especially the fence. Furthermore, it is originated from Texas that still popular as Western red cedar. For installing this one, you do not need to do the maintaining because it is provided as the durable and long-lasting for a kind of fence. Well, you are prohibited in using the chemical for treatment or maintenance that can impact for the red cedar fence components. Absolutely, for you who are planning to build the wood fence, this Viking fence can be your opt-in installing them. For getting the best result, you can create the fence for the top for joining the quality material. So, you and your neighbor can enjoy the adorable red cedar fence with natural looks.

There is some choice for getting this red cedar fence including the best picket, popular picket and best value in the market with each specification.

  1. Best Picket

It looks grade and premium appearance with 5/4″ board with 1″ thickness. This is also smooth for all 4 sides that are available in 5″ and 6″ width.

  1. Popular Picket

It comes with different length in various stages that is available on thick board with 3/4″. This option also is required in 6″ and 4″ rough-sawn. It enables to reduce the sound sources from the outside.

  1. Best Value Picket

The last option is same as the choice above that is allowed in using the builder’s grade picket. This is also required for using the 4″ and 6″ rough-sawn with 3/4″ thick board.


3. Western Red Cedar Fence

red cedar fence
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Credit: Fence and Deck Supply

If you choose this one cedar fence, you automatically get the beauty and the luxurious fence. The reason is, the Western cedar provides the natural beauty with the long lasting and durability in material components. So, it highly can reduce the rot, decay, debris, and also the bad weather that can effect for the fence. Actually, the western fence is produced with the best biodegradable product and all natural wood that is provided in America. Actually, this fence provides the staining, coloring, and painting based on the color you love. You will not absolutely be disappointed in installing the Western red cedar fence.

The Western fence is completed by the supported features including beautiful and premium red cedar, natural wood with great performance, many products that can be opted, completed with an easy project, reducing the rot and fungus and also environmentally friendly. The product offers the two sizes picket, they are 1″ x 4″ and 1″ x 6″ pickets. For the posts, it is available in some sizes including 4″x4″, 6″x6″ and 8″x8″ with different typical post lengths, those are 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft. For the Western rails sizes, they are 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8.

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