25+ Most Inspiring Redwood Fence Designs Ideas to Style Up Your Yard

There is no doubt that a fence is a must-installed addition to every exterior of the house. It secures the house, provides privacy, and also beautifies the layout of your property.

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As you may have known that there are various materials to build a fence like wood, vinyl, aluminum, and iron. Each material has its own strength and weakness which will determine how you will choose one of them.

Wood is surely the most favorite material when it comes to a fence project. However, there are some kinds of woods which are commonly used to build a fence, so you still have something to consider.

The most favorite wood types for fencing are redwood and cedar which, of course, both of them have different features thata��ll suit your needs. The differences mainly relate to the cost, maintenance, and visual appeal that will lead you to find which one is the best.

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To ease you in choosing the redwood fence designs, here we have picked some inspiring ideas that surely worth to include in your project plan. Leta��s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Redwood Fence Designs Ideas

Vertical and Horizontal Slat

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This one is a mesmerizing combination of two different fence designs in one layout. On one side, the slat is placed vertically without any space while the horizontal one is built with space on another side.

With such design, the fence provides great privacy, but still allows the sightseeing to the outside surrounding. Such a nice combination of fence design to try.

Classic Fence with Lattice Top

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Yup, the redwood fence with lattice top is still everyonea��s favorite because such design is timelessly beautiful. Here, a naturally-stained redwood fence with the lattice top and square posts with caps style the backyard beautifully.

This kind of redwood fence designs ideas is always a good choice if you want to give a classic touch to the exterior of your house.

Unstained Fence with Pergola Gate

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Adding the pergola accent to a redwood fence is also one of the popular ways to make it look more attractive. In this redwood fence design ideas, the pergola gate completes its overall look beautifully.

The hollow parts of the fencea��s tops dona��t only make it more decorative, but also allows the air to come through and sightseeing. Notice that natural spots on its unfinished surface which blends well with the natural surrounding around.

Redwood with Vertical Space

redwood fence designs ideas 4

A redwood fence designs ideas with the vertical top which looks simply admirable. The posts are made without the caps in square design which adds a clean lines touch to its overall look.

You can include this idea to your list if you want to have a simple redwood fence which provides great privacy yet with a bit of accent.

Festive Redwood Fence Designs Ideas

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This one will be a great choice for you who want to have a catchy redwood fence with a festive look. It has the pergola top with lattice bottom which makes it so attractive to enhance the beauty of your backyard.

The posts are finished in dark brown which colorizes the look of the fence gorgeously.

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Diagonal Redwood Fence

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A stunning redwood fence designs ideas in a diagonal style which is so inspiring to try. This one can be a good alternative for you who want to have a privacy fence which looks more distinctive than the vertical or horizontal ones.

Full Privacy Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 6

Building a fence which provides a full privacy is never a bad idea. Here, the fence fully closes the backyard area beautifully.

The natural redwood finish of the fence looks so mesmerizing to keep the earthy nuance of the yard. Notice that wooden accent on the top of the fence which makes it look more adorable.

Redwood Fence with Curved Lattice

redwood fence designs ideas 7

The stylish redwood fence designs ideas with curvy lattice top to add another style to your backyard. For sure, it should become one of the top choices for you who are looking for a unique redwood fence with the lattice top.

Redwood Fence with Large Plank

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This fence uses some large wood planks in its design which looks simply beautiful. The design of the fence surely gives a great privacy and security for the homeowner.

You can see the pergola accent of its gate which is combined with the bushes to enhance its attractiveness.

Asian-Inspired Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 9

An Asian-inspired redwood fence designs ideas which will give another style to your backyard beautifully. It has a triangle top which will remind you of those Asian houses.

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Grey and Brown Fence

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Here, the redwood fence panels in lattice style are attached to grey wood which looks distinctively beautiful. The fence also combines the traditional and minimalist style at once so it can fit any styles house very well.

Redwood and White Fence

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A beautiful modern redwood fence designs ideas which look so dazzling with its white and light brown combination. The design of the fence will suit the minimalist house very well while still gives an earthy nuance gorgeously

So those are some inspiring redwood fence designs ideas which definitely worth to include to your inspiration list. They dona��t only look admirable but also provides great security and privacy.

In-Framed Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 12

Another modern redwood fence designs ideas with the clean line style which looks elegantly gorgeous. The horizontal wood board is placed inside the black steel frame, creating a nice combination of two different materials in one fence design.

Vertical Wood and Steel Fence

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This one looks quite similar to the previous redwood fence designs ideas but the planks are placed vertically and finished with a brighter shade. Also, each plank is separated by the steel which creates a more decorative look.

The spikes are also attached on top of the fence to provide the better security.

Swivel Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 14

This one may look like a common horizontal fence but when the gate is open, the surprise will happen. Yup, the gate of this redwood fence designs ideas is designed in a swivel style which looks so awesome.

The gatea��s design is suitable for a narrow front or backyard since it doesna��t take lots of space.

Curved Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 15

An artful redwood fence designs ideas which will bring the style of your backyard to a whole new level. The key to this fence is the shape and the arrangement of the wood which creates a curvy illusion.

This inspiring fence is totally worth to consider when you want to add some unique touch to your front yard.

Russian Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 16

The simple redwood fence designs ideas in Russian style which will give a nice accent to your outdoor living space. It has such a distinctive design which provides great security and privacy.

The greeneries beautifully add colors the overall look of this redwood fence.

Horizontal Fence with Concrete Base

redwood fence designs ideas 17

Another combination of wood and concrete in one fence design which is so inspiring to copy. The wood panel is attached on top of the concrete, creating a privacy yet see-through border to secure your backyard.

Both the panel and concrete are left unfinished to keep the earthy nuance around this outdoor space. Then, the greeneries below the fence give a beautiful touch naturally.

Rock and Redwood Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 18

The amazing redwood fence designs ideas which is combined with rock to create an ultimate earthy look. Here, the rocks are placed in the rack which separates each wood panel.

The design of the fence looks stunningly natural and will flow well with the backyarda��s surroundings.

Horizontal Fence with Bamboo

redwood fence designs ideas 19

Adding huge greeneries behind the fence can be a good idea to make privacy to your fence. Here, a huge bamboo is placed behind the horizontal redwood fence which has a small gap between the slats.

Horizontal Redwood Fence with Steel Accent

redwood fence designs ideas 20

The gorgeous redwood fence designs ideas which is accented with decorative steel sheet. It looks uniquely beautiful to style up the layout of your outdoor living space.

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Naturally Modern Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 21

This one is a clever combination of modern and natural style which looks absolutely stunning. It combines wood, steel, and greeneries in one design which will not fail to make your outdoor living space look way more attractive.

Unique Earthy Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 22

A redwood fence designs ideas which combine 3 natural elements which are stone, leaves, and wood at once. It absolutely looks so unique to be a focal point if your backyard.

The stone posts spate the wood and ivy panels beautifully which makes it amazingly earthy.

Stunning Wood and Log Fence

redwood fence designs ideas 24

The extraordinary redwood fence designs ideas which use a unique material as its accent. Each redwood panel is separated by a huge wood rack which contains lots of wood logs.

The logs are cut in the triangle and stacked randomly to create a catchy touch to the fencea��s overall look.

Log Panel with Redwood Accent

redwood fence designs ideas 25

In this redwood fence designs ideas, the wood just acts as the accent which beautifies the pane; which is made of a wire rack and wood logs. The design is quite similar to the previous one, but it looks much brighter with its light brown finish.

Woven Redwood Fence

The stunning redwood fence designs ideas which is made in a woven style to give your backyarda��s layout a distinctive touch. Its combination of chrome posts and naturally-finish wood creates a catchy industrial look that will amaze everyone.

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Redwood can be the most expensive kind of wood to build a fence but it will not bother you in maintaining it. This wood contains high-level of natural oil which makes it more durable, so ita��s much easier to maintain.

The oil makes redwood can cope with almost every weather condition. Thata��s why the redwood fence is so common to use in the coastal area due to its great durability.

Moreover, redwood fence also wins for its look compared to other types of wood like cedar. It has a beautiful natural deep red hue which will get darker over time, you dona��t even need to restain or repaint it for years.

So, redwood is always a great material to think about when you are planning to have a wood fence in your front or backyard. Yes, it can be pricier, but it also saves the maintenance cost overtimes comparing to other woods.

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