Top Choice Natural Redwood Fence Panel Review

Wood always becomes one of the most favorite material when it comes to the backyard’s addition. It is understandable because wood perfectly matches with the outdoor space’s surrounding. The earthy look of wood is the best choice to decorate every yard.

When it comes to fencing, the wood fence is, of course, the popular option. Many homeowners prefer to choose this material because it is more affordable, more convenient to install, and obviously more attractive. With those benefit, picking wood as your fencing material is always a good idea.

redwood fence panel
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There are some types of wood which commonly used for fencing like redwood, cedar, pine, and fir. Each of them provides different advantages and disadvantages. It is important for you to do some research before choosing the right type of wood which suits your needs.

Redwood is a good option that you can choose.  The wood is naturally durable with its oils which are able to prevent rot, warp, and crack and its acid which will cast out insects. By this feature, the redwood fence is really worth to choose.

If you are looking for a good quality redwood fence, this Top Choice Natural Redwood Fence Panel is recommended for you. Below is our brief review about the product.


Redwood Fence Review

redwood fence reviews
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credit: Lowes


As the name suggest, the look of this redwood fence panel is attractively natural without any paint, so it’s truly flow with the Mother Nature’s sense. The style of the panel is the traditional Dog Ear design. It is a good option for you who love classic style.

The dimension of the fence panel is 6′ height x 8′ width with 0.7″ thickness. It is a common fence height which provides great security and privacy.


The wood is durable enough, it stands longer than other softwood types. As has been discussed above, redwood has its natural feature which resists decay, rot, bugs, and termites, so it is very beneficial in the durability point. The fence panel is stable for years.


Call it a DIY project, you will not need any professional to install the fence. You can joyfully install the panel with your family and some easy tools.


Redwood also tends to handle harsh UV rays better, so the natural color of this fence panel will remain beautiful for years. It requires a low maintenance which saves your money and time better.


You can get this Top Choice Natural Redwood Fence Panel at Lowes, and it is offered at $77. It is such a reasonable to get a good quality redwood fence panel.

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credit: Lowes

Product Information

Panel Dimensions6 x 8 feet
Picket Width5.5 inches
Numbers of Picket17
Numbers of Rails3
Weight88 pounds
Wood SpeciesRedwood
FinishNatural Redwood
Fence StyleDog Ear

Top Choice Natural Redwood Fence Panel is a good option when you shop for a wood fence panel. The fence works great for privacy and security purpose, and also looks good to enhance the style of your backyard. The price is also a good deal, you will get such a beautiful and durable fence panel with that price.

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