Kitchen Floor Mats | Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat Review

Having a nice and beautiful kitchen is a dream of every homeowner. We all must really like the kitchen that has an interesting decor and is also comfortable to enjoy.

There are always many ways to make our kitchen feel and look, you can provide decorations or features from large to small objects in addition. Are you the type of person who really likes the decoration and beauty of a room? The most important thing in a decoration is the selection of materials and the right style that can support your kitchen theme.

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There are so many kinds of decorations that also at the same time become important tools in our kitchen like the kitchen floor mat. Today, you will find dozens of kitchen mats in the market with various motifs and patterns that are so amazingly beautiful. This is the right choice for you if you want a good thing at once can be a nice addition to your kitchen decor.

Here we have the review of Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat by Art3d for you. This one has good features and adorable look that can boost your mood when you work in the kitchen.

Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat Review

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The features that we use in the kitchen should make us feel comfortable to support our daily kitchen work, and this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat is not really disappointing.

It has two styles of the looks (different motifs and pictures on the front side and on the back side) which make this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat easy to match with your existing decor. The dominated brown, creamy, dark and soft color on the surface of this kitchen floor mat will make you fall in love. 

The measures of this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat is 30 x 18 x 0.7 inches, for the weight of this kitchen floor mat is 2.1 pounds. It has a great classic style from its rustic color and traditional picture. This product is such a vintage decor that is nice to be placed in any corner of your home.

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The construction of this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat is made of polyethylene or a durable vinyl that covered with nonskid rubber. This is a great base material that also fades resistant, moreover, to complete the perfection of kitchen mat, the company also adds a stain and abrasion resistant. 


Here is the issue, the durability of this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat is not really reliable enough. You may find the surface is a bit peeled off (especially its corner) only after about a month of use. Not really sure if this mat can be used and will look well for a long time.


The mat has an artful 3D appearance to improve the look. The non-slip mat to make you feel comfortable when you working in the kitchen.

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Sure it’s simple, you can only use a mild soap and a cloth to clean it then you can dry it. However the dirt can be removed easily, you need a bit harder effort to wipe up the dirt on its surface.


The price of this Reversible Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat is affordable enough. You can spend $22.99 to bring this beautiful kitchen floor mat home, such a reasonable price for a nice-designed mat.


 Measures 30 x 18 x 0.7 inches
 Weight 2.1 pounds
 ColorBrown, Creamy white, and Red
 StyleClassic and Vintage

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By its design, this floor mat is worth to buy, but for its reliable use, you need to reconsider whether you should go with this one or not. Those issues will not be the big problems if you only look for a decorative mat without thinking deeper about its performance.

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